WTAPS 2012 Spring/Summer “Better Than Yesterday” Silver and Wood Bracelet


I simply liked some quirky and different things when in regards to fashion. Because these things are the most look forward to, by these peeps that has great and deep understanding in the world fashion that will be surely became the most trends pieces soon enough. Like for example this awesome “better than yesterday” bracelet which made of silver and wood ( for materials ) from the brand WTAPS that is includes for thier spring summer collection 2012.

At this moment, I still dont know how much this dope bracelet can cost you, however, soon I got to know, or when the brand released their information already about this bracelet, that time, I guess, I can able to update this post out. So – please, keep on checking back not just for the updates but also in some other related fashion news that are new in the industry, Fashion. Thanks a lot!

Male Hollywood Celebrities with Great Fashion Sense


Photo: culturistas.blogspot.com

These fashionable Hollywood celebrities have unique style. Unique style is the most important part of good fashion sense. These stars look so great that you may wonder if they have design degrees and that is how they got so stylish. But great style doesn’t look like it takes any effort. This is why I have picked these male celebrities as the best dressed in Hollywood.

  • Robert Pattinson from “Twilight” – Robert Pattinson has his own sense of style. It looks like he just wakes up with his hair styled that way. I love his casual red carpet looks that are also formal. He makes fitted suits look natural like blue jeans. Robert Pattinson is definitely a favorite style inspiration. He can put fancy jackets with boots and still look fashionable.
  • Ed Westwick from “Gossip Girl” – Another favorite style icon is also a popular TV star. Ed plays Chuck on “Gossip Girl.” I like how his character dresses, but Ed’s clothes in real life are even more fashionable. He looks better casual than dressed up as Chuck. His Ray-Ban Remasters sunglasses are classic rock and roll cool style.
  • Pharrell Williams – Pharrell Williams is a rap star with great fashion sense. He wears leather biker jackets very fashion-forward. His Steve McQueen biker jacket style is modern and classy at the same time. His accessories, like colorful Nike basketball shoes, go well with light wash jeans. His fashion sense is very urban rapper. Pharrell looks the most modern and hip on this list. His style could be from the streets of Japan.

All these male style stars have very fashion forward style. It could be beneficial to you to take online college classes in fashion to learn to mix trends like these stars. The trends to watch are leather jackets, blue jeans, and boots paired with tailor suits. The look is so rock and roll.


“Vogue” (2012)

WhoWhatWear (2009)

Chanel Fall 2012 RTW






Most of the fashion power house companies like Balmain, McQueen,Paco Rabanne,Versace and even this Chanel had already shown their fall collection on each time of fashion shows in Milan and Paris. Becuase they have and needed to give us a peak on their each of their  collection for us to know on what we do expect on their brand in the particular season comes..

Today, lemme show to you some of Chanel creation that are includes for their fall collection, what do you think on chanel’s collection? dope or nope? for me, its dope because they uses different cuts and they do played in some colors on each creation they have for this fall.. And look, the shoes looks quirky and way different too, on those usual heels that we’d often seen on the market today..

About the pricing details? again, as for now, I really dont know how much it cost per each pieces, however, soon I got to know, sure thing, I will update you again here…

They Required Me A Photo!

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I think this was the continuation of my recent post regarding on my hostgator account that the Hostgator customer representative required me a photo and yeah they really do and the photo on the top is the one that ive been submitted to them to get my account activated, and after i passed this unusual requirement to them they rapidly push through my account to them and gave their convenience services that i am too overwhelmed now at least the effort to taken a picture like this is worth it to do..LOL

By the way sorry for the ugliness that ill be showing you off to my photo and yeah i gained weights now due with some parties and holidays that ive been attended with..LOL i hope you dont feel disgusting and pissed to that photo..LOL ok thats it for now and thanks a lot,just want to share the photo though..thanks!

Items Arrived!

