SUPER for 10 Corso Como Seoul II Sunglasses

 photo super-for-10-corso-como-seoul-ii-sunglassess-1_zpsf3d1bc88.jpg

Summer season is fast approaching and I know most of you fashion enthusiasts are really excited with it. Because on this season, we can wear some light clothes and we can either play on the bright colors for our clothes, I know right? because summer is my fave season ever..hehe And not just that, summer isn’t complete too without this dope sunglasses and I prefer you to have this SUPER for 10 Corso Como Seoul II Sunglasses, sunglasses on top, than to the other brands. Because this kind of sunglasses or the brand itself is the most seen today wearing by some celebrities. That’s why this SUPER Sunglasses is the most well known today when it comes to fashionable eye wear not just for summer but also in the whole year seasons.

SUPER for 10 Corso Como Seoul II Sunglasses is already out in the market. And as I’ve heard, it has this price of €180 EUR (approximately $231 USD) in all SUPER nearby stores and online. Go check it over their site for more details.

Stratocaster Guitar

 photo 20b17b4b-a49a-4567-bd13-f55bbbaf7850_zps347ac74b.jpg

I am not a musician nor a music enthusiast. I just had this little dream to have play this awesome stratocaster guitar. Because I’ve heard a lot of great reviews on this guitar and I wanted to try it on myself if the guitar really produces some great terrifying sounds that we only usually heard on these Kpop songs.. So – please barrow me this guitar and lemme try it for a review or better yet, send one as you owns an guitar shop..hehehe

Okay, that will be all for now. Thanks! btw, I’ll share some videos of myself soon playing an acoustic guitar.. 🙂

Undefeated 2013 Spring/Summer Drop 2 Lookbook

 photo undefeated-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-drop-2-4_zps6ede9d74.jpg

 photo undefeated-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-drop-2-3_zps62c32b59.jpg

 photo undefeated-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-drop-2-2_zps929db8b4.jpg

 photo undefeated-2013-spring-summer-lookbook-drop-2-1_zpsd2ff0d12.jpg

I know most of you swagger dudes wants to know about this Undefeated lookbook for spring summer 2013. Because these pieces are the one will trend this coming season when in regards to street fashion wears. That’s why we dudes are really looking forward to it, right?

As for now, I haven’t yet know any further details about this lookbook like the availability, pricing ranges and so on. However, I was pretty sure that weeks ahead the brand itself will update us all for this pieces so we better wait them to release. And by then, I can also update you all here regarding this.. Okay, that will be for now and please do check back often for more fashion updates. Thanks!

Transformers x A Bathing Ape 2013 Capsule Collection

 photo transformers-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-1_zps5ed2af58.jpg

 photo transformers-x-a-bathing-ape-2013-capsule-collection-2_zpsaf63ab16.jpg

I loved tees especially those that has anime prints on it or something related, and I want it white. Because shirt basic really gives me comfortable feeling as I wears it. I dunno, I just prefer myself to wear this kind of piece than to those high-end fashion pieces..

Recently, A Bathing Ape, fashion brand, had released their new capsule collection for this year 2013 that you may see on the top photos. Those are the basic tees that we could expect from them this coming season. And I know, these tees are already out in the market and you may either buy them online that will cost you for about ¥7,140 JPY (approximately $76 USD). Kindly check Google for the full details of this collection..

Off topic: Guys, have you know any online stores that has this Coats tire machine selling? if so, please do let me know because I really to have one.. Thanks!


Christian Louboutin 2013 Spring/Summer TYRONITO

 photo christian-louboutin-2013-spring-summer-tyronito-1_zps33f52a2c.jpg

When it comes to shoes. I know most of you are really looking forward on this brand called Christian Louboutin. Because they are the one in lead today on the shoe industry and one thing more. All of their shoes and kicks are been wore by the well known persona like celebrity, politicians and high-profile peeps that’s why the brand leads about all today..

Actually, I’ve seen some Kpop artists too often wears this brand as their do their TV appearances. And fans really pleased then to have the same shoes or heels that their idol worn, and on this cycle I think this how the brand became famous on today’s fashion..

By the way, this recently, the brand Christian Louboutin had released their new loafer shoes that has a item of TYRONITO, the shoes on the top photo, and guess what? the shoe has a price of $1,675 USD in any nearby Christian Louboutin stores as long to online stores that has the brand affiliated with..

N.HOOLYWOOD EXCHANGE SERVICE 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 photo n-hoolywood-exchange-service-2013-spring-summer-collection-1_zps1537ae34.jpg

Another military inspired collection here from the brand N.HOOLYWOOD EXCHANGE SERVICE  for their spring summer collection 2013. It seems that everyone’s brands liked to have their own camou pieces on their store selves. Because I think, the camouflage prints are the one in trends today not just for men’s fashion but also in some girl’s fashion brands too.

Actually, I really dont have any idea about this camou crazed. That’s why I dont have this idea on what to commend about this collection here..hehe so please bear with me then. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope soon I can update you some informative one than to this one here..hehe Thanks!

BTW, these pieces are already out in the market, search them over Google for more further information. Thanks!

Official Watches Luxury Collections

 photo fashion-girl-street-style-watch-Favimcom-425479_zps88d2b522.jpg

There are a lot of people who love collecting watches especially luxury branded ones. This habit will certainly prove lucrative in the long run since watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Chanel, Breitling, Tissot and many others never depreciate, on the contrary, its value increases over time. Not everyone is lucky enough to afford these brands and most of us can only dream of owning even one piece.

