Guatemala Sinkhole Creepy Indeed

A Creepy News had Broadcast This afternoon here in the Philippines but  i dunno what or how can i react because im quite amazed on what nature can make or made however on the other hand  we must think why nature is like that? maybe because of  our own negligence? anyways whatever its take i believed that God is always here for us to help in every deluge that happen on our way..

But i think on the Guatemela Sinkhole, its happened because they believe that there was a cave that has limestone on that ground where is the sinkhole happened and based on some specialist in this matter , limestone can easily dissolve when its raining or if there’s some earthquake on the area where the sinkhole possible to happen, so maybe  that will be the main reason why that sinkhole appears on that road..

Guatemela Sinkhole
Guatemela Sinkhole

Guatemala Sinkhole photos and vid

Based on the news that ive been watched , Officials on that place Guatemala are speculating  that there’s 2 people who fell on the said sinkhole but they’re still verifying it if there’s such incident..

5 thoughts on “Guatemala Sinkhole Creepy Indeed

  1. it can also happen to our country. there are lots of places in the country which has limestone deposits and a possible shrink holes.
    let’s just hope and pray that too much effect would not happen in us…

  2. that’s realy weird. parang ang labo mangyari… tas ang lalim pa. sabi ko na nga ba may mga taong mag iisip talaga na related sa UFO yan eh. :p but i think it’s really nature’s…. errr… what do you call that..? basta un. :p

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