Off-White™ to Offer “Paint Selection” Denim for FW19

On today’s men fashion, and washed or faded washed kind jeans aren’t that much in trend, at lest for Asian men though, because we really like to wear trouser or chinos due to the humid weather that we are having in a daily basis though. But since this well known brand called Off-white will be soon releasing their own new faded jeans here, the one on the top photo, I think this will become a big hit and might will turnt to our fashion statement in the following seasons or perhaps some months right after this piece will be gone in the market to avail.

Though this kind of pants are hardly to style with, for my own though as I used myself to wear chinos and trousers and might others as well, hence you should have to check on some fashion street style over google first before considering in buying this off for you to have an idea on which style you are pulling off. Because you cant buy off any piece with you unless you knew that it will fit perfectly with you, right? so you better to check some lookbook photos first before tempting in pulling this off for yourself.


Price: 496 USD

Releasing Date: May 2019. No given date though.

Availability: You can check Off- White main online shop for further details, or you can simply check the nearest mortar stores your area.

Best Natural Wigs To have

Mostly, women are pleased to wear any hair extension and even wigs to doll-up themselves. But in most cases men are wearing some too, to hide their baldness but overall wigs and extension are uses for beautification of one person’s selves.

Actually, there are a lot of kind for wigs to choose from with as a lot of shops, in both mortar and online shops, offers a bunch of style and kind of wigs that you can pleased to have. Some are fond having these colored wigs to play while other are settling with usual long black wigs for a certain fashion style they trying to pull off at times. But the question is, where you should buy off your wigs best? it is online or mortar stores? if you are asking me though, I prefer it online because there’s a lot of women wigs to pick it up especially on this shop called where all the natural wigs type hair are houses and of course selling over in a very reasonable prices. Go check it yourself for you to see on how lovely their wigs and hair extension were..

12 Inches Wavy 120% Lace Front Cap Human Hair – USD $ 166.29

And if you needed my insights about the type of hair wigs in which being trend today. I may suggest you to have this 12 inches wavy hair wigs because this type of hair are once in trend thus a lot of women are getting excited to have their hair done with this hairstyle. And it couldn’t be better if you have it instantly by having this kind of natural wigs here, right?

Also, it can help you save time and money as well having this wig because maintaining your real hair with this style is quite costly to have hence it is practical for us to just have a wig instead making your hair done often at the salon.

Men’s metal ring

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On today’s men trend accessory, I think the metal ring was the one that men would love to wear, because the ring signifies the masculine appeals that we guy are trying to shown though we’ve still fashionable. Got what I mean? because people had this thinking that when a man wearing some trendy pieces they might be called a gay or such thing. LOL which the funny thing, because why people aren’t so often on today’s fashion that can make them innocent in a way. But of course, they were some people still who had this huge understanding about fashion that they’ll appreciate on what you were wearing.

Okay, metal ring is a dope and hip, so that if I were you, you must get yours and get your wardrobe spice up on this metal ring. 🙂

fashionable car, the Gucci Car

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Fashion is everywhere. Yeah! it is, look, there were an Gucci fashion car today that recently released by the brand it self and been affiliated to the car company that I cant tell it now. however, as I heard this car was only available on UK? but not sure though because I’m still searching a further information about it and soon of course will surely update you on this. Meanwhile, let me finish this of and will then try to check some blogs that had been blogged this already to get at least some important additional information for your sake as you wanted to know a further info on this awesome car. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks

Reasons to visit China

Travelers are often considered Great wall of China as they great destination “EVER” because  they been seen a lot of beautiful scenery on it. Actually I don’t see the awesome place yet on my bear eyes, but I know as Ive seen it through photos liked what Ive been included on this post, you’ll definitely love the places as well liked I do that’s why I have this eagerness to visit the place pretty soon.

Not only the great wall of China that we may see on china as you visit the country. Becuase as far as I know, a lot of establishment are awesomely made as well, that we can take a look to. Me, I want to go shopping as I given a change to visit the country becuase a lot of cool clothes can be find to there.

