UNDEFEATED x Champion 2016 Spring/Summer Capsule Collection

 photo undefeated-champion-2016-spring-summer-capsule-collection-1_zpsty1gm159.jpg

One of the best street wear brand that I know was this UNDEFEATED. Because a lot of fashion icons even international celebrities are keep on wearing the brand even on their daily wear, it means this brand is pretty board as for its market strategies.

As for my personal fashion sense, I really like to have this basic shirt and still you can see the dopeness in it like what mostly UNDEFEATED pieces are, that’s why no doubt why mostly men are prefers this brand more than to the other available street wear brands out the in market today.

 photo undefeated-champion-2016-spring-summer-capsule-collection-2_zps9b8udzdi.jpg

Recently, the brand UNDEFEATED had teamed up with the one great brand called Champion for their both collaborative collection for spring and summer collection. They came up having 3 basic tees that ends to the color white, grey and black which the masculine colors, as well for the sweat short.

Both brand is retailing the t shirt for 5,500 JPY while the short is 8,000 JPY , receptively. Though, it is quite expensive to have but am telling you these pieces were a good deals as they lasted for some good years already thus it’s better if you have those in your closet.

These pieces were now available online. Just check each brand’s main online shops for further details about this and for your to learn more about the collection.

Fall/Winter Trends For Men

 photo Justin-OShea-and-Veronika-Heilbrunners-street-style_zpsv63tydjo.jpg

Fall and winter is upon us so it is time to update our wardrobe and buy all those essentials. Men are not known for constant shopping but if there is a need to shop, then they will head to stores. Many have discovered online shopping because it is easier, faster, and more convenient. The many online stores give shoppers a lot of choices and thus, make shopping more fun for guys.

 photo paris-m-str-rf15-5694_zpssqfyburu.jpg

For this season, the most popular color is gray. Any shade of gray will do, from tracksuit bottoms to tailored suits. Another color that is trendy is green. The most popular coat of the season is cut from wool and has a soft shoulder that fall just off the shoulder for an oversized look. It does not matter if it is single or double breasted. Another trend is supersized pockets that is the focus of your outerwear cut from contrasting fabrics and placed on easily seen positions. A trend that is quite unusual is baggy pants that are higher waisted and looser.

 photo A993F591-2F00-4731-94FA-17F9B9966B6D_zpsidetnkym.jpg

An online store where you can buy all those trendy clothes is Getthelabel.com. The company began in UK and has been around for 4 years but it has grown really fast. They started with a range of 300 product lines and now have over 4,000. The company’s heritage lays in leading sports brands. Getthelabel.com is a division of Top Grade Sportswear Limited and a subsidiary of JD Sports Fashion Plc. Their goal is to provide high street fashion from top brands at low prices. They offer a wide selection of items for men and women such as shirts, coats and jackets, trousers and jeans, polo shirts, shorts, footwear etc. from brands like Converse, Adidas, Under Armour, Ralph Lauren, Kickers, Nike, Timberland, Original Penguin and a host of others. Getthelabel.com now delivers to over 50 countries.

Mark McNairy x Five Four “Camp McNairy” Collection

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-005_zpsilmaan8c.jpg

I admit, I missed a lot on what’s new and hot on today’s men’s fashion trends. Because I was too busy doing my offline tasks which made my online stuff got set aside, in away. But today, I’d promised that I’ll try my very best to at least update this blog, iamronel.com, with some of the newest in collections that these men’s fashion brands had releases. And for today, let me share with you this awesome collection that these 2 brands called Mark McNairy and Five Four had cooked up for us all men for this summer season.

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-001_zpssghyfeeh.jpg

If you does loves to wear some variant colours. This collection ” Mark McNairy x Five Four “Camp McNairy” Collection” is perfectly for you. Because they’ve made their each pieces into such colors that can gives this fun and happiness  concepts or appeals as you wear them. This collection will be available to the market to avail today, July, 11, 2015, if I am not mistaken. But you could confirm it as checking in any of the both sites main website for further details. But overall, these pieces were dope and guys should rock themselves to it.

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-002_zpst4yratfo.jpg

Regarding on the price range? oh well, as it is a recently released collection, I haven’t got the details yet on the pricing hence I cant give out certain details regarding it. But no worries, as I got the details then I’ll update this post for you to know on how much the selling prices would be. I keep you posted, for sure!

