Facebook Marketing

A lot of SEO companies are indeed looking forward to this social networking site called Facebook. Because on this place on a lot of people are gathering and finding stuff that they were can deal with or consider on their end. Recently, businesses and online stores are made them step to take advantage on the said social media wherein they used it to promote products, advertisement purposes and even to sell some product’s on. I think this way was the great did of one company who may have this eagerness to sell a lot and got some good customers to deal with, why? because liked what been I said Facebook is an venue wherein people are keep on checking new trends, updates, new products and all that they might can consider your stuff .

Me personally, I loved facebook because not just promoting that I do on this site as long I get updated on the news and happenings becuase people are really opinionated to share what they think and what I knew about current events and news  and a lot more that can help me a lot to update all of my blogs out.

Relationship pros and cons

Coupledom is a state much sought after by singles. But have you ever sat down and thought about what makes being in a relationship or marriage great? Here are a few of the main pros and cons when it comes to being in a relationship…



Risk of divorce/separation


Few things are as messy for one’s emotional, physical and financial health as a divorce. Even when the two parties agree to separate amicably, the process is hardly ever pleasant. Even couples who never officially married have to deal with questions over property ownership, access to children, and other legal questions – not to mention, the emotional aspect of getting over a relationship that may have lasted for years. As a general rule, the shorter the relationship, the easier it is to get over it. But no matter the length of the relationship, finding out that your ex-partner is not the “one” is a hard reality to face for most people.




Legal benefits


The marriage or civil partnership of a couple is legally recognised and protected in the UK. This leads to many social privileges, such as lower taxes, legal protection for partners, pension rights, hospital visitation rights, and the right to make decisions on behalf of a partner at certain times of accident or health crisis.

Social benefits


Whether you’re married, in a civil partnership or simply together as a couple, society tends to treat couples differently from singles. In many societies, the fact that you are in a long-lasting relationship signals to most of the world that you are emotionally mature and dependable. People who are seen to be in loving, secure relationships – especially long-lasting ones – are admired and respected by friends, family and work colleagues alike, whether they met their partners at work, on eHarmony UK or through Muslim dating sites.

Financial benefits


When you’re with someone, most things are generally cheaper. From hotel rooms to restaurant dinners to mortgages, it’s hard to argue against the financial perks of being part of a twosome. Even legal obligations such as paying taxes and receiving inheritance or insurance benefits are easier when you’re in a state-recognised partnership.


Personal benefits


Study after study has shown that individuals in loving partnerships tend to be happier than freewheeling singles. When you’re in a relationship, there is generally more emotional and financial security for both parties (and the added sex is a bonus). If you plan on having a family, most people agree that being in a partnership provides a stronger foundation for children.

Godaddy Promo sale domains for just only $1.24

Good news folks, because the most reliable domain registrar which the Godaddy.com is now on sales, Yeah! you hear it right, you may change your subdomain blog into your own domain on the best prices that you may get at this moment due of the ongoing sales that the said domain registrar had. By the way, you may have the code first to make the domain price lessen as you registering your domain’s out and for that you may use this code that Ive found on web  INDY129.

What about Press Release Offers?

Blog is the medium that we may use to publish news, important events and even our own opinion regarding on whats happening to our surrounding. And we may use this blog as well to promote our own interest that we’re most like and love with. That’s why some online companies are looking forward to those awesome blogs to publish their stuff on, like promotional, services, new products of such campaigns that we called Press Release Offer.

What is Press Release Offer?

This offer was mostly made by those big companies who may find your blog relevant on their products to help on the launch or anything news that are relating on your blog niche, and mostly this kind of blog offer is giving way some products sample or even an invitation for their pre-launch of the products of those companies who’ve been contacted you to publish their stuff on. That’s why if you’ve got any of this kind, just ask the pr manager on what you may get as you publish their stuff on your blog, because as I’ve said these kind of offers are open in any freebies giveaway.

Best and cheapest Hosting?

