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Metal Letters Camo Splicing Fitted Round Neck Shorts Sleeves T-Shirt For Men$8.08

On today’s fashion, it is not big deal if you are wearing the high-end brands or not what most important was if the pieces you’ve got were well fitted in you and it does looks nice as you wears them hence dont worry much as you aren’t wearing these expensive and costly pieces from the well known brands out there besides there’s still a bunch of online shop out there that we could consider to have us look more fashionable and practical at the same time and I am preferring with this awesome shop called where all the reasonable and yet trendy clothes were houses.

Brief Style Long Sleeve Polo Shirt $6.56

Actually, I lurked them for quite a while now and I must say that mostly of their fins, in both women and men, are really fantastic and superb where you might thought of wearing such expensive clothing where in fact you are not, at all. Their trendy mens t shirts are also on point and you can select so many as the pricing range doesn’t hurt your wallet that much. I actually bought some with them already and I can attest that the quality were really great for such inexpensive finds like on what they were selling over their shop.

An if you are into corporate world. You can also pick some of their Polo Shirts that can give the casual and even formal vibes in you. Just go to their mentioned shop and see for yourself on how great their finds were. Also, if happened you are a girls who wants some new in your closet you can also consider this shop as they have a wide array of selections for their women’s clothing that I know you’d be happy to see about.

Cheapest Fashion Finds At FashionMia.Com

We all know that all women loves to shop whether in online or in the nearest mortar stores they’ve known. Because women are naturally fascinated with these lovely finds that can makes them look so pretty and gorgeous hence they’re liking to have all the trendy fashion pieces they’ve known, as much as possible. Then, I was here to give tips on how you can fulfill your frustration in getting your shopping done with minimal budget to spend.

Firstly on the tip is to find any shop that has cheapest kind of pieces to sell but of course still in quality and for this one. I really suggest you to look around online because online is the best venue to find all of these stores that has competitive prices when it comes to their items as there are a lot of same brands that keeps on decreasing their item’s price to get or to attract more customers. So, better yet to look around now by searching over google.

But if you haven’t the time though, Let me share with you this awesome and superb online shop that I’ve recently found out which the FashionMia.Com that sells all the lovely and trendy pieces you could ever have in not so costly way. Just check their shop now and see for yourself on how reasonable their pieces are.

And second of all. If you are too big to fits on to these regular sizes, tendency was you’ll get yourself some plus size clothing  right? that are way expensive than to those in size thus you’re paying more. But not anymore as you buy your stuff at Fashion Mia where they did got you some selection for plus size clothings that you might want to have all.

And lastly, for those petite out there, I really suggest you to have this cute dresses that are only being available on the shop mentioned to this post because all of their dresses are well made and the materials uses are really into quality as the shop doesn’t after to money all they wanna see is the smile that they could brings for all the lovely women out there in the world.

So you better check them for yourself now and see on how awesome their shop was!

Amazing Discounts at Couponraja

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Times are tough and if you do not do measures to curb your spending you will wind up with no money. Nowadays, you do not have to go overboard when shopping for the things you need because there are websites where you can get big savings by using discount vouchers. Couponraja is one of them. They provide shoppers with the latest coupon and promotional codes from over 2,500 leading retailers in India, both online and on brick and mortar stores.

They have joined hands with reputable merchants to bring you Amazon, Snapdeal, Marks and Spencers, Myntra, Desi Wear, Gadgets Guru, Jessops discount codes, Shopclues coupon codes and many others. The whole process of using the available codes is uncomplicated, quick, and easy. Simply add the items you want to buy in the shopping cart and proceed to check out. Once you are in the payment page, you will be asked to enter the voucher or promotional code.

Searching for your preferred discounts is likewise easy. You can just choose the category of the item you want such as Children, Electronics, Business, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Home and Kitchen, Men’s Fashion, Sports, Travel, Utilities, and Women’s Fashion. Another way of browsing for discount tickets is by looking through the All Stores, Top Coupons, and New Coupons tabs. For customers to not miss any deal, it is advisable for them to subscribe through email to Couponraja. This way they are sure to get amazing savings on their purchases.

Trends: Denim Shirts For Men

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Seems like denim shirts for men are still in hip for this coming fall and winter seasons. Because everyone most especially those fashion icons and celebrities are still fond and rocking this kind of pieces here which the denim shirts. I also see random girls rocking themselves on this denim or jeans shirts not just for their summer statements before but either today as we about to have this fall season, they keep on wearing it and still looking so hip with it. I dunno actually if this kind of piece are only or must-be at the summer times as I blogged it up about over my before. However, it seems that denim is still at the leading pick for the whole year of 2013 either as we change the season already.

