Unique Engagement Rings For All

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A hot cup of steaming coffee while sitting beside a lake at dusk watching the sunset.  Watching your son or daughter receive that university diploma with highest honors. Running, cycling or swimming to a personal best.  Moving day into your brand new home.  All of us, down to the very last one, have things that bring satisfaction into their lives.  From the smallest to the biggest things, life events that we celebrate promote a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.  Sometimes these come about quite by accident.  Sometimes they are brought about by the actions, diligence and perseverance of others. Sometimes they are the result of setting goals, either short or long term and grabbing hold of them like a bulldog.  No matter how they happen to come about there is simply no denying the sense of elation that comes , as it were, at the end of the rainbow.

This same sense of satisfaction can be realized as a special piece of jewellery like custom rings, ordering unique engagement rings, wedding bands, personal designed, is slipped on for the very first time.  Imagine the sparkle and shine of every facet, the gleam of the gold or silver while all the time knowing that the design came from your very heart and soul.  Whether a gift or a creation to be kept all for yourself, there can be no denying the pleasure that comes from following a project of this magnitude from start to finish while pouring a part of yourself into it.

All these things are good and worthwhile but think for a moment, if you will, about the true value of what is under discussion. Memories. The very odd thing about them is that, with time, they very often improve.  Who can look back upon the birth of their child, their retirement party, or their graduation without a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Are you ready to create your newest?


Las mejores joyas de acero

Actualmente se han empezado a vender joyas de acero, las cuales tienen muchas ventajas sobre el resto de tipos de joyas que se solían vender antiguamente. Las joyas de acero son mucho más higiénicas ya que gracias su material tan resisten no producen alergias en la piel ni irritaciones y además para aquellas personas que suelen hacerse pircings no produce infecciones. Ya que están hechas de acero quirúrgico de excelente calidad.

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Los diseños y la amplia variedad de productos sobre joyas de acero son muy buenos. Actualmente hay muchos sitios de comercio on line los cuales además de vender estas joyas, también ofrecen otros productos como aros, piercings, brazaletes, caravanas tanto para hombres mujeres e inclusive niños.
Las mejores joyas de acero para mujeres
Las joyas realizadas de metales preciosos como oro y plata ya han pasado de moda, las mejores joyas de acero son las que actualmente están de moda, porque otorgan muchos beneficios no solamente en la gran calidad que las mismas tiene sino que además son mucho más baratas que las tradicionales joyas de oro, plata o inclusive de bronce.
Hay una gran variedad de productos de joyas de acero las misma no solamente son de excelente calidad, sino que en sus diseños algunas de ellas son elaboradas con piedras semipreciosas con cristales de diversos colores, amatistas, esmeraldas, etc. Son joyas muy bonitas que además se venden en set, ose a el collar que va acompañado junto con las caravanas y los anillos.

Entre esta gran variedad de joyas de acero además se venden joyas para hombre, las cuales tiene un diseño más rústicos pero muy bonitos. Las joyas para hombres son diferentes ya que exciten toras variedades como los aretes, brazaletes con inscripciones, anillos, y también tobilleras o collares de cadenas de acero industrial quirúrgico.

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Los brazaletes para hombres son uno de los tipos de joyas de acero que más se suelen vender. Entre al gran variedad de este tipo de joyas están las cadenas de acero inoxidable, algunas joyas color plata y color oro, pero que son fabricadas en acero. Y muchas de ellas son cadenas con láminas donde la persona puede personalizarlas y poner su nombre.
Las joyas son elementos decorativos para las personas, tanto mujeres como hombres, y siempre deben usarse, no solamente para ocasiones especiales, sin embargo las mejores joyas de acero son las que siempre deben usarse porque las mismas no solamente son muy económicas, sino que hay una gran cantidad de modelos las cuales se pueden adaptar a cualquier situación, por ejemplo joyas para fiestas, joyas para usar diariamente, o para eventos especiales, así como también joyas para niños.

Las mejores joyas de acero son las que se venden en el sitio www.joyasdeaceropormayor.com. Esta empresa son fabricantes de joyas de acero al por mayor y tiene una excelente calidad de productos. Así como también un buen respaldo a nivel comercial porque otorgan servicio de consultas on line a los compradores. Sin duda alguna es el mejor sitio de joyas de acero si lo que deseas es adquirir una joya tanto para regalar o para uso personal.

The Top Watches Trends for Men 2016

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When it comes to men fashion, I must say we just got a limited pieces to be wear off as the fashion brands these days are more fond on women pieces as the women are willingly to spend much more than men, Yes! that was the truth hence fashion pieces for men are quite compromised but due fairness to the other brands they still consider on releasing some good and quality fashion finds for men.

