Fruits for Summer

I recently published one post that the summer hits me too much nowadays, and I evenly dried my self out due of often sweating.LOL Now I was eating a lot of fruits to replace those energy that I lost. And you can even eat these fruits out to get some energy as you’re doing such tiring activities.

Summer Shine Shine

Oh, My goodness the sun shine was shined too much nowadays and I really don’t know on how can I make my self chill.LOL though air con is a big help for me though but yet still the hit was extremely terrible. I hope this summer feels will not get last for long time becuase I cant work properly to have this sweat in me so often.

Sometimes its better to have a sun hits but I think this summer hit on where I residing is indeed bothering and I know other people find it the same, now I am thinking about the mother nature becuase the weather is not the same like recently.

I need photoshop so bad

I am a blogger not photographer and why so I should have this awesome photoshop software? well, as I told you recently that Ive bought my own camera that you may read on my published post back to this post then. Now I am into photography because I actually running my personal fashion blog along with my cousin blog Maricar which the because we were using one camera though to capture our own moment and such idiotic stuff like that.

And now I was really looking forward to have this software because I heard that if you were use this software out specially on photos, your photos will become more awesome than the natural one. So I need to study this software as well as I have it soon. Because I don’t have any idea on how this photoshop works, Bear with me then. I’m enjoying photography nowadays and I love either seeing some nice capture of photos especially on fashion photography because as I viewer I evenly  learning on how can I mix and match my things out through those photos that I admired most.

Big Bang and Nikon

This poster photo was shared by a friend on Facebook, though I knew it already that the boy K pop group Big bang and all YG Entertainment family where this guys under, I mean the agency was all endorser by the Nikon.

I love cameras and as I blogged and published one post recently that Ive been bought my DSLR camera which the canon 500D one thing that I was looking forward too, is to have my own photography and fashion site. Sounds interesting right? but I am still thinking if I will buy one Nikon camera to use to, instead of my canon 500d, becuase a lot of people are saying that the Nikon has a great quality of shot than the canon but on the other hand canon has also another ability that the Nikon haven’t. I am still thinking though if I will push my self out to buy my Nikon camera since my idols was the endorsers of it.LOL Let me think. Alright, that’s it for now and let me update this again once I have my decision then. Thanks

Philippines New Peso Bills

I’m quite late by blogging this but I wanted you’d still to know rather to see using this blog on what are the new bills of the Philippines. Actually these bills was released already last year December 2010 but due with some error and stuff  done on these supposedly new bills, the new bills was hold for awhile for the review and fixing up the error made. This indeed terrible, why? because once again they wasted money for the messed up that they did, Me, as a people of the country I found it really irrelevant because they don’t assure their move as they doing these new bills. Now, a lot of money was wasted on nothing. Anyways this was only my opinion but yet still I am positive that maybe after a year or months these new bills will be finish and release for the people to use. Let see soon, I will make you update. Thanks a lot

Giggerboys Member AJ Perez Dies on the Vehicular Accident ( April,17,2011)

Indeed shocking news that we were all heard this morning (April,17,2011) that the model and young actor AJ Perez or Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez in real life was  died because of the multiple head injuries due of the Vehicular accident that they been through together with his 5 other  companion. But suddenly rather SADLY, AJ was the one who extremely hits the by bus that can put him into the critical situation that happened last 11:40 pm April 16,2011 along Mc Arthur Highway in Tarlac.

AJ was rushed on the near hospital right after the incident happened, but badly to say, the doctor pronounced that he’s dead on arrival to the exact time 12:20 am April 17,2011. Now all fans and his close friends, family are crying hearts and mourning at this moment, please do extent our sympathy and condolences to the family who loses a great Son,friends and brother.

How to boost your Alexa Rankings?

Having a good Alexa ranking isn’t that hard that you were thinking. Because nowadays a lot of programs and techniques that we can use to make or put  our Alexa on the good place, though for those newbies out there I know they were indeed confused on how this stuff work. No worries, that’s why I put this post up for you to know on what programs and techniques that I were using a year now and I must say all of my strategies are working on me though till now. Alright then, I will write below which stuff that I were doing to boost my Alexa in each of those blogs that I was running of.

First, the best thing to do was to download the Alexa toolbar it self, why? because in this matter you can basically monitor your Alexa ranking as you visit your site though because this Alexa toolbar was seen on your browser which really good in away because you don’t have to go on the main site just to check out your rankings. And another good thing was, this Alexa toolbar can be help on your site as well to have a great rankings then, because the toolbar can be read your visits that can put your blog into a great spot. Do you get what I mean in here? sorry I am not good on explaining things out like this, but I was trying though for you to find out which stuff that you may do on your own to have this controversial alexa rankings.

Secondly, A blog updates. Yeah if you often update your blog, definitely you may have your awesome rankings, why I know? because Ive been noticed it when I done blogging 3-5 blog posts one day at the time. I don’t know if this working on the other webmaster as well, but for me this really working though I don’t get enough hits on it. And of course giving a unique and quality blog post is a must,for your site to be have a great reputation not only on alexa but also on Google.

And lastly, I think purchasing some ads hit advertisement  like, PTC,Adgitizer and same programs will work as well, because a lot for people rather webmasters are considering these  kind of techniques to have their blog to got this well ranked in terms on their alexa. But I cant suggest this to those bloggers who working on adsense because Google is using a high script though that can may detect a purchased hits on your blog.

I’m ready for summer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah, I am indeed ready for this summer season. Look, I got quite bunch of sunglasses here, ray ban is the best brand of sunglasses for me though because it is look good on me as I wear any of their shades designs. okay, I think I have to  share some of my photos here, wearing this ray ban eyewear rather on my photography blog pretty soon as I got some time then. Or better yet if I went in any resort that I was planning of to have my photoshoot.

By the way these sunglasses was bought on my trusted online store that’s cost me $$$ sorry I dont want to tell you on how much did I spent for these 11 ray ban glasses.haha


Wow, that’s the only word that I can say when I heard that Apple will release  another version of the first Apple Ipad. And yeah, they did released the Ipad 2 that we can actually buy now on the market nowadays, Actually I got an Ipad but the first version one and yet still, I look forward that someday I can also have this Ipad 2 with me then, why? because this version was totally awesome indeed. To the sense that Ipad 2 has a built in camera and its quite tinnier and lighter  than on the first version one, that’s why I’m truly so envy to those people who had this Ipad2 at this  moment and too bad on me then, because I cant change my old version of Ipad as for now because my Ipad was pretty new buys.

I was addicted on shoes

I admit that I was now addicted to these awesome high top cut sneakers, I don’t know why? Maybe I found them comfortable and even awesome as you pair them on the black pants( I was referring on the black kinda boots high top sneakers) I dunno. Maybe guys used to like shoes than having them selves such branded clothes and stuff,  because shoes is the one that most guys liked about as they been chosen one piece to them. its like how diamond can be best friend on girls though, gets what I mean?

Actually,I just recently done buying 3 other shoes online( on becuase those 3 shoes was indeed cheap and I really looking forward to have them since the first time I saw them over the online store. And now, I bought them already(so happy) I just need to wait at least 2 weeks before my purchased shoes will arrived on me (too exited) And as I have them, sure thing. Will share there photos here, so please be updated on this blog so often. Thanks