Driving offense is the most problem nowadays on states because people are use to get on party at night that can brings them for being a drunk after. Actually a lot of offenses that might sheriff can accuse you as you caught in act, that you were driving while you are drunk or something same situation.that’s why other people been accused with the case that they might really did. In that matter I think you’ll be needed any San Diego DUI Dismissal lawyer to handle the situation out, because they knew on how to get out for being accused for this matter. Trust me I’ve been on the situation before that’s why I knew this things out.

And now as I got some problems with me then, I just call my lawyer to fix anything that the official might conducted me. My goodness sometimes officials was abusing rather they id power tripping for those people who wouldn’t know on how they deal on this matter, alright, I hope this post was a quite help for you then if you come through into the situation soon.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do  you experiencing some problems inside your company? Do you feel that sooner might your company will close then due for being a bankrupt? Do you have a problem on money matter? No worries because there was a lot of awesome agencies out there that are willingly to help you out with, like for example in San Diego, San Diego is the best place to find such good agencies who can help you out but make sure before you proceed on it, you must have one person who will stand as you like San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer because they know on how to deal with on this matter, just don’t afraid to ask and avail their services for you to have a safe and legal transaction.

Now me, I was now looking in any near well known agencies here at my place who can help on my funds but of course I’ll be getting my lawyers opinion first before I can consider such company.

Buying stocks

Highest dividend paying stocks is the most hip nowadays into the business world, why?because people are having an easy lives as they buy their selves into this any good stocks that’s available in their places, what is this stocks all about? I know most of you are well knowledgeable on this stocks Thingy but to those people who wouldn’t know this all about,let me explain it as I can understand it though,okay, stocks these are the shares that you can buy into a certain company to make your self involve into their company it’s self, it’s like a co-ownership on the company,get it? I hope you do. But if you wanted to know the deeply definition of it,kindly heads up into Mr.G search engine and I know bunch of intelligence people are tackling the same matter that may explain this stuff clearly and perfectly.

I think I’m done on this, because I was indeed lack of idea on how this working. Beside I am not a business man I am just a blogger who have this thoughts on how this work in the way..haha alright then, thank a lot or reading this thoughts of mine and I hope to hear from you soon in regards on this post. Thanks a lot and have a lovely day ahead to everyone!

I use to purchase online,why?

Who wants shopping? I know all of us wanted to have some new shirt,watches,shades, and anything goes/stuff that you’ve been craved to have with. Now, I admit that I’d liked using my PayPal money so often now,instead buying on the mall nears to us,why? Because there was some factors why I’m considering my self to shop online. And let me listed them out below.

1. On online shop, you can buy something quirky that you wasn’t find in your place due with some limits products released.

2. This conveniences that might we get as you have this lack of time to go with in any stores in your places. Because on online you may buy all things out.

3. Online shop use to give some discounted coupons that we can might use to drop the regular price into very reasonable one, I’m telling you this how I’m getting crazed buying

4. You don’t need any cash with you, because credit card will do the work for you then.

5. You aren’t be on the rush because you may check on the online shop every second and any time that you wanted.

6. You don’t have to dress up and use a lot of gasoline just to reach the store, as long do you have this Internet connection and any possible gadgets that may access it.

Alright,that’s it for now and of Course I’ll update this out by tomorrow on my disadvantages buying your things online. But for now, just had fun and do things can make you happy.Thanks!

My new banner

I want to have my own link building services website, that is why I think having a banner on it is the best start to make my frustration happen,actually I’ve been bought the designated domain already, for this site to be start off with,but yet still, I needed to be considerate on my materials before I push through it,like my theme,content,services and packages and so on,maybe after 3 months more, I can really built it on what do I like to be on this dream website of mine,but let see,let see, if I made this sooner than on 3 months given.

I just thought to have this website because I think having a place where my prospect advertisers will read what’s on services that I might have from them to be consider with, like for example  on their campaigns it’s really convenient to advertisers to find out which services may i have from them as long as to me then.thats why i insistently and frustrated  to make this website possible.ill make an update if i done doing it so,:) thanks

By the way thanks to Nadine by making this beautiful banner, because i wasn’t have guts to make any banner’s like this one..LOL yeah thats the truth!

Oh Yeah By G-dragon and T.O.P

I admit, i really dunno on how to sing but yeah, i love listening those kind of musics rather song? that can gives such good moods in me,Yeah, i really do like kpop in some sort but not so really,ok! Anyways,last December 2010,if you doesn’t know these guys named top and G-dragon has been released one digital album under Yg Entertainment who’s handling these guys, and one of their hit song nowadays is this “OH Yeah” that feat. by the 2ne1 member park bom.

