Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Hi Spike Black

 photo nike-air-force-1-downtown-hi-spike-black-01_zpsc1084716.jpg

Nike released their new designs for kicks which they been named of Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Hi Spike Black. Yeah! it has these spikes on it like what christian louboutin most done with their men’s kicks. I think, christian Louboutin was the one that open this kind of trends for today’s fashion which fashion forward people are looking forward to have now.

I was actually eager to have my own spikes kicks. Because they’re fashionable and functional in way to use on your foe. hahaha nope kidding aside, I really liked them because they have this high-end designs and they can be wear in both casual and formal wear.

As Ive heard, this Nike kicks here has a price of ¬•18,900 JPY (approximately $190 USD) in selected Nike stores. But sorry to say, I haven’t yet know the list of Nike stores where do plans Nike to sell this kicks first. But I suggest you to check it out on your nearby stores because this might been out already there. Alright, that’s it for now and please do checking me here for more fashion news and updates.

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