Boost Your Alexa Rankings

Yeah, if  Google page rank is really important for us bloggers, i would say that Alexa rankings might important as well because Google can only count those inlinks /backlinks that you been made around 3 months after the last updates while on Alexa their can be counts those live traffics that we can get whether its on search engine on a direct traffic that you driven alone on your site and Alexa can also know or detect were are your traffics came from by checking out your stat on Alexa site it self because Alexa is also important for those advertisers(i believe)  because they may know if your blog(s) is well searched enough to help them to increase their sales and such..

So are you asking now on how to boost your Alexa rankings? well there’s was an easy way to boost your Alexa  like purchasing a ptc credits in any reliable PTC site but please bear in mind that purchasing traffics can be effected on your Google adsense because in this way you can violate Google FAQ so make sure that you don’t have any script ads runnin  on your blog before you purchase traffic and same kind and the other one that Ive been uses is  Alexa toolbar it self because Alexa can easier to detect traffic if the persona who visited your site has this toolbar, by the way in regards on PTC Credits in can drop down your Alexa ranking on 200k in every 1000 credits based on my personal that’s it for now, ill update this soon and i hope it may help you to understand how Alexa and Google works..wink2 😉

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