Learn more about Jayhawks basketball team

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The home of the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team, also known as Allen Fieldhouse, is one of the most historic arenas in the country. For years, opposing basketball teams have feared competing at Allen Fieldhouse due to its extremely raucous crowd. Here are some intriguing facts about Allen Fieldhouse.

Several undefeated seasons at home
Allen Fieldhouse gives the Kansas Jayhawks one of the best home court advantages in college basketball. With the support of their enthusiastic fans, The Jayhawks basketball team has a total of 13 undefeated seasons on their home court.

Located on Naismith Drive
The street that Allen Fieldhouse is located on is named after the legendary James Naismith. As many people know, Naismith is credited with being the inventor of basketball. He was also the first coach in the history of the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program.

Named after Forest C. Allen
Allen Fieldhouse was named in the honor of Forest C. Allen. Coach Allen had the pleasure of coaching the University of Kansas basketball team for 39 years. Upon entering the stadium, visiting teams are greeted with a banner that warns them that “Phog” Allen’s spirit still very much alive.

Impressive win streak
With over 16,000 screaming fans supporting them, the Kansas Jayhawks were able to reel off an amazing home winning streak. From February 26, 1993 until December 8, 1998, the basketball squad won an impressive 62 games in a row at Allen Fieldhouse. For more Jayhawks information, press find now.

Fashion Tips – What to Wear With a Barbour Jacket

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A stylish Barbour jacket is a classic trend that can be worn many different ways. It’s a comfortable wax jacket that is water repellent and keeps you warm and dry. It is a very masculine style and the jacket itself is rich with history. It typically has a corduroy collar and a snug and cosy tartan lining.

The Barbour jacket originated in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Barbour has been a family business ever since, now into the fifth generations. Barbour jackets were originally worn by the British upper class when they went for walks in the country or when they went shooting, hunting or fishing, but recently they are becoming popular city wear as well.

This comfortable and stylish jacket is the perfect choice for walking in the woods, running errands or just going on a casual date. These days, it is the first time you can wear a Barbour jacket in the city, so make the most of it. There are many great varieties of Barbour jackets that can be found through online stores.

If you are wondering how best to wear your men’s Barbour jacket, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Loving the Layers

Barbour jackets are meant for cold and rainy days, so you can keep yourself extra cosy and stylish underneath by adding a lot of warm layers. Start with a crisp button down shirt and layer a lightweight wool jumper over it, preferably one with an argyle pattern. You could also wear a check shirt or a cashmere cable knit. Make sure that the collar of the shirt is visible above the jumper. Then, layer your Barbour jacket on top for an extra cosy and warm autumn or winter look. You can wear dark jeans underneath and dress shoes or leather boots.

Add a Country-Style Bag

If you want to really add to the country gentleman look, you can carry with you a game hunter over the shoulder style bag – made with rugged leather or raw denim. The bag should sport dark autumn tones such as olive green or brown and should have sturdy buckles.

Create a Rocker Look

If you want to create the rock and roll look with your Barbour jacket, choose one of the Biker style jackets. This is a smaller and sleeker version of the Barbour, which has been worn by stylish actor Ewan MacGregor. It looks great with dark skinny jeans and combat boots for a tough rock and roll look – especially if you add a little texture to your hair.

The Business Look

Another way to wear your Barbour jacket is to throw it on over your suit when you are going to work in the morning. Not only will it protect your suit from getting wet in the rain, it will also make a rugged and stylish fashion statement at the same time. You can leave it open, so that your tie and shirt collar are visible – adding layers of interest to the look. If the weather is extra cold, a tartan scarf will look fantastic with this style and will keep you even warmer and more protected from the elements.

What Trousers to Wear With a Barbour Jacket?

There are many different options to choose from when pairing trousers with your Barbour Jacket. It is generally accepted that denim jeans, cords and chinos all look great with a Barbour jacket. However, avoid wearing light coloured jeans or jeans with holes in them. The Barbour jacket is rugged and casual and works well when paired with sophisticated looking clothing, so your jeans should be dark in colour and have no holes in them.

Also, a Barbour jacket will only work well when paired with cold weather trousers and not with shorts. The jacket is warm and cosy and designed for cool and rainy days, so wearing it with shorts will look slightly strange.

Of course, there are many ways to wear a Barbour jacket, so the best thing to do is to experiment and have fun with it. The rules of fashion are there for a reason, but they are also flexible – so have fun and create your own unique style with your comfortable and stylish Barbour jacket.

About the author

Tia Jordan is a fashion blogger from the UK. Autumn is her favourite season, because she loves the style of cosy coats, jumpers and jackets – as well as chic boots and Wellingtons. 