One of the leading sellers of luxury watches is Official Watches. They are known worldwide for their many collections and excellent customer service. The company was founded in 2006 but only ventured online in 2007. Through their online store, they were able to present their items for all of their customers, even those overseas, to see. Every watch you see in the store is available or on-hand. Official Watches guarantees that every watch is in superior condition and unworn. They also provide services such as watch repair, part exchange, and pawn broker.

Customers will get to view Richard Mille RM011 watches for sale on the website. This brand mixes great technology and a sporty design. It is absolutely functional, water resistant, and stylish. Other features include sapphire crystal glass face, Asia Automatic Movement, Solid 316 Stainless Steel Case, and 55 Hour Power Reserve among others. They not only deliver to UK but internationally. Delivery is made by Royal Mail Special Delivery. They accept all major debit and credit cards including Switch, Delta, VISA, SOLO and MasterCard as well as cheques and cash. They charge 2% on all credit cards and 5% on AmEx.

Precious Signet Rings at Rebus

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For those who do not have any idea what a signet ring is, it is a finger ring containing a small seal, one’s initial, or the like. Wearing one goes back to ancient Egypt and is used to prove the authority of its bearer and has also been seen as a symbol of power. In modern times, they are made by intaglio engraving in metal and semiprecious gems and are often used as souvenir or membership piece, an example of which is a class ring.

Rebus provides superior precious metal engraving of signet rings for over 40 years and continues its high standards. They have a team of in-house expert hand engravers whose motto is to manufacture excellent hand engraving by using traditional hand engraving tools and die stamped signet ring blanks. Buyers can shop by category such as Oxford Oval Extra Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Oxford Oval Heavy Weight Signet Ring, Cushion Signet Ring, Landscape Oval Signet Rings, Silver Signet Rings, Cufflinkgs, Pendants, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Wearing engraved Men’s Gold Signet Rings at Rebus is a means of making a bold statement and at the same time channeling a classic English legacy. Nowadays, anyone can wear men’s gold signet rings and somewhat wear their personal identity on their finger. They come in different styles, the most popular of which is the classic Oxford Oval. They also come in various colors like classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. All can be personalized according to your preference and taste and would be a nice fashion accessory or even a gift.

Caring for Watches: A Watch Owner’s Guide

 photo aark-collective-2013-collection-4_zps151b47e4.jpg

High end, luxury watches are designed to last. They’re built for longevity so you know that it’s not just the designer name you’re paying for, but also the intricate detailing, the love and care in the expert craftsmanship and the quality materials that will give your watch extended life.

But great care is still needed if you want to preserve the beauty of your watch. Here is some watch care advice to keep your favourite time pieces looking as beautiful as they day you purchased them.

Top Tips for Watch Care

If you want to prolong the aesthetics and also the functioning ability of your chosen timepiece, take a look at our guidelines for watch care.

  • Avoid water damage – this is always one of the biggest threats to expensive watches and jewellery. If your watch is not water resistant, make sure you adhere to the strict instructions for cleaning and care. You must also remember that water resistant watches are not waterproof; these are two very different things. So unless stated otherwise, you should never participate in water sports wearing your watch.
  • Keep and eye on temperature levels – did you know that extreme heat or extreme cold could damage your watch? Try to avoid extreme temperatures and when storing your watch, make sure it’s in a cool, dry and safe place. Moisture in the air or damp can cause complications so always ensure you have a dedicated storage place that your watch can call home when it’s not on your wrist.
  • Don’t throw away the original packaging – always keep the original box it came in. Not only does throwing it away devalue the watch itself, but having a good storage box can keep your watch protected from the elements.
  • Clean your watch regularly – just like you would maintain your home or your car, watches and jewellery require cleaning too. Watches, including their straps, can be quite fragile and tough to clean. The best way to clean a watch is to use a soft cloth. Harsh cleaning materials can cause scratches so make sure you use lint-free cloths.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals – never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your watch. A soft cloth is usually sufficient but if you must use anything, use mild detergent or soap. Chemicals, solvents or even gases can case discolouration or deterioration to your watch.
  • Do not play sports with your watch on – most high quality watches are shock resistant to an extent these days. However, it is not recommended that you play sports or do anything too active whilst wearing an expensive watch. Shock can damage your watch so make sure you have a sports watch replacement before you begin your game / gym workout.

We hope you have found these watch care guidelines useful. To find out more about designers watches, visit . Watts 1858 are experts in Omega watches, Bremont,Tissot, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Armani and more.


Grungy Gentleman x Cole Haan 2013 Spring “Great Jones” Lookbook






I simply pleased and loved checking out some sort of brand’s lookbook photos either fashion collections. Because these photos really amazed me and I usually learned from them when in regards on my fashion statements and even to photography. That’s why even every time a brand name or label had teamed up to the other companies for their lookbook I see to it that I can review and see the whole thing they’ve worked for us all. like for example this awesome lookbook that has a title of “Great Jones” from the brand Grungy Gentleman for Cole Haan brand that is includes on their both spring lookbook collection.

Their concept for this lookbook was indeed strong and I liked how they used the boxing gym as their location shoot because it’s gives more masculine elements that is suits for this collection, I must say.. Also, look at on those shoes. Those are really sick! am so eager to have one one now. Could anyone out there send me a pair of those shoes, please?? lol

Indeed, this lookbook is the most awesome web to print storefront I’ve ever since this year, 2013…