Adidas Originals Blue 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




Adidas is a brand known for its sporty look and use. Most athletes are using this brand. But you don’t need to be sporty just to wear the brand, Adidas. This can be also be fashionable on many ways. Let’s take a look an this Adidas Original Blue 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook, photos on top please…

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Let’s start with the first photo, It is a shirt with a detailed pocket with prints and different color which is very attractive to look. On the second photo, It is a printed t-shirt covered by a cardigan that is still look good to wear on cold weather before the summer hits. The third photo has jackets and coats that are both with inner shirts, these are both for ladies and men. The fourth photo is a trademark style of Adidas shoes in grey, that can be paired in almost outfit in this lookbook. The fifth outfit is a pink shirt almost the same as the first photo, but this one has less color, only black and pink, and I like the idea of wearing this by folding the sleeve. The sixth look is my favorite, nothing can beat a vintage look, the vintage Adidas logo in this sweatshirt. The shorts on the seventh photo is perfectly printed. And lastly is a printed buttoned shirt. that is a very nice to wear for this coming season.    So there you go, we have seen the new Adidas collection all we have to to is buy their products and let’s try these awesome looks.


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