Shorten Your link Using Google

Just want to let you all know guys that Google has already a shortener site which the honestly i quite amazed on the shortener site because of its domain and one thing that  i clearly known that Google can make anything impossible inside the web because id never seen something (dot) gl domain around the web beside of Google  uh..ehhe anyways what do you think the main reason why webmasters have to shorten their link before sharing it to those social networking,forum, twitter and many more? ok as i know(on my personal idea) we have to shorten our link to hide the parent domain to those people who maybe gets annoyed over it? i dunno, just one thing is im pretty sure that if you have some referral link  and to avoid your readers to over take your link you must shorten it so that they definitely sign up under by you..thats right?

By the way Ive remembered that Ive been using the shorten site before to by pass the script that friendster has by that time because i use to make my personal overlay theme way back time over my friendster profile by codings  though but suddenly friendster detected the code to their server that i pissed about the site because i cant longer use my theme to their site and they made a high script to filter it out my codes as goodness by the way its ok then because i killed my account already and i don’t have a plan to waste my time to their site again because i finally seen what facebook can make to my daily lives and helped me on my online marketing stuff..ok i think that will be all and thanks by the way for listen my short freakin

Sold Out my 2 Domains and new update on my Alexa Rankings

Yes dear, Ive been decided to sell out my 2 not often use domains recently because i think i cant even manage them out , my goodness having a 20 blogs is not really easy liked what i thought at first..hahah though my 2 blogs was sold now but still i have 18 left that i think i can surely update them all each day..hopefully the way the domains that i sold out was the and the to my mom blogger friend and i know she can make those domains more well known on the search engine because of my friend influential on the blogsphere..hehe and please don’t ask  me how much do i sold them because im quite shy though..but its on cheap price only that everyone will afford..and please if you want to buy some old domains just let me know who knows i can give a reasonable price then even to register a new one ok?..:)

In regards on my Alexa ranking, as i checked my ranking last weeks its dropped down to 689,278 and of course thats ranking is quite good though, at least i don’t ranked up in a million but when i checked it again now its been to 754,294 oh its rapidly goes sad right? but its OK though i think i need to work hard again on this site  to drop down my rankings as low as i OK these will be all for now and im too sleepy then ,i have to sleep to have a clearly mind and blog some quality content later..ok bye thanks

Things that bloggers must have?

Yes, Bloggers must consider some things to get last on the blogsphere i believed! that can help them to bring on the ultimate level for being a blogger, i mean for being successfully in any path that they been chosen on their blog , alright what are they things that the bloggers must have like me? well first a blogger needs a lot of entry to his/her blog to go through, so you’ll be needing some notebook and pen or any things else you may have at least to write things that you’ve seen interesting that you might blog soon , its really a help if you list down those idea’s because as you blog them on the following days you might forget such topic that you’ll intended to blog, second thing i think a gadget, wherein you can access the internet everywhere you are that is important thing because being a bloggers we have to check some email account maybe to see if we got some awesome offers to the advertiser(s) right? and lastly i think was a connections or a blogger friends because those group of people can help you out either to take you on the place that you want to achieve soon and you can use them to built your blog a strong foundation on the web as much they’ll thinking on you as well..:)

OK these are for now and as i learned more on my personal experienced along my way ill definitely love to update this post for more helpful tips on blogging..thanks

Lockerz Open 24/7 Redemption?

I’ll be blogging about lockerz update to this blog more often of course to give more information to other newbies to understand what things they may get on the site and for now lockerz stated on their wall that they’ll be opening the most awaited redepmtion 24/7 to the pointz place..i know other has been jumping up right now but on my own insight the idea was totally messed up , why? because as i read the email that they been sent to me they said that the redemption is open 24/7 however you will have to “BID” the item to own it using your gathered pointz for the long meaning if you don’t won the item you’ll definitely loose your bidden pointz to that certain items right?  and on the other side we doesn’t know either if someone inside lockerz will bid the most highly pointz to those items so we members will not get any after all..what do you think?