Actually, we men are not that much focused into fashion finds and pieces like what mostly girls do as long as we got a nice timepiece to wear, I think our total outfit will stands out, because this timepiece can signifies how manly we are and how successful the man was, already. Hence, if you can afford to buy any of the luxurious brand for watch, I’ll then encourage you to have one as it can help you brings up your status in society.

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So let me tell you on what are these luxurious brands for watches that we could consider as we can afford to buy one soon.

Of course, first on the list was this Rolex, we all know that Rolex are the royalty watches that only wealthy people can afford to, as the Rolex Submariner Watch Price and Rolex Skeleton Watch Price were extremely expensive in the market and no one like wealthy peeps can even afford to buy it.

But as for the quality, I practically say that it was good as it may lasted for a good yeas thus everyone wants it as they keen to pass it on to the next generation, Yes! Rolex can be a good investment too as it price goes higher and higher as the time goes by.

Other luxurious watch brand I knew was this Rado which are perfectly in any outdoor activities even on your formal gatherings. As the watch is made for any occasions it was really a nice to have beside to Rolex and other good thing was, it actually a bit cheaper than Rolex but the quality and durability are almost the same and the features are really great too where it has a water resistant and anti scratch protection on the watch’s lenses.

You can check Rado Jubile Watch Price online and better yet heads up to their mall’s stand for details but I prefers it online as online has all the updated pricing list and they can even have some discounted code to use as you pleased to buy one over their shop.

Selecting The Perfect Rings For Your Wedding

One of the biggest decisions of getting married is buying the rings. For the guy, you first need to find the perfect engagement ring. Then, as a couple, you can look for the wedding bands that you’ll wear for the rest of your life. They can be identical, or they can have their unique style, to match the person. Here are some of the decisions that you’ll need to make when you choose the wedding rings. Let’s first think about the engagement ring.

Choosing The Right Engagement Ring


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Well first, you need to think about how much you’re going to spend on the engagement ring. A lot of people believe that you should spend at least three month’s paycheck on the engagement ring. Depending on your job that could be anything from five grand up to fifty. Obviously, you should be careful that you don’t go into debt buying your engagement ring. Remember, the wedding day is going to cost a lot more.

Then, you’ll need to think about where to buy an engagement ring from. You could get one from a jeweler’s, or you may want to look at a specialist. However, we would be wary about buying one offline before you have seen it. For an engagement ring, you do need to see it in person. You need to look at how the diamond catches the light and shines. You should be sure that you have found the ring that she will say yes to.

When you look for a ring, do remember to think about the cut. You can get different diamond cuts for the ring, such as a princess cut. Some girls prefer different diamond cuts on the ring. You may want to enquire subtly about this before you propose.

Buying Wedding Bands


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After the proposal, you can start looking for wedding bands. Wedding bands are fun to buy because they are something that you can purchase and browse as a couple. But again, there a few decisions. You should consider what material you want to get for your wedding band. For instance, you could get gold, white gold or platinum. Remember, that you will be wearing this for the rest of your life, so you need a style you’re comfortable with.

If you’re interested in getting different rings for each of you, that’s a possibility. They don’t have to be identical. There are plenty of men’s rings with different styles. It doesn’t just have to be the girls ring that stands out. If you have a look online, you can find rings with various patterns, and that might suit your desire.

You may also want to consider getting the bands engraved with a personal message. This can relate to you as a couple such as a date that you met. Or, the date of your wedding. It can also just be a few words that describe your relationship perfectly.
We hope you have found these tips helpful getting the perfect rings for your wedding. Goodluck preparing this important part of the occasion.

How To Go About Choosing Your Wedding Rings

So you’ve set a date, and you’re getting married – how exciting! If you plan it right, your wedding day will be one of the best and most memorable days of your life. There’s a lot to do when it comes to planning a wedding, from picking your venue to choosing the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses. With so much to do, it’s easy to forget the important things, like choosing the perfect wedding bands.

When it comes to picking your wedding rings and jewellery, it’s easy to think that it’s not something that will take long to do. However, if you want to pick bands that look stylish, will last for years and are suitable for both of you, you need to take your time selecting them. There’s a lot more to picking wedding bands than meets the eye and it’s important to realize that.

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To help you select the perfect bands for you and your significant other, I’ve put together a few tips. These are all things that I found helpful when selecting my own wedding bands. Take these tips on board and I guarantee you, you’ll find the perfect rings.

Set a budget

Unless you want an argument at the ring store, it’s a good idea to set a budget before you start ring shopping. Sit down and discuss how much of your wedding budget you think it would be wise to spend on the rings. Even if your budget is small, don’t panic – there are lovely rings for every price range. There is no point arguing with your partner over how much you can spend; it ’s best to agree on an amount and stick to it.

