How’s your long weekend?


Hey folks! how’s your Long Weekend? me, its pretty much fun because I can spent a lot of time to my family and I can even work out all of my pending tasks and some other stuff that I needed to attend in time.

You, what did you did on your long weekend? by the way, recently, Ive seen this RayBan color red in the mall store that can made myself think till now, if I’ll going to buy it or not. Because you know summer is all about sunglasses..LOL alright, will update you again here as soon I got this awesome RayBan..:)

Thanks a lot and have a great day ahead to everyone…

Blonde Hair


Might most of you had read this to the other blog, that blonde hair is now trending since we’ve already got our season summer. And I also thinking off, if I will get my hair blonde too? for a change..hahah I want myself to be look like different occasionally..LOL

Anyway, I’ll rather too, to check for riding helmets for me to cover up my hair as I dont like the outcome..LOL okay, let see will update you again out here..will share some photos too…


Spring Summer outfit for Men


I know of most of you guys are seeking on what outfit(s) are the hippest on today’s season summer. That’s why I made my researched on what is the most prefer outfit of those fashion designs and icons. And that photo on top is the one in trends. shorts,plaid shirt or shirt, and flat shoes is the statement you should have for this summer for you to be hip in summer season.

And as you wear this statement, you might look ageless male and young.. So – yeah, that’s it for now.. Thanks

Prada Spring/Summer 2012 Mens Shoes


When it comes to shoes. I know most of you will agree that the brand Prada is the most crazed on today’s fashion industry. Because their recent Prada Creeper for both men and women shoes are indeed a success. So – now, people are too fond to try on what’s new thing or shoes that the brand, Prada, has to offer today.

This recently, Ive received an press release kit that this new collection for men’s shoes for the brand, Prada, spring summer collection are about to release. And I am too excited to see on what are the new designs and materials that the brand has implies on their new set on shoes. And yeah! you may see their new men’s shoes collection on the top photos. I think, Prada used to put some heels on their men’s shoes since they’re offering an high-end made on pieces..I just noticed it though..

Okay, that’s it for now! thanks and have yourself a great weekend.

Balmain Men’s Spring/Summer 2012





I know most of you guys are quite too excited to style yourself this coming summer season. Because summer it is the most great season that we could style our self out. why? because on this season,summer, we could actually play with some colours and into pieces that we couldn’t expect to be wear off on this season. Got what I meant? well, you should try to reinvent your style on this summer and sure thing, you will see on what are they things I was talking out here..

Today, Ive seen this Balmain, European brand, for men’s wear – spring summer collection. I think, most men out there are really looking forward to have their pieces on this brand because the brand had this great reputation by giving the most trend and well designs pieces that can suits in everyone’s styles and fashion statements..

On the photos on top. those are the peak preview on what are pieces that we could expect from the brand, Balmain, this summer season. I must say, these pieces are again dope and has its own swag that every guy will surely love to have. Yeah! even me, I wanted to have that pants on..LOL so – yeah, that’s it for now and will update you more soon.. Thanks!

Steel workshop buildings


Do you have some excess stuff that you were needed inside the home? but you dont know where you could bring or keep them? do you have an small parking lot to garage for your cars? do you have an inconvenient place inside the house? if you do have, I think, you must have to have this awesome steel workshop buildings that can help you to all of your problem. No worries, this stell building is easily to built because there an instrumentation indicated on the manual as you have one of it. But, you can still hire someone who has a great knowledge on how this built this building out. I promise you, this can really give you an convenient.

Custom Tailored Shirt For Men


It’s holiday! This won’t keep us, men, from being in style isn’t? Men today will grab the opportunity to dress well on out-of-town vacation trips. Men would want themselves to be look neat and stylish whether it’s a formal meeting or might as well an adventurous summer getaway. Having variety of tailored shirts available is indeed a big advantage for us.

Picking a good shirt or formal wear on an online shop like in is not really hard. Did you know that it is also possible to make custom tailored shirt for men? This is a very good deal for those meticulous men out there, including me. Because ordering a custom shirt is not as difficult as you are thinking. Especially when they are offering different menus for costumer’s convenience. Measurement guide, style guide, fabric swatch are only some of the menus that this great custom tailored shirt company that Ive been mentioned,, are specialized about. We can consult while choosing our new shirt to shop.

Also, keep in mind that being fashionable does not always mean that you need to spend too much. Browsing some sales and promotions is a good way to lessen your expenses. Extra funds can be used to buy a gift certificate for a friend, a family member or someone special. Your gift recipient will be more than happy to receive it, for sure!

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New Nike shoes : Nike iD Air Force 1 – Safari Design




I admit, I am not really that type of sporty guy nor an typical ragged punky guy one. However, I used to wear some street wears then that are well suited on me and the one makes me still look clean and neat. Because there were some guys out there who wants or used to be ragged as their fashion statement, of course, we cant do anything on that since everyone had this way to fashion and that’s how they can style their self out.

This recently, the brand Nike had released their new designs of kicks that has an shoe name of “Nike iD Air Force 1” and the said shoes had this safari designs too, check the photos on top for you to find out how does the new kicks look like. Yeah! I find this shoes dope because the designs is really quirky and its high- cut. You know me, ever since I’m starting blogging some fashion related on this blog,, I really pleased to blog some swag high-cut shoes as long to buy them because this really speaks my style though..

As this moment, I’d still dont know how much this cost and what are the materials that the shoes made off, however, soon I got to know further, sure thing, I will update you again regarding this new swag kicks,Nike iD Air Force 1…

By the way, levis shoes has also had some new kicks designs from their spring summer collection as for this year 2012. And I will blog them by my next post, so – please keep on checking back on this blog for updates.. Thanks a lot and have yourself and great weekend..

Casual Men’s Shirt from H&M


Checking some online stores is one of my unwinding deeds. Because shopping really relieved all the stresses and depresses that we might encounter on our daily activities. Today, is not really my working day because Ive already done all of my posts and I did reported already on my clients about the stuff that we’re closing deal and such matter.

Anyway, as I roaming the web awhile ago, Ive seen this casual shirt top form the brand H&M and I’d hooked up my self on it because look, this was the piece that is trend for men this summer season. Because it is 100% cotton that can give comfortable feeling on each one who wears it. That’s why this kind of shirt is kinda trend on today’s fashion..

So- yeah, this piece is now trending today for men.. I cant wait my self out to have this H&M shirt..Thanks! and will update you again maybe later for some new fashion related post.

All Trends This Summer Season


Today, Ive decided to list down those pieces that I know, in my own opinion and views that are trends on today’s fashion..

1. Fedora hat – Like what I say on my previous blog that fedora hats are cant abolish on this summer season for both men and girls.

2. Plain Shirt – though this been trends for whole year last year,2011, but yet still this shirt is really suits on the hot weather.

3. Jeans short – I think most men are often wearing this kind of short today. Because yeah! this short is dope and had a swag that really fits to everyone who wants it.

4. Loafers or flat Kicks – This time, as much as possible get rid into high cut kicks one. Because its a hot season loafers and flats are the best kicks for this season.

5. Sunglasses – In all accessories out there. I think, sunglasses is a must because it can also protect our eyes on the sun hit.

By the way, before I end this post. I just realized that textbook rentals  is a good sources of whats  in new trend on the fashion industry today because all pieces of those brand lines are listed here.. you can check out the site to fine out how to rent on their site.