Trends: Nautical Pieces For Men

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Nowadays, women are not the only ones who take center stage when it comes to fashion, as evidenced by the growing number of brands and stores (both brick and mortar and online) catering to men’s fashion. This makes me extremely happy because I get to have many options when it comes to my wardrobe and not just the usual T-shirt and jeans. One trend that stands out for me is the Nautical trend. The traditional nautical palette of navy, white and red is both classic and easy to wear. Indeed, nautical influences are rooted within the very core of menswear.

Every year brands have their take on the key pieces. Thus, creating a contemporary twist to the classic look, I preferred brand for your contemporary street wear. There are four key elements for this season’s nautical trend namely stripes, seafaring style prints, fisherman jackets, and jewellery. Stripes can be reworked or updated to present something different. They can be worn as a standalone top layer or underneath your outerwear preference. I saw a couple of really nice nautical inspired long sleeved striped T-shirts at that I definitely want to buy.

Nautical inspired prints such as anchor motifs offer a lighthearted, casual feel that mixes well with more traditional pieces. There are many ways to combine the print, either as an accent or statement piece. Because of the unpredictable weather, a jacket is a must. It makes for a great top layer. Bright colored fisherman jackets are hot this season. A lot of modern men are also into jewellery. They have a nice effect on an outfit provided that they are worn sparingly. This season, classic ID bracelets and pendants are trendy. Maritime-inspired jewellery is an easy way to slightly reference the nautical look. Examples of designs are anchors and fishing hooks. Choose jewellery styles and designs according to your personality and taste.

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