Tégê United Arrows Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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‘United Arrows’ is a Japanese select shop. It has now branded its name to ‘Tege’ United Arrows. It has now developed a new beautiful project, mixing roots which are largely a mixture of the African craftsmanship and the Japanese design. This initiative has been organized by the Ethical Fashion Initiative which is a part of the international Trade centre. United Arrows has now joined hands with artisans in Burkina Faso and Kenya to come up with an elegant collection using the traditional skills from these West African countries.

United Arrows now stock beautiful African ware, including high quality hand woven ladies handbags and purses. These come in different beautiful colors, designs and sizes. Besides African ware, United Arrows also stock quality suits, which come in different colors and styles. They stock the single breasted and double breasted, they also stock the plain, stripped and checked suites all made from high quality fabric, the designs are all unique and modern.

They also stock leather gloves for men, beautiful hand woven sweaters which come in different colors and designs. Hand woven thick woolen scarves in different colors are also available in United Arrows. Women clothes are also found, beautiful skirts, casual trousers, and shoes are also stocked. Ladies necklaces high quality watches, pullovers designed differently are also products of United Arrows. Thick woolen ladies scarf’s of different colors and designs can also be found. Beautiful porcelain bowls in different colors and hand woven baskets in different designs and colors like the Borider and Tassel can also be found.

Gretsch 6120

Guitars are the usual music instruments that everyone’s wants to learn. Because this was the easiest. I supposed, in all musical instruments today available out in the market. Let me suggest you this kind of guitar called Gretsch 6120, an guitar made of wood and as the usual strings on it. It also has this free picks as you buys it at guitar center shop site. Go check the site now for further details.


Etro Autumn Winter 2013-14 collections

Etro is a popular Italian fashion house. It launched its 2013-14 Fall-Winter collections with beautiful collections marketed by models Tom Heukets and Andres Risso.

The store stocks both men and women collections which are elegant and stylish. Their designs are original and made for the spring. Men’s collections include Jackets, shirts, jerseys, scarf’s, trousers, ties and belts. Women collections include dresses, jackets, shirts, tops, trousers, bags, shoes, purses and scarfs. There are different beautiful and high qualities, coats for men such as the French coat, Safari jackets and Down jackets.

 photo 001-etro-autumn-winter-2013_zps82e2b526.jpg

 photo 004-etro-autumn-winter-2013_zpsf82b71bc.jpg

All the jackets and coats come in different, styles, patterns and colors and are made from high quality fabrics and are all durable. They also stock high quality suits made of high quality fabric. The suits come in different patterns, styles and colors. High quality shirts are also available both short and long sleeve, casual and official. The shirts are made to measure and look elegant and stylish Jackets come in different patterns; casual, official, single and double breast.

They also stock jerseys, knitwear and scarfs. Women clothes include, beautiful designer coats, most of them knee long. They are made from quality fabric, mainly pure wool and nylon and are available in different patterns, styles and colors and also available in short and long sleeves.

Adidas Originals 2014 Spring/Summer “Oil Spill” Pack

 photo adidas-originals-2014-springsummer-oil-spill-pack-1_zps263072e4.jpg

Mostly guys were eyeing on Adidas Originals as they released a new kicks for a season’s collection. Because Adidas build up their reputation already when it comes with men’s shoes and apparels as well with girl’s finds. I think, Adidas is the one in leads today when it comes in street wears because they did offer some great finds which most the folks out there are pleased to have, and I include myself there..hehe I really liked this brand because it can make me really quirky and trendy at the same time.

Recently, Adidas released its new design of kicks for spring/summer season 2014,Adidas Originals 2014 Spring/Summer “Oil Spill” Pack, and I must say, these shoes are great and versatile too that can be fits in any type of styling you may got there. Actually, I dont have any details yet in hand regarding the collection. But soon I got any I’ll surely then update you here so you better to check this site often for further updates. Thank you so much!



One perfect gift is worth a thousand words

“If you’re like me, sometimes words and emotion flow easily, even effortlessly like an old faucet that really needs adjustment. However this isn’t always the case and yes it certainly oscillates depending on who I’m pouring my sensitive heart out to. It’s easy with my mom, it’s even easier with my puppy, but we all have that special someone in which that verbal and emotional faucet seems screwed a little too tight? It can be hard to tell that person, ‘Hey, I really love you.’ However it doesn’t have to be.