Christopher Raeburn 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

 photo christopher-raeburn-2014-fall-winter-collection-01_zps6974cedb.jpg

 photo christopher-raeburn-2014-fall-winter-collection-03_zpsc92f2c46.jpg

 photo christopher-raeburn-2014-fall-winter-collection-04_zpsfa1c1212.jpg

Looks like brands are now starting to release their each fall and wither collection 2014 uh!. Because I’d often sees some this recently working on their press release already. Though I dunno, when these all brand’s fall and winter collections be fully released in the market but I am pretty sure that each brands are doing their best now just to give us an neat looking and comfortable pieces that we could rock on this coming seasons, fall and winter seasons.

Actually, I am so pleased to blog up this Christopher Raeburn 2014 Fall/Winter Collection because their pieces made are really speaks to my style, plus, I simply liked how they made their pullover. It is quite looking quirky and the colors uses in each pieces are really complementing to each other which made the full piece looking trendy.

As of now, I haven’t got any further details yet about this collection, either the availability of these pieces. But might the brand itself will release the details soon as this collection meant to be as their new in pieces for this fall and winter 2014. Let’s all wait then for their update. No worries! that wont be long.. I’ll also update you here once the brand send me over their updated press release.

EXO Kris in a DSQUARED2 Jacket

 photo 140129-EXO-Kris-at-Guangzhou-Airport-01_zps6a4dbd00.jpg

EXO Kris

 photo DSQUARED2-Two-Tone-Leather-Biker-Jacket-Black-White-01_zpse5fa20b1.jpeg

DSQUARED2 Two-Tone Leather Biker Jacket Black/White – $2260

Once a celebrity wore something, surely it will gone viral and trend. And am talking about to EXO’s Kris DSQUARED2 Jacket. Yes! a lot of netizens are keep on asking on where Kris got his jacket on this photo and luckily I’ve found it over the web that I know most of you guys, who eager to know, are excited about. The jacket is from the brand DSQUARED2, Canada based brand, and it has an market price of $2260. Yeah! it’s pretty expensive because as I know this jacket is included on the brand’s limited edition. You can check further details about this jacket over the Dsquare main website..

Stylishly Fun Shopping at Zdress

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Who says women are the only ones who are on the lookout for the hottest trends in fashion this 2014? We are also excited about transitional menswear trends and since it’s a new year, what better way to start than to replenish our wardrobe. A lot of us may be feeling down since the holiday festivities are over and we are a little short of cash. But remember that being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. Some good fashion sense and confidence is all men need. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in the loop for what’s hot in fashion.

Blue is the color of choice especially bright blue (don’t go for navy blue because it’s boring). However, only wear the color in small doses and don’t go over-the-top. Camouflage is trendy again but the prints are more abstract and creative. Stripes is back but with a twist. Contrasting directions and upside-down geometry is the way to go. But if you think such bold stripes don’t suit you, opt for the usual classic stripes. Block checks are also in but they should be wide and have a base color of black, grey, and navy.

 photo 2vvqdm12_hst_zpsfee8c2bf.jpg

You can buy all these at Zdress, a leading online retailer of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry etc. for men and women. They also have wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cosplay costumes, lingerie, items for the home, and children’s clothes. They pride themselves in having high quality products sold at low factory direct prices. Plus, they have a wide selection of clothes in various styles so there’s something for everyone. Their collections are also regularly updated. I browsed the site and saw some really stylish Cheap Men’s Hoodies which I’m dying to buy.

They likewise have an assortment of Men’s Jackets online in different styles and colors. Zdress is truly a shopper’s haven. If you’re into vests, you can also find a lot of stylish Wholesale Men’s Vests. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it at this online store.

COLDSMOKE Ikkuma Flannel

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-1_zps3c237790.jpg

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-2_zpsd3b5e509.jpg

 photo coldsmoke-ikkuma-flannel-3_zps31003580.jpg

One of the finest contemporary outdoor brand these days called COLDSMOKE  had released their new collection namely Ikkuma Flannel. I dont actually know what’s the usual finds we could see at this brand. Because this was my first time then to heard about them. Anyway, it seems that they did have some great things to offer for us to be as dope as we could. Because look, their button down has a great texture prints which can make you feel comfortable as you wears it. Also, I simply loves how they uses strips on it which can added accentual thing in overall look.