Actually, wearing denim finds really makes you look at your comfort because it’s indeed comfortable to wear and at the same time it is usual reasonable to have than to the high-end finds that are out in the market today. So – yeah! I’d still suggest this Denim Shirts, For both girls and men, as you wanted yourself to be hip for today’s fashion.

Great Casual Summer Wear Outfit for Men!

In summer, we all dream of continuous vacation. Who wouldn’t like being at the beach or in the countryside all summer, wearing just a bathing suit and comfortable flip flops? Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to do that. Most of us still have to go to the office for eight hours a day, and only afterwards do we have some of that well-deserved free time.

To help you with your fashion choices for when it’s hot outside, we put together a trendy outfit that you can wear to work, but which you won’t be embarrassed to wear when you meet your friends for happy hour after that. And be sure to check out one of the most important summer accessories: sunglasses at

 photo ia_zpsff783881.png


The key to a relaxed summer look is a good shirt: the fabric should be light and breathable, without, of course, being see-through. Roll up its sleeves, and pick a classic pattern such a gingham, checks or stripes. In the lower half just opt for a jean cut that flatters your silhouette, and go for whichever color you prefer. Canvas sneakers will allow your feet to breathe, without showing any skin, and a pair of good quality sunglasses (in this case Persol Sunglasses) will protect you against UV rays and bright lights. Leather works best for belts and bags, the latter being great for carrying your essentials. Don’t forget a metallic watch to complete the look!

Daria P. wrote this guest post for She is a regular contributor to both and

Trends: Nautical Pieces For Men

 photo Stylesight-Milan-Men-SS-14-Runway-Highlights-Denim-Spring-Summer-2014-Andrea-Incontri_zps805615a8.jpg

Nowadays, women are not the only ones who take center stage when it comes to fashion, as evidenced by the growing number of brands and stores (both brick and mortar and online) catering to men’s fashion. This makes me extremely happy because I get to have many options when it comes to my wardrobe and not just the usual T-shirt and jeans. One trend that stands out for me is the Nautical trend. The traditional nautical palette of navy, white and red is both classic and easy to wear. Indeed, nautical influences are rooted within the very core of menswear.

Every year brands have their take on the key pieces. Thus, creating a contemporary twist to the classic look, I preferred brand for your contemporary street wear. There are four key elements for this season’s nautical trend namely stripes, seafaring style prints, fisherman jackets, and jewellery. Stripes can be reworked or updated to present something different. They can be worn as a standalone top layer or underneath your outerwear preference. I saw a couple of really nice nautical inspired long sleeved striped T-shirts at that I definitely want to buy.

Nautical inspired prints such as anchor motifs offer a lighthearted, casual feel that mixes well with more traditional pieces. There are many ways to combine the print, either as an accent or statement piece. Because of the unpredictable weather, a jacket is a must. It makes for a great top layer. Bright colored fisherman jackets are hot this season. A lot of modern men are also into jewellery. They have a nice effect on an outfit provided that they are worn sparingly. This season, classic ID bracelets and pendants are trendy. Maritime-inspired jewellery is an easy way to slightly reference the nautical look. Examples of designs are anchors and fishing hooks. Choose jewellery styles and designs according to your personality and taste.

Great All-Around Shopping at Lazada PH

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What I like most about shopping online is having a variety of choices when it comes to buying a particular item. There are just so many online stores to shop in. So many in fact that it is sometimes hard to decide where to buy that specific item you want. But I have my usual shopping destinations. Those that I have transacted with in the past without any problems. For worry-free shopping I do some research first on the store to see its credibility among customers and then I check out their FAQs page and contact numbers so that in case a problem arises, it would be easy to get in touch with them.

