Some of the Risks of Online Gaming For Young People

I remember when I used to play Trap Shoot and Tetris on my desktop computer. I’d play them after I’ve had a really long, tiring day to destress and have some simple fun. My parents weren’t worried even if I play for hours because they know that those games are harmless. Nowadays, there’re still a lot of wholesome online games such as Neon Invaders which is inspired by the arcade classic Space Invaders as well as 3D Pool which is a version of 8 ball billiards. They’re reminiscent of those that I used to play and which you can play anytime at However, there’re online games today that’re quite alarming because they’re unsuitable for kids.

Dangers of Online Gaming

Although gaming is a fun and sociable way to spend time, there’re a few dangers you need to be aware of to help kids stay safe and have a positive gaming experience. Playing online games can offer young people a sense of escape from the reality of the world, and the social aspect of some games can help children feel like they’re part of a community. However, without the right guidance on what games to play or when to play, children can be exposed to certain dangers such as in-game bullying, online grooming, and even gaming addiction.

Probable Risks and Ways to Support Children in Building Resilience and Making Safer Choices

A. Online Game Addiction

Many parents worry that their children may be becoming addicted to their video game hobby. This isn’t surprising because those who enjoy playing video games for leisure will do so eagerly which can lead to a desire for children to play longer and more often. It’s essential for parents to guide children with screen time limits as they develop their own healthy boundaries. Changing behavior is about helping children form new habits rather than a chemical withdrawal like substance abuse.

B. Contact With Strangers

Video games are more fun when played with other people. Recently that has changed from playing with people in the same room to playing with people online. Also, the level and types of communication online games offer has evolved notably over recent years. Whereas games were seen separately to social media, they now greatly overlap with online social sharing sites. Furthermore, players don’t necessarily know who they’re playing with. Parents need to understand the games their children are playing and how to set them up safely.

C. Online Gaming Health

There’ve been studies (one study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine) that suggest situations in which someone spends hours sitting in one place can increase the risk of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Since video games are perceived to be a sedentary hobby, it’s good advice to ensure kids take breaks every hour. This will keep them moving and it offers a chance for a change of activity. Another issue is that of flickering lights from video games triggering seizures. The Epilepsy Foudation has already issued new guidelines to help avoid these rare cases.

D. Effects on Behavior

Parents worry that that the interactive nature of video games will affect their children’s behavior. This is particularly true where younger players experience more violent games not necessarily designed for their age. In their book, Moral Combat, Markey and Ferguson show that although the rise of video game sales to teenagers has risen suddenly over the years, there’s been no correlating rise in violent crime. It’s important though that parents use the PEGI ratings and related information that provides a detailed account of the violence, language, and sex contained in a video game.

What is the greatest video game cover ever created?

Me and my sister grew playing video games and the way we choose the video disc was where in the cover. Yes! actually, back in the 90’s Nintendo, Japanese gaming company, produces a lot of games to choose from with for your family computer and my sister and I are too thrilled to try them all but we cant as we just have limited budget to spend at times hence we both decided to just pick the game which has the best game cover as we are sure that the cover itself plays a big marketing strategy to sell the item or game they trying to offer.

So the question is..

How many times have you been interested in playing a game thanks to the cover art catching your eye?

With hundreds, if not thousands, of titles to choose from depending on which console you own, many publishers and developers will take their time creating a cover for their video game so that it grabs the attention and hopefully leads to a gamer choosing that title over the many others on a store shelf.

To find out which is the greatest video game cover ever created, managed print specialist United Carlton has set out this shortlist of five standout examples. Check out their picks then head onto their Twitter page to let them know which one you believe to be the best, or if you have any favourites that we haven’t covered.

Heavy Rain

(Cover art can be seen here:

The cover of Heavy Rain does an excellent job of making the art of origami look incredibly dramatic. What’s particularly great about this is that you will actually have to play the game to grasp the meaning behind the cover’s image.

With the origami figure slowly being destroyed by the pouring rain, the cover also fits perfectly with the game’s dark, moody and unusual tone and visual style.


(Cover art can be seen here:

Twisted, terrifying, dark, minimalist and unsettling are all words that can be used to describe the 2010 Indie fan favourite game Limbo.

The game’s cover art is reflective of all of these words too, with the black-and-white image of a faceless child wandering into the light having a creepy tone to it but also one which makes you want to explore just what this puzzle game is about.


(Cover art can be seen here:

How do you make your IP stand out when it’s going up against sure-fire hits like Halo 3: ODST and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? When it comes to Gearbox Software and the original Borderlands game, the answer was simple: create a cover that catches the eye and is rather controversial.

Instead of featuring the game’s protagonist, the cover featured a bandit from the RPG shooter pretending to shoot himself in the head along with a glimpse into the game being the splatter. All dressed up in a cartoon style complete with heavy cell shading to reflect the game’s unique art direction.


(Cover art can be seen here:

Boy meets girl is one of the most traditional stories that you can think of, though Ico did a fine job of wrapping this theme up in a soft-spoken and artistic game.

The cover of Ico works perfectly in that it demonstrates that this puzzle game is doing something that is different from the norm, while also being as minimalistic as the open space that games get to explore once the disc loads.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

(Cover art can be seen here:

Sometimes a game cover creates itself from the action that you discover by actually playing the game. This is certainly the case for the cover of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Anyone who has played this pulsating action game is sure to remember the heart-pounding mission of trying to escape a derailed train, so the cover is effective in providing a glimpse about the thrilling ride you have waiting for you.


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