8 Reasons Why The Mangagement Ring Should Totally Be A Thing

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Mangagement rings are constantly gaining popularity and it is not at all difficult to understand why that is the case. There are many reasons why you should seriously consider this, with the following 8 being really interesting.

Marriages Are Now Equal

80 percent of women aged under 30 currently support dual earners, equal marriages with shared responsibilities. Since the engagement ring was only seen on the finger of the women, it makes sense to also see them on the finger of the man for equality purposes.

Totes Retrograde

Wearing a wedding ring basically highlights that a person is married. When only women wear it, there is an imbalanced aspect of marriage that appears. Women also have to know that a man is taken. This reduces the possibility of ending up with many fidelity problems.

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Mangagement Rings Are Not So Cheap

Money is highly important for all of us and people have various financial problems. Because of this, we tend to think that we should only buy one ring. As you can easily see when you look online and you can find different price range. One example of Mangagement rings designer is engagement rings for men by Doron Merav.

Can Be Worn Without Proposing

The common practice is nowadays to get a ring when you propose. A woman can propose but without thinking about who proposes, wearing the ring is a status sign. You do not have to propose or be proposed to in order to show that you want to spend the rest of your life with a woman. The engagement ring for men is enough.

Celebrities Embrace The Trend

A clear sign that trends are going to be big is that celebrities embrace them. There are many male celebrities that have been seen wearing mangagement rings, including Michael Buble and the husband of Jennifer Hudson.

Perfect For Same-Sex Couples

Man style engagement rings started to become really popular because of same sex marriages. It is quite clear to notice that many popular same sex celebrities love wearing engagement rings and we see many portrayals of such a wedding in modern television series like Glee or Modern Family.

Men Are Now Open To Wearing Engagement Rings

The world is constantly changing and now we see that close to 70% of men have absolutely no problems with wearing engagement rings. Women basically do not buy the rings because the current cultural staple is different. As more men will be seen wearing engagement rings, the trend will only grow stronger.

Equal Opportunity Exploitation

We have to acknowledge the fact that smart marketers always take advantage of trends that are about to blow up. Because of the equal opportunity standards that are nowadays promoted, many ads started appearing for engagement rings for men. As progress happens and more ads appear, more men are going to

While some people argue that selling mangagement rings is growing in popularity simply because the wedding industry tries to make more money, At the same time, we can see that people embrace them without the ads. In fact, mangagement ring popularity is the reason why the wedding industry now offers more jewelry of this kind.

Pretty Wooden Watches at Jord

Like a lot of men I also like watches and would seldom leave home without wearing one. Through the years I’ve collected quite a number of both genuine leather, stainless steel, and plastic wrist watches. I meticulously take care of them because I’ve spent quite a fortune already. But nevertheless, I’m very proud of my collection and would sometimes show them off to my friends. I don’t know if I’d outgrow this hobby but for now I still enjoy looking and shopping for new timepieces. I do my purchasing at both brick and mortar stores and online. There’re actually many online stores that sell all types of watches, even luxury watches.

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Wooden Watches For Sale

One type of watch that I’m sure not many people are familiar with are wooden watches and an online store where you can get them is JORD. They’re focused on manufacturing handcrafted wood timepieces that’re modeled after a modern lifestyle. They give importance to sustainability, efficiency, simplicity, and practical living. Owners of Jord watches don’t just have somewhere to be but they have somewhere to go. Jord’s hardwoods come from many parts of the world and are aged in the open air and sealed with natural oil extracts. The types of wood they use are ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple, and bamboo. Each timepiece is made from a mix of precision CNC machining, laser engraving, and hand finishing. They likewise have a variety of automatic, mechanical, tourbillon, and quartz movements and are known for their accuracy, durability, and shock resistance.

 photo F8FFA8F1-D405-4512-9590-AC0C8C483019_zps4miahgor.jpg

I’m happy to have received a Sully Series Dark Sandalwood & Maple watch from Jord. I just love its design and how comfortable it is to use. Because of its versatility, I’m able to use it whatever the occasion is, be it casual or formal. This watch shows how cool it is with its bubbled bezel, exaggerated numbers, and wide band showcase. Among its notable features are scratch resistant mineral glass and deployment buckle with push buttons. It has Citizen Miyota 2035 Movement and a quartz crystal tuning fork. The natural dark sandalwood and maple is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. Furthermore, it’s splash-proof.

