All Trends This Summer Season


Today, Ive decided to list down those pieces that I know, in my own opinion and views that are trends on today’s fashion..

1. Fedora hat – Like what I say on my previous blog that fedora hats are cant abolish on this summer season for both men and girls.

2. Plain Shirt – though this been trends for whole year last year,2011, but yet still this shirt is really suits on the hot weather.

3. Jeans short – I think most men are often wearing this kind of short today. Because yeah! this short is dope and had a swag that really fits to everyone who wants it.

4. Loafers or flat Kicks – This time, as much as possible get rid into high cut kicks one. Because its a hot season loafers and flats are the best kicks for this season.

5. Sunglasses – In all accessories out there. I think, sunglasses is a must because it can also protect our eyes on the sun hit.

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