Transforming Heirlooms into Fashionable Jewelry


Family heirlooms are often cherished pieces of jewelry that are kept for sentimental reasons among members of a family. However, these beautiful items are often stored away in jewelry boxes as they no longer reflect the current style. Additionally, many small trinkets that are passed down in a family may not actually be meant to be worn, yet they have the potential to become a beautiful piece of jewelry. Beads, loose jewels and other baubles often fall into this category.

When family heirlooms and other items become pushed to the back of the jewelry drawer or stored away in a box, then it is time to begin finding unique ways to wear them so that they can begin to reflect their significance as a family treasure.

Restring Beads

When bracelets or necklaces break, many people keep the beads or charms as they tend to be made from expensive stones or jewels. Although this is done with the best of intentions, these items often sit for long periods of time as no one knows what to do with them. Many times, beads and other baubles can be restrung by simply placing them on a beautiful base. Magnet Jewelry Store has many styles of necklaces and bracelets that can be embellished by adding a few pretty charms or beads.

Mix and Match 

Many times, a piece of jewelry will have several good beads or jewels, while the others have fallen into disrepair. Additionally, older pieces of jewelry may include color schemes that are no longer in style. In these instances, several pieces of jewelry can be combined into one stunning piece. This works best with necklaces and bracelets. However, the stones from earrings and rings can be added to new settings to make a unique piece of jewelry as well.

Vintage Charm 

Sometimes, simply finding a new way to wear a vintage piece of jewelry is all that is needed. Broaches may have fallen out of style, but by adding a new back or loop, they can make a unique pendant that is certain to serve as a conversation piece. Additionally, costume jewelry may be overwhelming when worn as a set, yet wearing only one piece at a time can contribute to a refined overall look.

Finding new ways to wear old jewelry is a great way to give old family heirlooms a fresh look. While many vintage pieces may need only a few minor adjustments, it is possible to create an entirely new piece by simply adding or rearranging a few beads and jewels. This way, a family heirloom can be displayed proudly as a piece of a person’s family history.

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