There’re a couple of things you have to remember though when you have this timepiece. For cleaning the natural wood, you’ll have to use lemon or orange oil extract. It’s also advised to store it in a place that’s not so hot or cold and in excessively humid environments. This watch really has it all and I look so stylish wearing it.

This coming Christmas, don’t think of any other gift for your loved one. Just head on over to woodwatches.com and check out all their collection of beautiful watches.

The Top Reasons To Sell Your Old Jewelry

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If you’re looking at a website like https://www.diamondlighthouse.com/selling-diamond-jewelry, then chances are that you’re considering selling your old diamond jewelry. Jewelry can be quite the investment when one first receives it, but over time, old jewelry can end up doing little beyond collecting dust. If you’re considering selling your diamond jewelry but have some concerns, then consider these great reasons to sell unwanted or old jewelry.

Easy Money

Many people who could use a little extra money don’t even realize that they have tons of potential cash just sitting away in a box or drawer somewhere. Diamond jewelry that just sits in a box isn’t much good to anyone. Selling unwanted diamond jewelry is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make some cash. No matter who you are, everyone could use a little extra money.

Clean Out

Periodically cleaning out your house and ridding yourself of unused belongings is a great thing to do. Unused belongings can easily become clutter. Clutter often builds up before we even realize what is happening. Excess clutter and unused belongings can create major stress and prevent you from enjoying your home to its full potential. Selling your unwanted diamond jewelry is a great way to reduce clutter and fully enjoy your home again.

Eliminate Waste

The jewelry that is just sitting and taking up space in your drawer was, at one time, very valuable and important to you. It would be unfortunate to just throw it in the trash. Selling this old jewelry is a great way to eliminate clutter and make some space without having to simply toss this valuable commodity in the garbage.

Even if you aren’t hurting for money, it’s never a good idea to simply throw something that has value into the garbage can. Instead, sell it and ensure that the item will find its way to someone new who will really enjoy it. Don’t let that old necklace or those unworn earrings continue to just take up space. Instead, sell your unwanted jewelry. Not only will you make some extra money, but you’ll rid yourself of something that you aren’t using and potentially make someone else very happy. Selling unwanted jewelry is also a great way to fund that big purchase that you’ve been planning to make, such as a vacation or a new luxury item.

Birthstone rings for mothers

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Looking for the best gifts for your mom this mother’s day or for her upcoming birthday? if so, why not consider this birthstone rings for mothers which are perfectly to any moms out there. All you have to do is to know yours mom birthstones hence you’ll know what to pick based on her date of birth. Simple as that, after that you can heads up to this shop called joywelers.com and ask of a ring that has the birthstone you’d needed on. No worries, these type of rings are the usual cheapest hence you don’t have to worry that much as you’re frugally shopper.

Five Reasons to Buy Diamonds

Finding the right gift for someone can be very challenging, bewildering even. There’s also a high chance that your intended recipient may already own the item you choose. Even if they don’t, what if they don’t like it? That is a dilemma and money wasted. Jewellery will always make great gifts and adorned with diamonds? It’s perfect! Why choose diamonds?

– With diamonds, you can guarantee that it will be an irresistible present. That’s a gift that no one will mind having multiple version of.

– Diamonds symbolizes romance and love. Its unparalleled beauty and brilliance makes it the only option for weddings, engagement and special celebrations.

– Diamonds are preeminent symbols of wealth. Showcasing it promotes a person’s status in life.

– They are also used to express personal style or vanities. This is referred to as high fashion in the runway.

– For men, it also serves as an emblem of power and perfection. Often adorned on necklaces and watches.

Now that we got it all down as to why, the next question that comes into mind is where to purchase. Luckily nowadays, everything is a lot easier to acquire or purchase than they used to be. World renowned expert Vashi Dominguez or also known as the “Ring Master” have his collections available at Vashi.com where each diamonds are carefully handpicked.

Jewelleries sold at Vashi.com comes with a lifetime warranty, free engraving, financing and easy return option.

Victorinox Watches: Your Companion For Life This Christmas

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If you want to be a man of style and elegance, it’s a given that you have the best things that money can buy, from your clothes down to your shoes. If you have more than enough money to spend, it’s only natural to buy high quality branded products that you can use for many years. Although they’re expensive, it’s really money well-spent. If you’re a successful man, you most probably spend your hard earned money on luxury timepieces. A Victorinox Swiss Army watch is one of the products manufactured and sold by Victorinox, the original Swiss Army knife maker. Other products are clothing, luggages, fragrances and of course, the Swiss Army Knife, which is still used by millions of people around the world including military personnel and NASA astronauts. The two product families share the same values that embody Swiss savoir-faire.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches are proud to have their place in the tradition of a family business established at Ibach, Switzerland, 130 years ago. These watches are made from the highest quality materials and have passed the rigorous standards of the Swiss watch making industry. Not only are they known for being durable, multifunctional, and stylish, but most of all because of their technical superiority. These modern yet timeless pieces are genuine precision instruments that will surely withstand the test of time.