I also look for a one-stop shop to save on shipping just in case I have a lot of things to buy. Lazada Philippines makes it easier for busy people like me to shop. All the essentials are there and so much more like mobiles and tablets, consumer electronics, home appliances, health and beauty, fashion and accessories etc. If you want to buy a mobile phone, there are many brands to choose from such as Alcatel, Apple, BlackBerry, Cherry Mobile, DTC, Samsung, Motorola, O+, and Sony. For really affordable phones click here for the list of O+ mobile phones.

 photo O-812-Android-Phone-Review-Specs-Price_zpsfc823f47.jpg

The O+ 8.12 Android phone has economical features at a great price. Running on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it is a Dual SIM phone that enables you to use two networks in one phone. It also has a 4.5″ Capacitive Touchscreen. Its ultra responsive display lets you tap, swipe, and glide your fingers through the screen. The O+’s entertainment features include a built-in FM radio and MP3/MP4 player. Other notable features are 8MP Main Camera with LED Flash, VGA Front Camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth. A unique feature of the O+ 8.12 Android phone is the Air Shuffle which enables you to take and browse pictures or change radio stations with just a wave of your hand.

A proof that Lazada has indeed arrived is its feature on the TV show Thumbs Up. The executives as well as employees were shown in the program. Everything about Lazada was discussed, from how the company started up to how successful the company has become in such a short period of time.

Amazing Deals at VoucherKing

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I do a lot of online shopping because it’s more convenient, faster, and easier. With my busy schedule I’m able to squeeze in some time to buy the things I need like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. Plus, most of the items are cheaper and with today’s economy it’s best if we could save as much money on the things we buy. Furthermore, there are plenty of online stores that accept coupons and/or vouchers where you can get as much as 50% off on selected items. Nowadays, it’s best to explore our options and find ways to not go beyond our budget.

One of the must-visit websites for the latest voucher codes from 1,000 of your favourite retailers in the UK is VoucherKing. There are voucher codes available from establishments like Abercrombie Fitch, Casio, Electrotown, Gadgets UK, Elegance Fashion, Amazon, Ikea, Krispy Kreme, Levis, Macys, Next Flowers and so many more. They even have Debenhams Voucher codes. Get all the latest codes and deals delivered to your email every week by subscribing to their newsletter.

Shoppers can choose the items they want from categories like Electronics, Entertainment, Business, Fashion, Children, Finance, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Holidays and Experiences, Home and Garden, Sports and Outdoors, Travel, and Utilities. It’s actually very easy to use these voucher codes. Simply add the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. VoucherKing will ask you to enter the voucher code or promotional code when you reach the payment portion. Avail of their Top Deals in one of their tabs and get as much as 80% off on some items.

My Son’s First Tattoo


“As a military man, I have tattoos. I do. I started getting tattoos at a young age, since we was all doing it. Stupid tattoos, ones I would regret if I let myself feel that emotion, which I don’t. I don’t regret anything I do ever, that’s one of my life mottos. Anyhow, I grew up, and got out of the service, but kept getting tattoos. What’s funny, is when someone asks, I always advise not to get one. Unless of course you know what you want. Now, knowing what you want is a pretty vague term. You can know what you want on a whim, or you can have an idea for years.

When my son, who was 25 at the time, asked me about tattoos, I said, Son, it’s a man’s own decision what he should do and whether or not to get a tattoo. I told him it was his decision alone. Well, he must have been listening, because he and his buddies came over that week with a whole bunch of tattoo kits, like children at a candy store. Part of me wanted to sit back and enjoy the mistakes that were no doubt about to be made in my house, but I also know that I could help the boys out and show them a thing or two about the tattoo equipment they just brought into the home.

Where’d you get this stuff I said, and they told me about. I checked out the site and was impressed with the variety and quality of the products at what seemed like a reasonable price. But what do I know about reasonable prices, I’m an old man with stories and memories that would shock your pants right off. The last thing I want however is for your pants to be off, since I’m a faithful man, faithful to the day I die to my dear wife. That’s my military man’s conviction. And I’d show you where I tattooed her name on me, but that also may shock your pants off. And again, not what I’m into. I gave the boys some lessons with the equipment and told them if they weren’t sure what they wanted to keep it small, and in places easily covered by clothing.

Stussy x W-Line “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike



Most of the dudes will be surely love to know about this great piece from the two giant brand today when it comes to street funk fashion which the Stussy & W-Line. Actually, this item wouldn’t be possible if these 2 companies aren’t be collaborated and bring this awesome piece,“How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike, today, Of course! That’s why I am so happy to know that these companies had this great business relationship and bring this dope bike on today’s fashion and street market.

The Bike had this product name of ” “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike” and you may buy this on the stussy site for about $1200 ( if I dont mistaken) check the site for the further details about this great bike here. I hope I can have this too soon..:)

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to blog up some more street fashion related topics. Thanks!