Balenciaga Structured Wool-Blend Jacket


When it comes to fashion today. Leather as an pieces material is the most demand in the industry, why do I say so? it is simply about the season. Yeah! seasons has a huge influence on the fashion trends today because brand names companies are need to work on the season’s needs. Like for example these days, we’re heading to the fall season and soonest will be have the winter one. And the best piece we could have on these seasons was these leather made pieces like the jacket you were seeing on the top photos. The jacket is from the one leading high-end fashion brand these days,Balenciaga.

Actually, Ive heard a lot of great pieces made of leather as an main material, however, this Balenciaga Structured Wool-Blend Jacket really caught my attention because its look neat and simple but yet it has this swagness on it that can rock you all the way, isn’t it? by the way, the jacket is belongs to Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2012. And as for now. I haven’t know yet any further details about it, like the pricing and the jacket details itself. However, I’ll try to update this as days goes by and as I got the further info about it.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may keep on checking the blog for more fashion news updates. Thanks a lot and have yourself a great weekend..!

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