Yesterday i blogged rather published a post that my sister forced me to buy online, that i admit is too late to blog about this  because the scenario happened last december though, anyways the items arrived last december 26 i think if i am not mistaken and it is composed of two items that we been bought, one cardigans and one short for me and right now i dont want to shown up those items yet and maybe by tomorrow as i got a mood to snap them out ill definitely posted them here by tomorrow but if i cant, no worries you see them some other time because i need to go in union bank to get my eon card then, hopefully the card is ready available for pick up by this time, crosses fingers, alright thats it for now and have a nice day everyone..thanks

Jane’s Birthday

Yeah, A very advance  happy birthday to you my dearest sister Jane ( who owns finkalixius.info) and i hope you can have your blast then when we was celebrating your birthday on the 6th of December and how we wish that you may have mores birthdays to come and dont forget to thank the GOD Almighty in every blessing that he really gave to you as you asked it to him, now you are turning 23 but still nothing is change since we’re both child and now i hope that in this new chapter of your life you may achieve what are frustrations and dreams that you are looking forward too, and just want you to know that i was indeed blessed to have you as my sister and as my friend as long as to our parents, go ahead spread your wing and dont hesitate to do things that you’ll know you might get every happy life after all, we’ll just here to support you until you wanted,lol ok thats it for now and thanks for everything by the way.

My sister photo

just want to share this pic that my sister is holding some dollars on her bear hand and noted those money aren’t be us because she just work on the foreigners poker house, yeah she is a poker dealer and im so proud to her, nothing more.lol for the sake of update..lol

Photo of the day!Meet My Cousin Jeannie hood!

Just this afternoon i was chatted  with my uncle Willie about stuff  that we always did everyday ,but this day i am quite happy because Ive been met my other cousin who  lived on the other city that’s why we cant have a change to recognize each other before but anyway she is nice and beautiful of course, though this are first time to talk..hehe  by the way  her name is Jeannie Hood at first i asked her out how old she is and she hesitate to answer me back  but later on she  answered me then and I got shocked because i don’t even think that she already in that age,lol  i hope she wont read what i wrote here or else i got a punch from her..lol kidding aside .when our conversation when deeper i found out that she is working as a Realtor on John L. Scott real state company on US,she can help you out to find the home that you are looking for just contact her on this email (jhood@johnlscott.com) for any of your inquiries ,so that will be for now because Ive always said that i want to keep this blog as my personal blog meaning no advertisement and stuff but for the my cousin ill broke my promise a bit..hehe

Ps :if you are in USA right now and planning to buy a better house just contact Jeannie Hood and she will be happy to assist you..

Her contact numbers for your assistance

  • Phone: (425) 446-2442
  • Fax: (425) 335-0854
  • Cell: (425) 446-2442


-Ronel Marin

Photo of the day! My sister

As Ive promised that ill be posting my daily post that i titled” photo of the day” that  will really related with me or any photo(s) or somewhere that caught my attentions,  and for this day i want to share with you this photo of my older sister because i just want to include her outta her and pay her back in what she always did with me ,and praising  her a bit of course here at my humble and quiet world on the net..lol

so who’s this girl? this girls is one of those group of people who giving colors in my daily life and this girl is my best of friend who sponsored me in most of my branded clothes or in anything  i want..hahah and we really blend to each other ,though sometimes there was a thing that we wont agree with , i think that is normal with any siblings but that argue wont be last definitely because my parents raised us to be love and forgive each other because we just 2 sibling on the family, btw her name is jane so that will be for now ill be posting some info soon on my next photo of the day post..bye

Photo of the day! Way back time..ahah

I was shocked when a saw this old photo of mine on my friendster account because i wasn’t know that i  got thin like this before..hahah

because now i admitted and i felt that i really getting fat  because all my clothes are tighted on me already..hahaha but now i am starting to loose my weight by just exercising 3 times a day..and eat some fresh celery and oats i hope ill be thin sooner…hahah please wait my latest photo with my next post


-Ronel Marin