Chic Prom Dresses for 2016

 photo a-line-o-neck-beaded-crop-top-floor-length-tulle-skirt-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0354_zpso6wreart.jpgA-line O Neck Beaded Crop Top Floor Length Tulle Skirt Two Piece Prom Dress$176.00

In fashion, we all know that it evolves based on its needs and time. Actually, I love the vintage kind of inspiration when it comes on my own fashion styling but for girls I supposed you really wanted this newly and innovated kind of finds that of course can makes you stands out as you wears them. Why I says so? well, as part of this generation the usual thing that we use to have or wear for decades has already changed into something better and one of it was the classic prom dresses. Yes! you heard it right my babe if you really wanted yourself to be as cool as other as you have to attend your promenade pretty soon – I’d then suggest you to have these chic prom dresses, any of them actually, on this shop called winniedress where all these lovely and quirky dresses were houses.

 photo black-long-sleeve-a-line-bateau-floor-length-satin-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0422_1_zpsytovw0ha.jpg

Black Long Sleeve A-Line Bateau Floor Length Satin Two Piece Prom Dress$148.00

The shop, winniedress, is giving you all girls some great finds to consider. They did have these classy kind of gowns which can make you feels like princess like the usual one – but by this time they’ve uses some other details that can make a great accentual to the totality of the dress hence it does looks like a newly designed one unlike the oldies kind of gowns where the balloon trend are one on their peak which I dont recommend for this time being.

But the one that got my attention that much was this awesomely made two piece prom dresses which is first time to see for this year. Yes! they have it two piece now instead of the classic one piece which I know most girls out there are tired of wearing. You can now choose your like at the shop I’ve mentioned and have it deliver on your door step in no hassle time as they have a great delivery scheme to offer. Just check them out now and have your first prom dresses under 200 to them.

 photo a-line-beaded-high-neck-tulle-keyhole-back-floor-length-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0344_zpssj72og1f.jpgA-line Beaded High Neck Tulle Keyhole Back Floor Length Two Piece Prom Dress$185.00

Also, if you wanted to update yourself in the shop’s newly made dresses and promo discounts. I encourage you all to follow them on their social channels below:


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