Agenda Las Vegas: Abandon Ship 2014 Spring/Summer Preview

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-3_zps698671a9.jpg

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-2_zps1c2504f3.jpg

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-1_zps3e8f8e37.jpg

These are the pieces that we could expect from the brand Agenda Las Vegas from their spring/summer collection 2014. I think mostly brands and labels today are keep on producing their each next year season’s collections most specifically for spring and summer season. Because they have to give us an peek on what we should get from their brand these coming months ahead.

About “Agenda Las Vegas: Abandon Ship 2014 Spring/Summer Preview” these pieces are so awesome and I simply liked all the prints uses to it from coconut trees to animal prints all are quirky and into trends. That’s why am so pretty excited for these pieces to be release soon.. I have no details yet in hand for this collection, however, the brand itself , Agenda, will update us soon about their dope summer collection as they about to release this in the market. Just keep on tuning in here for the updates..

American silver eagle

 photo 2010-American-Silver-Eagle-Bullion-Coin_zps1f42bbce.jpg

Beside to fashio0n. I am also blogging up some informative topics , might to others, in here. Because I needed to balance up my reader’s interests for the readership thing for this site, That’s why I was trying also to put up some not so fashion related topics in here like this american silver eagle which most of the collectors are looking forward to have. Because look, this kind of penny has an deep silver rather it made of deep quality silver that we haven’t seen in the new set of American coins today.  Which made most people eager to have it now. This actually available online to avail or got it for bidding. Just check over some online that works in this coins and silver stuff for more further details about it.

Head Porter 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook

 photo head-porter-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-1_zps80988a4c.jpg

 photo head-porter-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-11_zps08d9cff9.jpg

 photo head-porter-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-3_zpsb84e5a77.jpg

If you are an outgoing guys and loves to hang out around. I must suggest you to have these pieces from this lookbook called Head Porter 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook, as it is fall season. Because their each pieces on this collection are really fits for the weather as well it can gives dopeness on your end as you a guys who loves street wear fashion more than those casual formal wear one.  I think, this collection are suited in those students and teenage one. Though mostly, older guys wants to style themselves on this kind occasionally. But moreover, teenage and young people are the usual who get crazed with these kind of pieces.

I actually dont have any idea or further details in hand yet regarding this collection pieces here. But as it is released pretty soon. I know this collection will be the one most look forward by these young fashion forward and enthusiasts out there. And I know this will be leads among the street wear brands soon through these pieces they’ve cooked for the fall and winter season for us to rock on.

XLARGE x Converse Japan 2013 Capsule Collection Lookbook

 photo xlarge-x-converse-japan-2013-capsule-collection-lookbook-1_zps60c7068b.jpg

 photo xlarge-x-converse-japan-2013-capsule-collection-lookbook-3_zps2fdfacfe.jpg

 photo xlarge-x-converse-japan-2013-capsule-collection-lookbook-2_zps9bacf4a0.jpg

Beside with sorts of season’s collections. Brands and labels are working off with some capsule collections in both self-brand collection or collaborative one. I actually dunno what’s in it or what specific thing should be seen as they came up on this capsule collection. Because I just used to heard the season’s collections most, than to this capsule. S0 – please bear with me then..

Recently, I’ve heard that the brands called XLARGE & Converse Japan are cooking some pieces that they may includes on their capsule collection for this year 2013. At first, I just doubt it because as we all know the brand Converse are in the shoe field while the XLARGE is mainly on clothing , in both men and girls, that’s why I really cant imagine on how they can smashed up their each things out, their specialized with, that may blend on each end. I hope you got what I really mean here..  However, as they’d released their collection this very recent and sees by these fashion forward and enthusiasts out there, I include myself, I think, they really made a great pieces here that may surely be hit the market sales pretty soon. Because look, these pieces are pretty dope that I know most of the guys in both street wear and casual are wanting themselves to have these pieces from XLARGE x Converse Japan 2013 Capsule Collection Lookbook, as much like I do.

As this moment, the collection is not yet out in the market. But maybe a week or two from now this will be fully released in both online and nearby stores. So – lets be all tuned in as the 2 brands released further details about this awesome collection.



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atv 110cc

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Great Casual Summer Wear Outfit for Men!

In summer, we all dream of continuous vacation. Who wouldn’t like being at the beach or in the countryside all summer, wearing just a bathing suit and comfortable flip flops? Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to do that. Most of us still have to go to the office for eight hours a day, and only afterwards do we have some of that well-deserved free time.

To help you with your fashion choices for when it’s hot outside, we put together a trendy outfit that you can wear to work, but which you won’t be embarrassed to wear when you meet your friends for happy hour after that. And be sure to check out one of the most important summer accessories: sunglasses at

 photo ia_zpsff783881.png


The key to a relaxed summer look is a good shirt: the fabric should be light and breathable, without, of course, being see-through. Roll up its sleeves, and pick a classic pattern such a gingham, checks or stripes. In the lower half just opt for a jean cut that flatters your silhouette, and go for whichever color you prefer. Canvas sneakers will allow your feet to breathe, without showing any skin, and a pair of good quality sunglasses (in this case Persol Sunglasses) will protect you against UV rays and bright lights. Leather works best for belts and bags, the latter being great for carrying your essentials. Don’t forget a metallic watch to complete the look!

Daria P. wrote this guest post for She is a regular contributor to both and

Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey

 photo nike-sportswear-lunar-pegasus-89-mercury-grey-1_zps32ad8bf3.jpg

Seems that most of the shoe brands and labels today are used to released their each new collection and designs of shoes in the market. I dunno, if this the time where all the brands releasing their new in shoe’s designs because it seems it is. Because I’ve seen a lot of new designs of kicks this recently that I dunno why companies and brands are keep on doing so. Because you really gives us an hard time to choose where we could buy our kicks. LOL Kidding aside! brands may release continuously their new in designs , for both shoes and apparel,  and we dont have any control with that since they were working as hard just to offer us this most competitive and trendy pieces for today’s fashion.

A day ago, If I am not mistaken. The one leading shoe brand called Nike had released its new kicks which has an name of ” Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey” it is nice and versatile. Because this kind of shoe is can be wear off in shorts either to pants. Why do I say so? because I do have the kinda resemblance shoe from New balance with this new Nike shoes. I will posted it soon as I got time to do an outfit post for this site,

As for now, I haven’t any details yet on this Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey like the pricing ranges, availability and so on. However, soon enough… the brand itself, Nike, will then update us all for their new cooked kicks here, the Nike Sportswear Lunar Pegasus 89 Mercury Grey.