Talk about what you want

Once you’ve got your budget sorted, the next step is to talk with your partner about what you want your wedding bands to be like. Is there a certain metal you like? Do you have a design style in mind? Do you want your band to match your engagement ring? These are all things that you need to think about and discuss with your partner. It’s important that you both share what styles of rings you want so that you have an idea of the best styles to look for. Have a browse online at a range of rings, like these Tacori wedding ring designs, to get an idea of what styles you both like. Oh and don’t forget to decide whether you want an engraving inside.

If you don’t agree, compromise

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If you and your beau can’t agree on an aspect of the wedding bands, don’t fight, agree to compromise. While both your rings are meant to be the same, they don’t have to be. The truth is that different people have different tastes, and that’s okay. If you both want rings that are the same but have different tastes, find a way to combine them. For instance, if he loves white gold but you love yellow gold, perhaps you could find a ring design that combines the two? Don’t argue, compromise.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about selecting your wedding rings.

8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

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Mangagement rings are constantly gaining popularity and it is not at all difficult to understand why that is the case. There are many reasons why you should seriously consider this, with the following 8 being really interesting.

Marriages Are Now Equal

80 percent of women aged under 30 currently support dual earners, equal marriages with shared responsibilities. Since the engagement ring was only seen on the finger of the women, it makes sense to also see them on the finger of the man for equality purposes.

Totes Retrograde

Wearing a wedding ring basically highlights that a person is married. When only women wear it, there is an imbalanced aspect of marriage that appears. Women also have to know that a man is taken. This reduces the possibility of ending up with many fidelity problems.

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Mangagement Rings Are Not So Cheap

Money is highly important for all of us and people have various financial problems. Because of this, we tend to think that we should only buy one ring. As you can easily see when you look online and you can find different price range. One example of Mangagement rings designer is engagement rings for men by Doron Merav.

Can Be Worn Without Proposing

The common practice is nowadays to get a ring when you propose. A woman can propose but without thinking about who proposes, wearing the ring is a status sign. You do not have to propose or be proposed to in order to show that you want to spend the rest of your life with a woman. The engagement ring for men is enough.

Celebrities Embrace The Trend

A clear sign that trends are going to be big is that celebrities embrace them. There are many male celebrities that have been seen wearing mangagement rings, including Michael Buble and the husband of Jennifer Hudson.

Perfect For Same-Sex Couples

Man style engagement rings started to become really popular because of same sex marriages. It is quite clear to notice that many popular same sex celebrities love wearing engagement rings and we see many portrayals of such a wedding in modern television series like Glee or Modern Family.

Men Are Now Open To Wearing Engagement Rings

The world is constantly changing and now we see that close to 70% of men have absolutely no problems with wearing engagement rings. Women basically do not buy the rings because the current cultural staple is different. As more men will be seen wearing engagement rings, the trend will only grow stronger.

Equal Opportunity Exploitation

We have to acknowledge the fact that smart marketers always take advantage of trends that are about to blow up. Because of the equal opportunity standards that are nowadays promoted, many ads started appearing for engagement rings for men. As progress happens and more ads appear, more men are going to

While some people argue that selling mangagement rings is growing in popularity simply because the wedding industry tries to make more money, At the same time, we can see that people embrace them without the ads. In fact, mangagement ring popularity is the reason why the wedding industry now offers more jewelry of this kind.

Pretty Wooden Watches at Jord

Like a lot of men I also like watches and would seldom leave home without wearing one. Through the years I’ve collected quite a number of both genuine leather, stainless steel, and plastic wrist watches. I meticulously take care of them because I’ve spent quite a fortune already. But nevertheless, I’m very proud of my collection and would sometimes show them off to my friends. I don’t know if I’d outgrow this hobby but for now I still enjoy looking and shopping for new timepieces. I do my purchasing at both brick and mortar stores and online. There’re actually many online stores that sell all types of watches, even luxury watches.

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Wooden Watches For Sale

One type of watch that I’m sure not many people are familiar with are wooden watches and an online store where you can get them is JORD. They’re focused on manufacturing handcrafted wood timepieces that’re modeled after a modern lifestyle. They give importance to sustainability, efficiency, simplicity, and practical living. Owners of Jord watches don’t just have somewhere to be but they have somewhere to go. Jord’s hardwoods come from many parts of the world and are aged in the open air and sealed with natural oil extracts. The types of wood they use are ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple, and bamboo. Each timepiece is made from a mix of precision CNC machining, laser engraving, and hand finishing. They likewise have a variety of automatic, mechanical, tourbillon, and quartz movements and are known for their accuracy, durability, and shock resistance.

