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Dofollow blog

Hi to all,

I just want to let you all know guys that this blog of mine Iamronel.com is now a certified  friendly Dofollow blog, meaning all of your comments and links are read as your backlink(s) in Google search engine, sound good right? so please as you comment ,  avoid any cursing and unnecessarily words that can affect others people lives especially below the belt words and such things, and please bear in mind that i do delete comments who are copying my others commenter comments,  in short,no spam allow, though i am using akismet to block those annoying spam comment(S) but i have to make sure that no one pass through to my filter so ive been decided to  make my comment in moderate so that i can check back your blog as well and give you some comment(s) at the same time.. by the way i am also a zero tolerance with any comment(s) farming , please don’t attempt so..thanks

9 thoughts on “I am a Dofollow Blog

  1. i’m thinking of doing the same. kaso may consequences ata ito.. not sure.

    btw, i sent you an email.. u got it? hehe
    nagpapatutor ako. :))

    1. opo kuya cnsya n po di po ako nkareply kc bc po ako lately pero ngaun po libre libre n po ako add nyo po ako ym ronel_marin2003 by the way po kuya ngseset up po ako ng blog for just only 7 dollars including hodting and domain po..:)hihih

  2. And you pay attention to what sites are linking to? Do you think Google can reduce the position of your site in the search for external links is not subject?

  3. I like your style. I have some suggestion about you please write some loose diamonds and diamond jewelry information on your blog.

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