Preparing on the New Year’s eve

New Year’s is a indeed big deal on our family instead of christmas because we had a different religious belief that is why we use to celebrate new year’s eve than the Christmas, yeah now as this early we use to prepare all thing that we can fun off later night because my sister and parents they do spent some awesome giveaways to our relatives who is here to celebrate the new year’s together us and i think this was the great new year that we can have all so far because we organize a party and raffles draw..LOL i hope the deserve family will get the biggest price then and by other time ill be posting some of this event photos in order for you to get relay on what im telling you here..LOL cant really wait to get at night so that we can get started giving out some  those awesome gifts to relatives and i hopefully  they’ll enjoy their selves too and feel at home guys  and dont  get shy doing your things there..LOL

Ok i need to go now ill update you soon and thanks a lot, had a Prosperous new years to everyone..thanks

How many blogs that i have?

OK, ill be more transparent with you guys because i know some of you are always asking me out on how many blogs that i hosted with, but still always keep my mouth shut because as much as possible i want to blog secretly,lol because some of those are blogging for pennies not like just on this blog who i can tackle/write whatever i want too, lol but anyways i decided to telling you now on how many blogs that i been have so that you can follow me even on those blogs, 🙂 So all in all i have 17 blogs, and 7 of those are using free blogging platform to be specific its because we all know that aren’t allowed any money making stuff that make on their free blogging platform that’s why Ive been chosen blogspot coz blogspot can do, and other on that 7 blogs that i had said, i also made a free blog using an free domain using wordpress as my CMS because to make sure that i can earn in some company who doesn’t accept an free blogging site , and i wont failed then because i really earned on those free blogs that i made that’s why Ive been bought a another 10 domain and a standard hosting that will cost me a lot,lol but its OK because im starting to get my money back on those domain and web host that i spent, by the way you can see all of my blogs on my like love page just look out on those link who has my name then,,hahhaa

I am a business minded?

I Think this was started when i helped  my co-blogger to have his own domain name and host it at the same time by using the WordPress as his CMS because he doesn’t know on how to set up the whole blog i think, but anyways because im so kind i offered him a help wherein ill personally set up the whole blog and after ward he’ll be paying me on how many i cost to all package on my domain and web host provider , but the good things was i have a promo code that their customer service representative  gave to me, to be  discounted in all of their services including domain name and web hosting , i think they’re only allow to give that code on their clients who more often to avail their services , that i really do,lol that’s why im quite happy on that code because i can buy what ever domain i want too in the cheapest price that i ever had including web host of so when i finished to set up all necessarily things  and paid all of the expenses and gave his full account then,one word that i think which is BUSINESS ,what if i offer my skill by doing on this kind of stuff  to those people who really wants to have their own self hosted domain in the cheapest price than the usual they know?

Yeah actually i really do these stuff now,lol  I offering you guys a very cheapest services that the other company wont have , so please check out the info below


Or email me @ or add me on facebook into this email address: i hope we can work then and soon i will have my own web hosting site so please stay tune for updates in any of my blogs..thanks

What is the Best CMS For you?

This topic will sink in into my mind when i did a blog hopping , of course to have a good standing on the search engine, by the way whats is the best CMS for your? because when Ive been across to those blog that i hop with , i got confused on what CMS (Content Management System) platform that they’re will be using? and some of those aren’t familiar with me because i just knew Blogspot and WordPress but i saw this livepad one who has a nice comment platform wherein spam will automatically blocked but when i asked my friend who worked as a Seo he probably recommended wordpress as the best CMS because he said that you’ll get a lot of advertiser over here? its that true? because advertiser are using plugins  that can be use only on wordpress he said, that’s why i decided to used wordpress then, so you..what is the best CMS Platform for you nor the Cms that you will be using right now is pretty good ? and how is it? did you get an advertiser(s) over your chosen CMS platform? please let me know so that i can change my CMS into your best blog platform that you’ll be using right now..thanks a lot