Actually,I am a fan of these guys and its their group called Big bang and even se7en by the way, that is under by the agency that Ive been mentioned on top,Maybe because we’re just have the same age bracket, that is why i really can relate on what they been singing, like what Jonas brother can brings to me, i hope you can get what i mean.That’s it for now, need to go now for some tasks that i needed to serve with on my other blogs.Thanks

Calling the Attention of All Awesome Webmasters that has great blogs


As we all know, now ill be working with some awesome direct advertisers that i know you’re really looking forward to have it too, that is why im here to ask you out guys, if you have any blogs,websites, that is tackling everything under the sun,meaning the one that has no niches. But yet still on my other advertisers they really do have some niches requirements like,Fashion blogs,Shopping Sites,Gambling sites and any niches that you have in there.

But right now, I had so many advertisers that is waiting on your blogs and if you believe that your blog(s) has it takes to be consider of my advertisers, please dont hesitance to submit them into this email of mine: , please bear in mind that we do accept blogs that has pr2 and above, and we do offer some sidebar links,paid post,banner advertisement and any form of advertisements will serve on your blogs as we seen it relevant to our campaigns..For more details please do add me on my GTalk and Ym Account.Thanks!

Note: And If you want to advertise on this blog rather needing some blogs on your campaigns please do contact me here as well : ..Thank you so much!

I forgot to mention that we do accept some sub-domains blogs beside of blogs.


Ronel |

Happy and Blessed!

Indeed, I am too blessed and happy nowadays, because finally i got these 2 gadgets that ill never been imagine to have with, but yeah, i made it, and thanks to all of my UK and US advertisers that keep on believing me and trusted me to write their things out onto my bunch of blogs, though some people find this blog  quite irrelevant then, due with some misspelled and grammatical error  that they often seen,Actually i admit it,because i wasn’t have enough time to check out my post then, right after i posted it, because i really need to move forward on my next blog, to post something advertisement for my clients end, so please bear with me on that situation.

Well,After 15 days of working, i would say that these 2 gadgets was truly worth it, and yeah, as i have these 2 pieces with me last couple of days ago,all of the sleepless night,tiredness,stresses and pimples are paid off in just one day, i really love that feelings,really! I hope  by this next month i can now able to buy my other frustration which DSLR Camera but let see if my fate will flows to that,Crosses fingered.

And not just that, becuase i was planning as well to treat my family into a great trip(vacation abroad) that we’re all dreaming off long time ago and im just hoping again, that our  dream trip will be come true this year.

Alright,thats it for now and ill make you update on this other frustration of mine.Thanks!

I want an Ipad!

Who wants Ipad? I know, you are raising your hand too, like i do right now, yeah i am aiming to have at least the cheapest ipad that i could buy, but yet still i need to consider my budget though, i hope i can buy one soon, and i need brand new not those second handed  that might has some malfunctioning parts. Anyways, what is my main reason, why i needed it? Actually i have this lap top already that my sister bought to me, but i need something handy computer that can i bring everywhere i go with, of course i use to often check my account for some update on my clients and all that, and yeah, I think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.what do you think?LOL ok im talking nonsense again, bear with it, so yeah, i have to go now and ill definitely update this as i bought my wanting Ipad with me.Thanks!

Another 2 new blog!

Yes, as the New Year’s has began, i think i need to begin another set of blogs as well, but right now i just been decided to run at least 2 more blogs instead , because having at least 5 new blogs at this moment, isn’t that much propitiate on my end though,you know i am too busy on my online activities as Google updated this recently.

Alright, i bought a new domain last day ago, that i intended to make my one online web marketing site, wherein ill be offering my services to those companies that needed some promotional on their businesses and such a thing, its like more than an broker site but in the private form, get it? i hope you do.LOL by the way here’s my link to that site and as for today, the site is in there already but you’ll just see this plane white wordpress CMS default, because as Ive said, i wasn’t have any spare time now, but let see next week, i might write on my things on the new site.

While my other blog was,, Actually this domain,I was stolen it into my friend blogger, of course without knowing her, because she’d never been online since last year and i believed that using her domain is like a honor for her, because i think sooner she’ll be leaving the online world for good, with some main reasons that she had to work out on with.Soon you will find out, but let her be to tell you this matter..LOL I hope she is indeed fine when she found out that this domain was moderating by a man named ronel..LOL