Thom Browne TB-701 Gray Glasses


As I’ve seen this Thom Browne TB-701 Gray Glasses, all I can sy is WOW! The first impression that I notice in this pair of glasses is its elegance and class. This one may be used for those blurry eyes, but still, this looks very fashionable. There are variety of glasses to choose from but this one will be first on my list. This wayfarer shape glasses costs $475 USD, a very expensive one, maybe because this one is a designer brand and the material of this glasses is expensive and it has a very good quality. The frame of this glasses is made of Zyl acetate.

The sexiest thing about this glasses is the temple part which is very thin. Because the usual temple of other glasses that has this shape are mostly thick. This kind of glasses will definitely look good in every men that will wear this, they can use this on casul or even formal. On everyday work, date, parties, dinner and more. This one doesn’t look only for blurry eyes but for those who wants to be in style. I think that this design of glasses can also fit for girls, because I’ve seen some girls can wear this kind of shape of glasses and it also looks good to them, too. So now, if we really like this gray glasses, start to save up so we can buy this and look fashionable and trendy with this gorgeous pair of sunglasse.

The Eiffel Tower


Most fashion enthusiasts are had this dreams to at least step their feet near into this great structure called Eiffel tower in Paris. Because the structure is very famous and it has this sense of fashion since the tower is on the fashion capital of the world which in Paris. Also it is one of the tourist attraction of the whole city too..

That’s why if you are planning yourself to see this beautiful tower personally. I suggest you to take a look in any paris luxury apartments than to a hotel because hotels or motels are far expensive than having yourself an apartment. This is just my opinion though, because most of my friends who went in the city already are suggesting me getting an apartment than into a hotel..hehe

Gucci Seventies – Good Quality with Good Workmanship

Fashionable things have turned into very stunning to persons in the entire world. Such things are recognized for the superb quality which they have and the sophisticated styles that provide them grace. They are planned with excellence to add liveliness to the whole appearance and qualities of person. But unluckily they arrive at excessive rates. So far the costly labels have not deterred their reputation. Their attractiveness increases owing to their soaring charges. They are not just accessories of the fashion but they even attach the status symbol of the customer. But the stylish handbags are unreachable for most of the persons because they are very costly. The style and trend of the fashionable handbag use the normal persons as the replica handbags are simply available at the wholesale prices. These handbags are as superior as the genuine brands yet they are easily available at the very reasonable rates. The lovers of the handbag can now save lots of amount purchasing the wholesale replica handbags.

These wholesale replica handbags are very reasonable than the genuine brands, so far they have good class. The cost is the very major cause for the suitability of these things. The Gucci Seventies bags even have many functions and may be utilized for the entire purposes any genuine designer handbag is utilized. These are prepared by good quality of material and manufacturers, but you have to be very cautious while purchasing the replica Gucci Seventies. Ensure the product carefully and confirm that you are getting worth of your money. All along with the good replica handbags which are high in the quality products from popular manufacturers, meager ones are even available that may charge the similar as the superior ones but they would not long lasting.

So when you purchase these Gucci Seventies bags then take extra care about the quality of products. You can also purchase these bags from the online stores.

CRASH x Patek Philippe Dome Clock


Clocks are mostly seen in most places that we are going to, there’s clocks on every home, on every terminal station, offices, malls, parks (usually sun dialed clocks), or even on buildings. But it is my first time to see a clock like this one that is full of art and striking appeal. What I am talking about is this Crash x Patek Philippe Dome Clock, which was from a two great minds, the one is an artist and the other one is a company that is best when it comes to watches. And I am talking about John “Crash” Matos and Patek Philippe.

Let’s start to know who is John Crash Matos? John Matos is an artist from Bronx, New York that started very young on spray painting, he is one of the pioneers on the GRAFFITI art movement. John’s work are mostly on the streets and some transport vehicles. He once painted a train. Patek Philippe is a company that is known for watch making from Switzerland. They are makers of swiss luxury watches. They are creating quality and most complicated watches like pocket watches, wristwatches and others.  We can all see that the two are both genius that’s why this clock piece is worth $10,000 upto $15,000 USD (this is just a pre-auction price). But the good thing, the proceeds of this artistic dome clock will be given to a said AIDS Institution, a research institution.

So all I can say, those who can afford this might get this very rare design of clock, and those who understands a true meaning of an

WTAPS Leopard Sneakers/Shoes. Cotton. Ripstop


The brand WTAPS is out with its Leopard Sneaker. This leopard sneakers comes with a white sole which is a trademark on every sneakers that we’ve seen. I may say that this season is a camo-field season, I’ve been seeing lots of camouflage prints everywhere, from tops, to pants, bags, hats and many others. This leopard print may be different because it is an animal print you can still see its resemblance to camouflage because of its brown and green color combination. On quick look, you can say that this is a camo print, but if you will look at it closer and longer you can see its beautiful leopard print. The overall look of this sneakers is quite impressive and you can line this one with other brands of sneakers like Vans and Converse. I’ve been curious about the title of this one because it ha the word COTTON and RIPSTOP, I think that these words are the materials of this sneakers, because I know the usual material used on sneakers is canvas. I don’t know, really, because it is not detailed on the news. Let’s just wait for more reviews about this sneakers. Because the only thing that I know about RIPSTOP is it’s a fabric made of nylon that usually used on making paragliders.

