Thanks Danielfootwear for Sponsoring this blog..

Yeah,I got sponsored on this blog though this blog is new, its just about 3 months almost now,  maybe they noticed me because im a do follow blog? what do you think? anyways i got shocked when i received the email that they’re inviting me to a deal wherein they just want to put their widget  ads on my sidebar like what you’ve seen on my sidebar now who titled the D.K.N.Y and that christian Dior one and in return they will sponsoring me a blog contest if i want,since i don’t want to have any blog contest right now, Ive been decided to take the sponsored prize that they’ll giving away ,lol how shellfish i am? because i heard that one of their awesome designer’s flip flop is the prize to be, so i have to  get it to my self of course, then i will think after what and when can i get my own blog contest using my earnings to this blog not that designer’s flip flop as a prize..ahahha that is sounds good? by the way the company who gave me the awesomely  sponsorship is and because i got happy on  what they are giving me, i did a short review on their site that is posted here , a lot of thanks to them and i am looking forward to encounter or get such any sponsorship like this..hahah thanks and please do always update me here because soon ill have my blog contest and i hope you can participate on it..:)

4 thoughts on “Thanks Danielfootwear for Sponsoring this blog..

  1. Hi : ) I still have the one comment you left me with the advice on making money out of blog, I am still looking at that, but I also got contacted by them : ) Really glad you got chosen as well xx

  2. really jasna? wow glad to know that, so did you take the flip flop on your self like i did,lol? and if you really want to earn out your awesome blog i must suggest this program wherein they’ll just put 3 banners ads on your blog then every month they will pay you on that..try it

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