Plaid shirt for men

Yes! lets talk about top, if you are asking on what top is trend today? I think plaid was lead to all top pieces that are out on the fashion market these days. Because the summer was here already, though this top was an long sleeves but still this can give this cool feeling on eyes and of course this kind of top has this smooth cotton that can feel you comfortable as you wear it. So yeah if you want to be hip on this season, just get your own plain shirt on your fave brand stores today and let see what people will say as they see you wearing this awesome plaid shirt.

Actually me, ever since I was a fan of plaid shirt becuase I did residing on the country that only sunshine was the season. LOL Okay then, that’s it for now and if you have any question on what’s hot and not just email me up.

Best Engagement Ring

Couples are used to wear this engagement rings a sign of their love and loyalty to each other and of course to shown up to other people that they been committed to each other. However, some people are used to wear this ring without any specially meaning toward it. Yeah! even single person when it comes on relationship can also wear any engagement ring, but I think they’re only minimal and seldom. Because Ive seen someone wearing it even though she was a single at the moment.
Okay, what is the best engagement ring that you may have? I think having this natalie portman’s engagement ring is the best ever ring that we could have becuase at it is, the ring was seen on the celebrity that everyone could recognize has you have it on your hand.

Black pants is trending

On today’s fashion, Ive noticed that black pants is now trending on us guy because it can give this sexy appeal as you wear this. Believed me, this really true that you can be looked sexy as you wore this back pants with you, why? because black can help to be look tin and if you have this big thighs it can be help as well to lessen the size of it due of the black color tricked. A lot of styles and colors of pants actually that are trending on the fashion market these days, but I think the black one is the most considerate one for us all guys because this pants can be suits as well in any kicks that we did have that’s why we used to it and now a trend on the fashion industries.

Shirt Basic

Shirt basic is the one that we can consider on today’s season which is summer. Because shirt basic is the one that most comfortably top that can you wear that can give a fresh feeling as you go out and such. And the good thing was, you may look neat and clean as you wear this with you. Okay! that’s it for now and let see on what are the trends on today’s fashion industries. I will update you more soon.

Got my pr2 back

As you are my readers on  this blog, Ive been blogged before that my page rank was dropped into pr1 that I don’t expected it at all because I inserted some efforts then to this blog for those link building activities that can make my stat on Google better. Anyways that’s what life going. However, this very recent. I just noticed that my blog got back on its first page rank which is page rank 2 that’s means that Google updated it again that we couldn’t expected at all because Google is did unpredictable on this matter, we all know that.

Actually having an pr2 blog isn’t that good but for me this rank is still yet better because I think the minimum that an advertisers can deal with on a blog which a blog that have this pr2 but still having a higher page rank is better indeed. Okay,that’s it for now and let see if I will made this blog better when its comes on its page rank pretty soon.

Bunk bed frames

Here at house rather home we just have this minimal space for our rooms because the house was built on that way, that’s why we did have this problem, me and my sister where we can put on our each bed since there was then one left room for us both. Because the other room was for my parents. Anyways, as I checked online on whats the best thing to do on this situation, I found out that bunk bed frames is the best ever solution for this because on the small space on the room we can place this bunk bed on it that we can occupied both (me and my sister) because of the convenient idea of this bed. I must say the person who made this bed first is a indeed genius because he or she made of life easier.

I’m busy!

Yes!I am indeed busy these past few days because Ive been spent my time then to my family that I don’t regretted at all, though I missed  some tasks and opportunities that are only available when I was on the break days. My goodness those tasks are quite good then but anyways that’s life and still I did have this positive vibes that I can have such offers like those soon enough. By the way, I just noticed that this was my long update since I blogged on my previous blog entry…haahha Yeah! this was a great proves that I was a busy ass recently. LOL Okay, I think that’s it for now and I am dead air now and I don’t have any idea to share with you, maybe soon I can blog something informative on this blog. Thanks

Best accessory

A lot of hippest accessories are out on market these days, but I think eye wear is the best accessory that you may have on your self as you wanted to be look neat at the same time hip. Yes! the eye wear is the most versatile on all accessories that are out for fashion because you may wear this on different ways, like if you wanted to be look geek and intelligent just wear the large frame and clear frame of the eye glass, and if you wanted to be look like an rockstar just consider the Ray ban style one specially the black glass and oblong frame.

Lazy Tuesday

Yes folks. This was the laziness day for me because I don’t feel anything just to want sleep and get out rather trying to escape into those tasks that are waiting for me on today’s job. My goodness I really hated this feelings because I cant reached my day quota on my job that can effect on my monthly salary.LOL By the way, I am just working online as an link builder onto those companies that I cant able to tell you so folks, so please bear with me on this. Anyways, I will listed this day on my blogging notebook that one day I got this laziness that I don’t often feels because I usually hungry for those tasks and jobs that are waiting for me each day. But today this was the different one that the usually I did.LOL

By the way, I will be open one new blog soon and actually I bought a domain for it already  and all I have to do now was to set up the hosting and make it up on the web. And since I was too lazy today I think the new blog will be launch by next week or into other next week, I dunno, maybe as I’d got this spare time to do so the set up thingy. hahaha I told you I’m too lazy!!

I think I need to Update my wordpress CMS

Yeah! I think I need to go on my hosting account and upgrade my wordpress Cms into the newest version that the wordpress released this recently. Because this lately, though Ive got this anti spam plugin on my admin dashboard but it still I can got these bunch of spam comments that are welcoming me every time I open this blog’s on. Wait, I just realized that I can either upgrade my CMS into my admin dashboard it self.LOL Alright then, I will be then upgrade it right after this post up because I heard that the new version had this securities into those spammy and unwanted comments along our blogging activities, and not just that because there was another plugin added on it that has named of jetback if I am not mistaken and I heard also that the plugin is well awesome to activate and use on your blog. Well, let see if the new plugin will works smoothly on this blog.

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Okay, that’s it for now and I will make you updated on what happened right after I upgrade my blog. Thanks folks!