What a Man’s Wardrobe Needs to Include

If you’re right out of college, chances are your wardrobe isn’t going to be setting you up for success in the business world.  For most people, it takes several years of building up items of clothing before their wardrobe is really considered complete.  Here are the main things that you should be including in your wardrobe, plus a great place you can find a lot of it.


 For Work

Every man needs to own a least one suit, and it should be pressed and ready to wear at a moment’s notice.  If you are just starting out, you will probably only have one suit, so make sure that it always fits, it’s dark in color, and is a style that will always be fashionable.  The key colors are navy and grey, and by fashionable, it should just not be trendy (like super skinny or signature styles).

With the suit, you should also have a set of dress shirts to go with the suit, and also for work in general.  Most of the shirts should be solid in color, and usually white or blue.  Once you have your solids, you can add in some stripes and checkers to make a full wardrobe.  Remember, for your base collection, keep in plain so it’s not memorable, and your peers won’t think you’re wearing the same clothes all the time.

You also need to maintain some ties to compliment your outfits.  You should have about 3 ties for every suit, and keep the tie colors classic – blue, red, gold, with basic stripes or dots.


Casual Attire

This is an area that you have probably already mastered if you’ve graduated from college.  Most casual attire wardrobes include the variety of tee shirts, polos, denim jeans, and casual shoes.

For casual events, you should also consider getting some slacks and khakis that you can wear with a nice polo.  This would work well for a weekend event or other casual get together.

Don’t forget to include warm weather clothes as well, since the weather can always be unpredictable.

Where To Find It

 When you’re just starting out, you should probably build your wardrobe over time.  But you can find great deals on clothes at online shops like Scotts, that has a lot of both formal and casual menswear.  Remember, you don’t need to go hogwild when you get your first job.  See what others are wearing and build your wardrobe out slowly.

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