This shoes may become a hit to the market because we all know that there’s a lot of people loves animal prints, specially leopard print that still in trend, specially on girls, and guys must also try this print.

Also, it might good if you are holding an Rocky Patel cigars while you rockin’ yourself on this kicks.. hahah just my suggestion though, nope, dont take it seriously..haha

CONS 2012 Winter CTS Ox “Camo”



The trend that I notice in this season is the camo print. I have been seeing lots of items with this kind of print, there is camo print on shirts, pants, bags, hats, and also in shoes. And converse is in with this trend,too. They are now out with their CONS 2012 Winter CTS Ox “Camo” that still has the converse classic look plus the camouflage print. This design looks good both for girls and boys who loves the comfort of sneakers and its style. These shoes costs approximately $105 USD, not a bad price though. This collection comes in two colors, the duck camo and woodland camo.

This may look different to skaters but they can give it a try. Maybe skaters are used to those plain CONS design. So in this season, since this is now really the trend why not purchase this camo shoes to match those other camo printed tops and bottoms. I myself would definitely give a try to purchase this sneakers to see what this will look like to pair with my shorts and jeans. But I really want to suggest those designs to skaters, just to reinvent their looks and take a rest for those plain or plaid printed sneakers they are using.    Now, camos are not only for the armies but can be worn by civilians and they can be fashionable with this.

Baek Ayeon – Poker Face

Let me post up an video on this blog as my entertainment or music post. Because I know most of you dear readers are quite tired reading and checking some fashion news and photos. That’s why allow this video to entertain you… The video actually is an audition piece for the Korean Kpop search if I dont mistaken and what the most I liked on this video was this girl named Baek Ayeon sings the Lady Gaga song in here own rendition. Kindly watch the video and you may see how awesome this girl is. Also the girl uses this top fender mustang element that can made her performance super strong..

Alright, that will be all for now and expect me to post more Kpop songs and other funny youtube videos that can bring smile to everyone..:)

The Buttery Store 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook




In this season, there are lots of brands that you can choose from on where you are going to buy those latest fashion collections. There’s the in-stores and online stores for less time consuming shopping. There’s a brand that can give you both, this is The Buttery Store.    The Buttery Store is an independent menswear boutique from England that started last year and offers almost everything for an outfit, they are selling hats, accessories, clothing, bags and footwear. They can provide every men’s needs.

The Buttery Store is now out with its 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook where you can get ideas on what to wear this season and be fashionable even the weather is cold. The most item you can see in this collection are those classic winter clothes that usually worn by people. You can also see here lots of coats with furs (no details if those are real furs or just faux furs, but all I can say they look very good). The collection also consists of jackets, coats, backpacks, hand gloves, and a camouflage print vest. This camo print vest got lots of attention and good review and most men want to have this.   The shoot of this campaign is dramatically and artistically done, with its nature/scenery inspired theme, although some pictures are taken on a studio. This is a job well-done to the brand itself. You can’t even think that they are new in the industry because of their creativity in their items but also with this lookbook.


Adidas Originals Blue 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




Adidas is a brand known for its sporty look and use. Most athletes are using this brand. But you don’t need to be sporty just to wear the brand, Adidas. This can be also be fashionable on many ways. Let’s take a look an this Adidas Original Blue 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook, photos on top please…

Full set of collection’s photos – head up here:

Credit to:

Let’s start with the first photo, It is a shirt with a detailed pocket with prints and different color which is very attractive to look. On the second photo, It is a printed t-shirt covered by a cardigan that is still look good to wear on cold weather before the summer hits. The third photo has jackets and coats that are both with inner shirts, these are both for ladies and men. The fourth photo is a trademark style of Adidas shoes in grey, that can be paired in almost outfit in this lookbook. The fifth outfit is a pink shirt almost the same as the first photo, but this one has less color, only black and pink, and I like the idea of wearing this by folding the sleeve. The sixth look is my favorite, nothing can beat a vintage look, the vintage Adidas logo in this sweatshirt. The shorts on the seventh photo is perfectly printed. And lastly is a printed buttoned shirt. that is a very nice to wear for this coming season.    So there you go, we have seen the new Adidas collection all we have to to is buy their products and let’s try these awesome looks.


Givenchy 2013 Pre-Fall Collection




These are the some pieces of Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Pre-Fall collection 2013. I must say, these pieces are quirky enough and has there own element that can really make dope to every dude out there. That’s why these collaborative pieces are the one most talked about collection on today’s fashion.

Actually, I dont know yet the further details about this collection and the all collaboration thing, however, as I know it pretty soon. Sure thing! will update this again for the full details. Let’s all wait on the brand’s updates for this..

Will include the pricing details and even the availability on my update for this Givenchy 2013 Pre-Fall Collection. Thank you so much!