Remember whenever your old English teacher mentioned, ‘show, don’t tell? ’ That’s specifically what the appropriate, well thought out gift can do. It shows your love, and honestly, that may often mean more. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the correct gift, and finding the right one can be the hard part. These suggestions might really assist you to form those words, you’ve really never known how you can say.
 photo WATCHBUYERS-10-1_zpsea4c5ab5.jpg
1. A Rolex

A classy and beautiful watch, for example, doesn’t have to be tacky. I personally would recommend the timeless classic, the three-piece suit of watches, the Rolex. If you’re nervous about producing such a hefty investment in the watch, never fear, you can keep its components up-to-date and in perfect working order at rolex repair los angeles.

And just as with any high-class item, Rolex cares relating to your feelings and experience. Or if you have any questions, you can always contact rolex customer service and so they would be excited to help you out! Trust me, I’ve tried and been satisfied.

2. A framed memory

Another excellent option would be to discover that perfect photo that can bring you both straight back to a certain place and time. If you spend the right time at the right framing store, you can have something as simple and inexpensive as a picture turn into a coveted piece of wall art that can start conversations and turn memory lane into a smaller lane plus more of a thorough fair. Remember, the correct gift doesn’t have to hurt your wallet, it just has to move the center. Put some thought involved with it, it’s fun!
 photo WATCHBUYERS-11-1_zps0e848460.jpg
3. The right meal

My own favorite gift to give is just one that I can share and even benefit from. If you love to cook, someone is going to love to eat your cooking, i prefer to chances and cook are. That’s a different story, even though that is, unless you’re like my neighbor’s mother. Discover what that special person’s favorite dish is, and peruse the internet for the ideal recipe so it will be exactly how they likes it. Everyone knows how the perfect secret ingredient in most home cooked meals is love and if you know that, the secret to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Bon appetite and happy gifting! And don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts, as long as it comes with a gift.”

Stylishly Fun Shopping at Zdress

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Who says women are the only ones who are on the lookout for the hottest trends in fashion this 2014? We are also excited about transitional menswear trends and since it’s a new year, what better way to start than to replenish our wardrobe. A lot of us may be feeling down since the holiday festivities are over and we are a little short of cash. But remember that being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. Some good fashion sense and confidence is all men need. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in the loop for what’s hot in fashion.

Blue is the color of choice especially bright blue (don’t go for navy blue because it’s boring). However, only wear the color in small doses and don’t go over-the-top. Camouflage is trendy again but the prints are more abstract and creative. Stripes is back but with a twist. Contrasting directions and upside-down geometry is the way to go. But if you think such bold stripes don’t suit you, opt for the usual classic stripes. Block checks are also in but they should be wide and have a base color of black, grey, and navy.

 photo 2vvqdm12_hst_zpsfee8c2bf.jpg

You can buy all these at Zdress, a leading online retailer of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry etc. for men and women. They also have wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cosplay costumes, lingerie, items for the home, and children’s clothes. They pride themselves in having high quality products sold at low factory direct prices. Plus, they have a wide selection of clothes in various styles so there’s something for everyone. Their collections are also regularly updated. I browsed the site and saw some really stylish Cheap Men’s Hoodies which I’m dying to buy.

They likewise have an assortment of Men’s Jackets online in different styles and colors. Zdress is truly a shopper’s haven. If you’re into vests, you can also find a lot of stylish Wholesale Men’s Vests. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it at this online store.

COLDSMOKE Ikkuma Flannel

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 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-2_zpsd3b5e509.jpg

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-3_zps31003580.jpg

One of the finest contemporary outdoor brand these days called COLDSMOKE  had released their new collection namely Ikkuma Flannel. I dont actually know what’s the usual finds we could see at this brand. Because this was my first time then to heard about them. Anyway, it seems that they did have some great things to offer for us to be as dope as we could. Because look, their button down has a great texture prints which can make you feel comfortable as you wears it. Also, I simply loves how they uses strips on it which can added accentual thing in overall look.

Other good thing was, this button down, photo on top, is now available at the brand’s main web store. You can heads up to there for you to see the full details and availability of the shirt. Also, as I’ve heard, this button down has an price of $280 USD per each at the brand’s ( COLDSMOKE) mortar stores either in online shop.

Okay, that will be all for now and as I know any additional details on this newest collection of COLDSMOKE. I’ll be surely update you all in here, iamronel.com. Thanks so much and have a pleasant day to everyone.



Reeds Pandora jewelry

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When it comes is styling yourself today. I think the pieces might or must not be abolish on your list was this awesome Reeds Pandora jewelry. Because Pandora Jewels are the one hip’s today in the fashion industry, plus, they’re usual light to wear ever and it can pair out in any styling outfits you may got in there. In short, Pandora Jewels are the most versatile finds we could find in all mortar stores today.

I suggest as well to head up on this site called pandora.reed.com where all the well designed pandora jewels were houses and selling in very reasonable prices which surely cant hurt your pocket. 😉