Victorinox watches will surely be your companion for life especially this coming Yuletide season. You can purchase one for yourself or your loved ones. Choose from among their latest products like the I.N.O.X., a watch of sharp, versatile design that’s designed to withstand unusual stress. It has passed a battery of 130 strength tests. Although its main function is to tell the time and date, its durability, style, and craftsmanship make it the rightful heir of the Swiss Army Knife, making it your best companion for life. Among its features are Swiss-made Ronda 715 movement; scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment; stamped indexes and luminescent hour markers and minute hands; and water resistant to 200 meters (20 ATM/660 feet).

Another new Victorinox watch is the Chrono Classic 1/100th, a modern, innovative, ingenious and easy to use ‘three-step’ watch which means that it’s the very image of the Swiss Army Knife on which it’s based. It’s a chronograph accurate to the hundredth of a second. Its technical prowess is due to its Swiss made FM13D quartz movement. Its guilloche decoration covering both discs recalls the shape and decoration of Swiss Army Officer’s knife.

The new Night Vision Black Ice, on the other hand, has multi-function lighting module built into its case and has two new bracelets: Black Ice PVD steel and black leather strap. The Night Vision line is very functional. It offers six useful lighting functions operated using a push button located between 8 and 9 o’clock on the case. You can illuminate the dial for optimal time reading and launch an SOS rescue signal in Morse code. Since it has so many uses, the Night Vision is a perfect companion for life.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

Where The Best Place to Shop Online?

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Mens are used to shop online too these days. Because in online, you’ll find some great and quirky pieces which can make you dope or hip for today’s fashion. Also in online, there’s a tons of great deals that we can actually consider as you already pleased to have any certain pieces you’d wished to have for. However, not all the online shops can allow to offer these full services, what I meant about it? well, we all know that online shops are needs to be competitive and yet their items were selling wouldn’t be compromise. Hence, they needed to produce some designer’s items, if they were into fashion, but needs to have it for reasonable prices with additional perks and free services added, like free shipping and free returns for the convenient of the consumers like what this shop called East Dane did. Why did I know? well, I’ve already bought some items from them and I must say, they does shipped the items I’ve bought in over 3 business days in total and each items were all the same on what does they put in to their site. They indeed an great seller!

 photo 10544334_10202532216481933_3213246950057351924_n_zps00e427e4.jpg

I got myself this white G-shock, though they’ve got some other watches selling over from the other brands such as: Miansai, Marc Jacobs watches,Tsovet either Daniel Wellington and yet G-shock has a great appeal on me so I’ve prefers it more than anything, Plus, this kind of watch are indeed versatile where you could pair it off in any styling you’d wanted whether for sporty type of styling neither in some casual outfits, this watch goes well in any, I must say..

 photo 10603343_10202532216761940_591974958117104728_n_zps2d1834e8.jpg

Also, I am pleased to have an basic tees from EastDane.com. Because shirt basics are find when it’s summer season. Go check their site today and buy something that will fits in to your taste. And no worries girls. Because they does have this other site called ShopBop were all the women’s finds were listed.

Men’s Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

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Men can wear different accessories but cufflinks, more than any other accessory, stands out from the rest even when you try to hide them. A pair of cufflinks can make or break your look and ties them together so finding the one that fits your style is important. If you are successful, ambitious, hard-working and the one in charge, you can wear a French cuff shirt and cufflinks whenever you want. Make sure to look for understated handcrafted links and avoid overly flashy ones. If you are the creative type, buy at least one pair. Look for fun and cute designs that reflect your uniqueness and creativity.

If you happen to be a guy who is slowly making a name for himself in his chosen career, wear cufflinks that will let you leave a mark. You should have about four pairs of silk knots and one pair of metal cufflinks that you can wear during special occasions. Avoid wearing too fancy links and shop for ones that show your youthful vitality. Try silk knot links in nice colors. Breaking the rules in wearing cufflinks is permitted once in a while as long as you make sure to wear them stylishly.