Other good thing was, this button down, photo on top, is now available at the brand’s main web store. You can heads up to there for you to see the full details and availability of the shirt. Also, as I’ve heard, this button down has an price of $280 USD per each at the brand’s ( COLDSMOKE) mortar stores either in online shop.

Okay, that will be all for now and as I know any additional details on this newest collection of COLDSMOKE. I’ll be surely update you all in here, iamronel.com. Thanks so much and have a pleasant day to everyone.




 photo a-bathing-ape-2014-spring-city-camo-ecwcs-pullover-parka-1_zps32a960fa.jpg

In 2013, We’ve seen a bunch of creations and pieces from different brands and labels where they’re fond of using this Camo as their main material. I dunno, why camo has became the lead ones in the mainstream fashion today. Maybe due of the boyish-ing trends that has been implemented last year,2013.

I actually, liked it – I mean every pieces that are inspired in camo because it can serves as well for us being nationalist and respect toward to our respectful depends department staff such as: Army, Navy and Military. And at the same time it can brings appeals on your end too which can lead for you being fashionable today.

Recently, the brand A Bathing Ape, mainly in Contemporary street wear, had released their new collection or “New In” fashion find that may surely be hip soonest as it’s released in the market soon which the “A Bathing Ape 2014 Spring CITY CAMO ECWCS PULLOVER PARKA “. The jacket seems fine on me and I think it can fits well too, to everyone (male and female) who loves outdoor activities.

For further details on this ” A Bathing Ape 2014 Spring CITY CAMO ECWCS PULLOVER PARKA ” will be posted here, iamronel.com, since I haven’t got the full details in it due of some sorts that the brands are working on today. But no worries, it may clear out soon and this camo jacket they’ve cooked for us will be available soon for us to avail. 🙂


Fun Shopping at Sammydress

 photo sam_zpsb0d3f2f5.png

Online shopping has become so popular lately that more and more people prefer it to conventional shopping. Aside from being easier, faster, and convenient, the multitude of online stores provide a vast selection of items that you don’t sometimes see in malls. Furthermore, most of them are way cheaper so you’ll be able to save more money. One website that’s a one-stop shop for almost everything you need is Sammydress. It’s a leading wholesale supplier of women’s and men’s clothes and shoes, accessories, fashion jewelry, bags, accessories, special occasion dresses, casual dresses, wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and many more.

They pride themselves in selling top notch and fashion forward clothes at uber affordable factory direct prices to shoppers all over the world. Their highly professional customer service staff is always ready to help clients any which way they can. Plus, items are delivered at lightning speed. With over 200,000 products it surely is a shopper’s haven. Pay through a number of payment methods like credit card, Paypal, wired transfer, and Western Union.

 photo sammy_zpsf5045060.png

Guys like me would be absolutely delighted to see their wide selection of menswear. Among the items they have are Men’s T-shirts and vests, shirts, jackets and outerwear, pants and shorts, jeans, cardigans and sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts, swimwear, accessories, underwear etc. Men who wear items from Sammydress look effortlessly cool and confident. With the wide choices they have, mixing and matching clothes and finding the style that perfectly fits your taste and personality is a cinch. Furthermore, you can find comfortable clothes for whatever occasion you might attend.

Trends For Modern Men These Days

 photo peter_zpsaf8ddc9f.png

Looking good on the golf course is essential these days. Whether you are playing a round at your favorite country club or on the inks at a resort, wearing the right shirt is essential. Gone are the days of bad synthetic fabrics and laughable ugly designs. Today’s golf shirts are as fashion forward as they are comfortable.

For a great selection of the latest colors and styles to wear on the course, browse through the great selection at http://www.petermillar.com/men/clothing/golf-shirts.html. Here customers can find short sleeve polo golf shirts in solids and the latest printed designs. Not only do we have shirts for those hot summer days, we have great items for when the weather is cooler, including long sleeve polos, performance vests and zip-up fleece pullovers for those mornings when it is really chilly.

Our great gold shirts are available in three categories: cotton, performance and resort wear. Choose double mercerized cotton for those ultra hot days when you need to stay cool. Solid stretch performance jersey polos are made with a combination of high quality polyester and spandex to allow free movement for long days on the greens. When you need to move from the golf course to the boardroom, or even for a casual evening out, choose our satin washed knit shirts.

All of our shirts, whether solid, striped or in patterns, are available in the season’s freshest color and have tailored styling to keep you looking your best.