And my other suggestion that lockerz MUST posted those people who already gets products on their site and give  changes to other  members who doesn’t redeem till talking about the sure redemption not the usual and please do all countries can  shop using pointz on lockerz shop, because this really unfair to those people who put hard time to stay on the site lastly doing stuff that the site goodness..ok thats it for now and let see what is the outcome of this 24/7 redepmtion when lockerz opens it..thanks

new way to earn

i was searching on the best way to earn through blog without any restriction on it and yeah i found one which the actually i have a 6 blogs from them and they keep on paying me a 5 British pounds each of my blog so ill be getting to them a 30 pounds each month stable, yeah they are legit and other bloggers are making a 500 dollars to them, so hows the catch?  only you have to do is to have a blog first then post a unique 2 posts and after your post made , you can now apply to their program over the link that i was given you a while ago and yeah want you get approve they will giving you 3 banners code which you can implement on your blog then after a month you’ll be receiving your first payment and its consistent each month, no worries , so go ahead and try your luck to the network

blog hopping

i need to work hard now on my link building task because maybe next month first week Google will update our page rank because its been long time now since Google last update, my goodness Google whats happening inside you,haha ok how can i get my link linked to those awesome blogs? well of course doing blog commenting then see to it that the blog is pretty do follow one so that Google will counted your comments as you inlink as google updates then, and we wouldn’t know when that will be happen, but at least if you doing blog hopping more often do you can this assurance that when Google update you can have yours definitely..

What About Grab Bag Task On Blogvertise?

Before i proceed i just want to clear things out that this blog( is not still working in any paid post  due with some pending application that  Ive been waiting for quite awhile now but i hope this blog will be approve then after i got my page rank as Google update hopefully this end of the month..

Ok Im still fortunate to my blogging life though most of my blogs are still building there standing on the search engine right now but still my other 2 blogs was doing great on the paid post company which the blogsvertise, actually im just a month on the said site but still i got a set of opportunities to those secret blogs of mine who has a page rank of 3 and the other one has pr of 2 , for the record i got 7 opps to them with good amount though and i think i use to love the site beside of payu2blog that i was pending for their approval by this time hope Margie will contact me again after i got my pr though anyways because beside the normal opportunities that they will send to you (blogsvertise)via email if you got an opp though you can still login on your account and check your list of blogs to Grab the bag who has a task that other publisher(s) declined certain opp or missed to write it though,and yeah as for today Ive been grabbed 2 tasks that i wrote yesterday and a minute ago but bear in mind that you can only grab the task bag 1 task per day or else they might suspended your blog(s) and sorry because i forgot to screenshot how does grab bag task look like..^_^ so thats it and i hope you can grab a task as well like what i did..thanks

where’s my referral rewards

as you remembered my last post regarding on the network that i was telling you who can give you a stable earnings each month, yeah the program has a referral program as well where they will pay you 10 pound in every people you will referred to them and luckily ive been referred 2 of my friend and its been 2 months now when they been putted their banners to their site but still now i dont get their promises 10 pounds each referral, whats happening inside the company?lol though i emailed them for a 100 times time but still they dont response in any of my emails, i think they fools on their referral program? what do you think? wait i was referring is just want you to

Clarification about Justin Bieber’s Pedophile Fraud News

I know you’ve been noticed that i often write about the News that Justin Bieber is pedophile that the Onion News Network broadcast passed few days ago and i just want to everybody know that the news is Satire that i forgot to tell you on my last entry? (not sure but i think i told you that the news is fraud..LOL) so what is the meaning of satire? Satire means on the online dictionary that i looked out was a FAKE news or Mock News meaning those hard fans out there will breath smoothly again and nothing to worry about now because yeah Justin bieber is still 16 years old and you still have a change to love him as you a fan..hahaah

So if you seen something controversial again that onion news network broadcast with, just  don’t believe on it again because the said news was  totally fake and we can help them doing it because i think that was their job, beside people who made them  mock news gets more publicity anyways..right? i hope they’ll make me a very controversial fraud news so that this website will get a bunch od ok thats it for now and i think this is the topic that ill write about on this issue..(hopefully) thanks..:)

Thanks to Justin Bieber Pedophile..LOL

I know we webmaster(s) are really looking forward to be crawler on the Google search engine then get index after all because in this sense we can get a great page rank when Google update our blog as i know( please do correct me so if i wrote something wrong if you are a SEO or such thing) I admit i have to learn more in regards on optimizing on my blogs but through my own experiences by running a more than a 15 blogs alone i found out that the relevant blog content is one of the factors to get your blog crawler on the web …and yeah as i posted my Justin Bieber’s Pedophile news a minute ago Google crawled it and of course im got quite huge traffic then..

Yeah Im so fortunate to be on top on the keyword Justin Bieber Pedophile nowadays though i just wrote my entry these last 2 days ago but still by blog will lead on the topic..LOL i think my seo strategy is working again like what i did on my jejemon post who will lead among all the rest on the search engine..

I hope this will continue among my rest of my post and to my soon to be post , so that i can get the attention of those awesome advertisers who roaming around the web..LOL by the way thanks again on reading this post once again..:)