Taeyang and his Nice to meet you New Era Cap


When it comes on Men’s accessories first thing that you’ve surely thought of, was this cap. Because we men are used to wear an cap or any head gear than to those metal accessories like,rings,bracelets and all. The cap can gives a dope appeals on each guy I think so and that’s my own fashion views, that’s why maybe this celebrity named Taeyang is often wears his cap from the New Era brand. The guy has a bunch of caps from the brand, new era, however, his, I think is favourite was this red ” Nice to meet you” new era cap. Because Ive seen him often wearing it on his performances videos on YouTube, that I’d thought this cap were his most like.

New era caps is went too far in the market today. And the ranging of prices on their each cap are really reasonable but at the same time their designs and materials are in high quality and passed through on the quality control. I think, that is the edge of the brand than to those other cap brands these days.

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