How To Get A Free Payoneer Card?

I know a lot of you right now who reading this post are wanting to have this awesome card called payoneer because i think you thought that payoneer is one of the best and safe way to buy things online and any transactions you’ll be making on the future, and i yeah so far payoneer card is the safe way to buy things online beside using paypal because card is design to transact things out online without linking out your bank and such any, all you have to do is to work to those partners companies who can send you payment through the card, i think online marketer or bloggers are the one who must have this card than anybody out there..

So how do you get a free payoneer card? well as Ive said all you have to do is to find any partners companies who do think can you work out with like, infolinks, friendfinders, textlinkads, reviewme and etc , i suggested if you don’t have any blogs and website is the best affiliates who can produce you this card just head over the site and sign up for there affiliates program and by then you can get your payoneer card..

and the good things of this card , the card has a master card logo wherein you can use it whenever you are in the globe as long the ATM machines accepted any master card on the way as you request a card to those partners companies you’ll have to wait at least 10 days for USA and approximately 15-30 days outside USA in order the card will be arrive to your given address on your application process..

So thats it, and i hope you’ll understand and get some idea’s on how to avail the card for free..thanks ^_^

Note:ill blog on how to verify your PayPal using this payoneer card on my next post

New Look Baby

after several months using my previous blog theme, now i decided to change it for good to this one (default wp theme)who has a simple and easily to navigate with for the sake of my readers and hopefully to my upcoming advertisers as well if there was so coming..LOL and i hope you’ll find this new theme appealing and not so hard in eyes like what you’ve been telling me recently..hahaah and by the way sorry if i cant write this post so long because my mind doesn’t working at this time because of the high fever with cough and cold , sorry..ok thats it for now i just want to update you guys..thanks

Im Back!

if felt quite quilt when i don’t often to update this blog because this was my first domain that i purchased so this domain is really meant a lot to me though this blog hasn’t much monetizing because i,m still waiting for Google  to be update pr that will  takes almost 5 months now since Google last updates..huh! anyways what take me busy? ok i just want you to all know that i am running another set of domain they were 5 new ones and those really makes me stress nowadays thats why i don’t write on this blog this passed few weeks ago but i think those blog are in good condition now they have an posts already and there statics are quite good so i have to update now my other 10 blogs including this..LOL and i hope i can manage these out though im having some cough and cold right now because i wasn’t sleep fully at night..huhuh and i think after these kind hard work ill treat my self a gift that i want too..hmmm

ok thats it for now because i have to rest now or else i might rush on the hospital because of these freakkin fever with cough and cold..huhu and i hope tomorrow as i wake ill be better because there was a lot of tasks that waiting for me though..:( ok bye for now and have a great day ahead..:))

Lockerz Z-Lister Members will have a Exclusive Redemption

Finally Lockerz decided to give such change to those z-listers like me who haven’t yet redeem to their catalog and i hope this time around i can get such  item that i seen great to have actually being a z-lister has this vip treatment on the company because us z-listers we can get points double than usual members and right now as i checked the site they even sell some wallpapers that can triple up your points in every videos,login,dailies questions that you deal with..but i dunno the full details about it just check the site for further info and if you are interested to have an account to the site just leave any comment below and as i read it ill get back to via email using the email that you been used to you comment..thanks

im quite busy nowadays so many tasks that i have to stressful my gawddd..LOL

Free USA and CANADA Calls From GOOGLE

Yeah you heard it right you may now call your relatives and friends over Google mail,because if i am not mistaken before, this freebies is affiliated on skype under Google but this year Google stopped the free call around the world using skype with the expand time of 5 min each call you been made because they planned to make it under your gmail or Google mail it self, sound great right? now as you have a gmail account you can call any areas around the state and even on Canada for free but in regards on international calls i think you have to pay on that but in reasonable price of course and as i checked it international calls cost you into a minimal amount of 0.10 cent but its depend also how any min , hours you been called ..

the free call for USA and Canada will last until the end of this year meaning next year 2010 all calls has a payment then so take advantage now to this awesome freebies that Google want us to experience with , no worries you don’t have to download such software all you have to do is login to your Google mail account then on the sidebar you will see a call image rather text then click on that a pad will shown up and type the number(s) you would like to call and thats it..:) by the way i tried it already and its worked..thanks to Google

KPOP Goes Globally because of Social Media

MYeah as i browse the website i read this write up that the KPOP goes globally in time because of the social media, yeah that’s true because being a blogger social media is one of the most powerful place to promote things out that those kpop agencies seen..

Actually if you see it kpop has this limited boundaries of music because they just song their own music i mean most songs are written by Korean that other people cant understand but through social media people can hear it and appreciate what those song can offer personally i quite craze to those songs nowadays, though i cant understand their songs but the bit and sound it self can nearly tell you want they are trying to say..LOL

i think KPOP key to success was to patronize their own music and spread it around the globe what they came up with..