Hosting is the one that holds on the blog or website over the WWW. That’s why having a fast and reliable hosting with you as you run this online business or simply a blog likes mine is really important because this can help you a lot to grow your business fast and avoid some bumps on your way on. How? Because as you have this fast and full up time hosting plan, advertisers might consider your website or blog  in any available partnership on your both ends, because advertisers or others did called them promotional manager or PR manager has this thinking that if you have this poor hosting you wouldn’t promote their promotional thingy because of the often downtime you may have if you have this hosting so. So that I suggested you to find such reliable and relevant hosting that you can work with, Actually I had an Hostagor account already but yet still I considering this other web hosting that Ive found online which the Zyma.com though this are not a reviews on their company( no money involved on this post) but yet still I wanted ya’ll know that I got my account to them to run my other blog’s out under their server because I heard that they had this cheapest rates on their plan but still the quality of services is quite okay then, but I more than to Hostgator,LOL I just want to try this out though. Let see if this hosting has an great server that I was looking forward too.

Play Online Bingo and Had Fun

“Who’d ever thought that a great way to have fun and to distress yourself out from your daily activities is to play online bingo . Yeah it is, becuase this recently me and my sister was given a change though to play on the best online bingo that we’ve ever tried which on Paddy Power Bingo. We all know that my sister is working on the big poker club company here where we’re residing as I blogged it before and one thing she’ll be often looking forward to, which to play some sort of casino games and to learn for it , that’s why she really amused when we’ve been stumbled on the site Paddy Power Bingo.

On the site, its really easy for us beginners to understand on what  we should have first or rather to do becuase they did have this easy tutorials that you may follow to get your game started.Really awesome right? so if I were you folks as you wanted to have fun and you cant get out on your house then I suggested you to open your computer and check out the Paddy Power Bingo to your browser and try your luck then, who might knows  if you’ll be the lucky player of the day and got the big pot they do have on the site.

By the way I forgot to tell you the exciting part, which you can get an starting bonus of £20 as you sign up on the site and another £5 for deposit. This was indeed fun right? and I hope you can try it out and if so, please do share your experiences or feeling as you playing your games.

And if you cant deal on the bingo games, still you can enjoy another games that I was pretty sure you are. Try their slots games,scratch cards,top trumps,any a lot of casino games that can take you busy as you are on the site, so feel free to browse the Paddy Power Bingo site and play the games works on you.

I want to be a Link Builder

Yeah, since this was the path that I was going through which being a blogger and some online activities, one thing that I am really looking forward to, which to become a link builder. Yeah I want to be one becuase I’d love talking with a lot of people and I’m enjoying giving opportunities to those webmaster/bloggers
who needed it. But the problem was I dunno  where to start with, though I was working with some clients now who have related with the link builder stuff but yet still I wanted to be hired on one company who can give me this task regularly. By the way, I refer to a link builder who is offering sidelink,blog posts to those relevant blogs not the one who are submitting link to those social media stuff. Okay I hope someone get stumble here and hire me as their
link builder. ^_^

Domain Renewal

Indeed hurts to my pocket these days that I was renewing  all of my domains almost every month, because Ive bought those domains out last year simultaneously that I wasn’t know that I will have this hardship by renewing them all out.( LOL) But its okay though, because I know sooner these domains can give me a great revenue on each one of them, Yeah I am too positive. Last month Ive been renewed 6 other .com domains that has been cost me 60 usd because they are registered to the other domain registar who haven’t this coupon code discounted at all in regards on their renewal, but those domains rather blogs are giving a great deal on my blogging activities. But this month of May, my goodness these domains that I’m about to renew was the domains that I don’t use so often meaning they don’t get any advertisement at all through the one year that they were live on the WWW. Okay, I decided now to renew them all and let see if I can make this stuff succeed, hopefully yeah. ^_^

Eon Card Online Application

Good news folks. UnionBank Philippines has announced recently that they’ll reopen their online application for the eon cards. Actually as this moment of time the said online application is now visible to all and still processing the new applicants for the card though, that’s why if you were a blogger, running a business online, seller or a buyer I must suggest you to apply now for this card because this card was a big help for us though to verify our PayPal account that we can use as we transact stuff online especially on funds/payments issues. Heads up on the Unionbank main website for further information and you may find out as well on how does the card works on PayPal through their website.

Unionbank Website: http://www.unionbankph.com

WordPress 3.1.2 is now available, Update now!

I just noticed today when I exactly logged in to this blog, On the upper part of this blog admin a yellow messages has been there stated WordPress 3.1.2 is available! please update now, so meaning we can update our old version of wordpress CMS to a better new released one. Actually at this moment I don’t have any ideas on what are the features of this new version of wordpress CMS has, but I heard that this new version had this capability to blocked those spam comments and such kind automatically, but I am not still sure though, I think let me update mine first then I’ll update this post after.