Unkommon Kolor : Dope and Nope Tee and Fly Top


I used to check some of those awesome fashion blogs there to have these things that are actually “IN”, hot and hip on today’s fashion. That I can also include on this blog. And of course I’ll also put their credit through it. And you may see it on the photo it self on the top photo.

Recently, the Texas based designs and art brand which the Unkommon Kolor had been released their new tee top that you can see on the top photo. The dope and nope tee. I find it cool because the words, dope and nope, are indeed used on the fashion society these days and even me, I use to say that whenever I saw some awesome things and not. And not just that, because the said brand had made some selection of sweatshirt top and tees that are actually dope on my end..You can either see some of them on top..:)

Alright, that’s it and I hope I can have at least one of it soon..By the way, you could check online if you wanted to have these pieces..

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