Learn How to Wear Cuff Links

For a modern man to be considered “fashionably in” he should have cufflinks. An online store to shop in is Elite & Luck, one of the top retailers of Natural Gemstone Cufflinks and men’s accessories in Bangkok, Thailand. Their goal is to manufacture top of the line items that will meet their high standard of handmade craftsmanship as well as make their customers happy. The cufflinks are made from the highest quality materials and has powerful gemstones that not only looks elegant but attracts good fortune, wealth, and luck.

Customers can shop by choosing different categories such as Cufflinks Collections (Classic, Luxury, Limited, Prestige Cufflinks Model etc.), Gems Powers (Love and Charisma, Harmony, Prosperity and Success, Courage and Strength, Protection etc.), Gems Type (Amethyst, Black Onyx, Blue Topaz, Crystal Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz etc.), and Gems Color (black, blue, brown, gold, silver, white, pink etc.). Elite & Luck ships worldwide within 3 business days after payment confirmation thru Thailand Post Express Mail Service (EMS). International shipping fee is $19 (USD) for the first item. They offer a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, provided that item has not been used and is in the original condition. Payments are made through Paypal which accepts all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

The secret behind men’s titanium wedding bands’ stylishness

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Photo credit: Titanium-Jewelry.com

There was a time when jewelry meant ornaments made of silver, gold or diamond. Times have changed and several other metals have challenged the hegemony of these three traditional metals over jewelry world. Of the non-traditional metals, titanium has come up strongly as a stylish choice in men’s wedding bands. The stylish secret about men’s titanium wedding bands is basically their luster and tremendous strength. Color choices and styles available in titanium weddings bands are seldom available in other metals.

Style is the basic reason why men should opt for titanium as their wedding bands. Gone are the days when men were supposed to be wearing simple ornaments if any. It was more of a matter of choice rather than fashion. Titanium has provided men with that choice and now they can choose from among various different styles. A number of color options are available in men’s titanium wedding bands, out of which double toned bands with black and silver color, are among the most popular. But titanium bands are not limited to these two colors only. Some of them have carbon fiber and black cable insets.

Another very important quality which lends style to titanium wedding bands is the brilliant luster and shine of the metal. This brilliant luster and shine is almost permanent because titanium never requires any re-plating and can be easily polished and brought back to its original luster at home. There is absolutely no need to take your wedding bands to the jeweler for professional polishing because you can do the polishing at home with the help of a sanitizer and a dish washing pad like Scotch Brite.

Lustrous and shiny titanium wedding bands can be adorned with several other things to add to the beauty of the bands. Some titanium bands are encircled entirely by abalone inlay. Natural abalone has incrustations on its shell which provides an iridescent of colors which could be seen when the light refracts in the crystallized layers. There are many other inlay designs which are mostly crafted by hand. Other inlay, for example carbon fiber, lies beneath a centerpiece which is strongly mineralized. It doesn’t only enhance the glimmering facets of the inlay, but also provides with a transitional surface between the centerpiece and the titanium band. This innovatively mineralized layer is superbly durable and is similar to those mineralized layers which are found on expensive watches. These are just some of the ways in which titanium wedding bands are stylishly designed. These stylish designs bring titanium bands at par with other precious metals like gold, platinum and diamond. This website has hundreds of styles from what I saw. Gold, platinum, tungsten & more.

It isn’t all about style when we talk about men’s titanium wedding bands, there is a lot of substance to it as well which makes these styles and designs possible in the first place. Besides being stronger than platinum, bend and dent resistant, titanium wedding bands for men are much cheaper than white gold and platinum which are their costly counterparts. Without compromising on style, luster and color, you can now purchase something much cheaper than other precious metals.

Safety Measures to Take When Shopping Online


Since online shopping has become so popular and more people are choosing it over conventional shopping, the risk of hacking and online identity theft has also increased ten fold. But there are precautionary measures to be taken to ensure that your information is safe and you do not become a victim. An infographic from isonlineshoppingsafe.com shows that people should regularly change their passwords to the online shopping sites that they frequently visit so as to avoid hacking and being stolen from. Make sure that the retail website you are shopping from is legit, especially when you are shopping from your mobile phone. Furthermore, avoid strangers on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to keep your personal information private and minimize the risk of online identity theft.

Yes! shopping online is safe. I think my personal online shopping experiences may convince to you on how safe to shop online nowadays. Kindly check this link and this one for preferences.