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I’m happy to have received a Sully Series Dark Sandalwood & Maple watch from Jord. I just love its design and how comfortable it is to use. Because of its versatility, I’m able to use it whatever the occasion is, be it casual or formal. This watch shows how cool it is with its bubbled bezel, exaggerated numbers, and wide band showcase. Among its notable features are scratch resistant mineral glass and deployment buckle with push buttons. It has Citizen Miyota 2035 Movement and a quartz crystal tuning fork. The natural dark sandalwood and maple is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Furthermore, it’s splash-proof.

There’re a couple of things you have to remember though when you have this timepiece. For cleaning the natural wood, you’ll have to use lemon or orange oil extract. It’s also advised to store it in a place that’s not so hot or cold and in excessively humid environments. This watch really has it all and I look so stylish wearing it.

This coming Christmas, don’t think of any other gift for your loved one. Just head on over to woodwatches.com and check out all their collection of beautiful watches.

The Top Reasons To Sell Your Old Jewelry

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If you’re looking at a website like https://www.diamondlighthouse.com/selling-diamond-jewelry, then chances are that you’re considering selling your old diamond jewelry. Jewelry can be quite the investment when one first receives it, but over time, old jewelry can end up doing little beyond collecting dust. If you’re considering selling your diamond jewelry but have some concerns, then consider these great reasons to sell unwanted or old jewelry.

Easy Money

Many people who could use a little extra money don’t even realize that they have tons of potential cash just sitting away in a box or drawer somewhere. Diamond jewelry that just sits in a box isn’t much good to anyone. Selling unwanted diamond jewelry is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make some cash. No matter who you are, everyone could use a little extra money.

Clean Out

Periodically cleaning out your house and ridding yourself of unused belongings is a great thing to do. Unused belongings can easily become clutter. Clutter often builds up before we even realize what is happening. Excess clutter and unused belongings can create major stress and prevent you from enjoying your home to its full potential. Selling your unwanted diamond jewelry is a great way to reduce clutter and fully enjoy your home again.

Eliminate Waste

The jewelry that is just sitting and taking up space in your drawer was, at one time, very valuable and important to you. It would be unfortunate to just throw it in the trash. Selling this old jewelry is a great way to eliminate clutter and make some space without having to simply toss this valuable commodity in the garbage.

Even if you aren’t hurting for money, it’s never a good idea to simply throw something that has value into the garbage can. Instead, sell it and ensure that the item will find its way to someone new who will really enjoy it. Don’t let that old necklace or those unworn earrings continue to just take up space. Instead, sell your unwanted jewelry. Not only will you make some extra money, but you’ll rid yourself of something that you aren’t using and potentially make someone else very happy. Selling unwanted jewelry is also a great way to fund that big purchase that you’ve been planning to make, such as a vacation or a new luxury item.

Birthstone rings for mothers

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Looking for the best gifts for your mom this mother’s day or for her upcoming birthday? if so, why not consider this birthstone rings for mothers which are perfectly to any moms out there. All you have to do is to know yours mom birthstones hence you’ll know what to pick based on her date of birth. Simple as that, after that you can heads up to this shop called joywelers.com and ask of a ring that has the birthstone you’d needed on. No worries, these type of rings are the usual cheapest hence you don’t have to worry that much as you’re frugally shopper.

Five Reasons to Buy Diamonds

Finding the right gift for someone can be very challenging, bewildering even. There’s also a high chance that your intended recipient may already own the item you choose. Even if they don’t, what if they don’t like it? That is a dilemma and money wasted. Jewellery will always make great gifts and adorned with diamonds? It’s perfect! Why choose diamonds?

– With diamonds, you can guarantee that it will be an irresistible present. That’s a gift that no one will mind having multiple version of.

– Diamonds symbolizes romance and love. Its unparalleled beauty and brilliance makes it the only option for weddings, engagement and special celebrations.

– Diamonds are preeminent symbols of wealth. Showcasing it promotes a person’s status in life.

– They are also used to express personal style or vanities. This is referred to as high fashion in the runway.

– For men, it also serves as an emblem of power and perfection. Often adorned on necklaces and watches.

Now that we got it all down as to why, the next question that comes into mind is where to purchase. Luckily nowadays, everything is a lot easier to acquire or purchase than they used to be. World renowned expert Vashi Dominguez or also known as the “Ring Master” have his collections available at Vashi.com where each diamonds are carefully handpicked.

Jewelleries sold at Vashi.com comes with a lifetime warranty, free engraving, financing and easy return option.