Fashion Tips – What to Wear With a Barbour Jacket

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A stylish Barbour jacket is a classic trend that can be worn many different ways. It’s a comfortable wax jacket that is water repellent and keeps you warm and dry. It is a very masculine style and the jacket itself is rich with history. It typically has a corduroy collar and a snug and cosy tartan lining.

The Barbour jacket originated in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Barbour has been a family business ever since, now into the fifth generations. Barbour jackets were originally worn by the British upper class when they went for walks in the country or when they went shooting, hunting or fishing, but recently they are becoming popular city wear as well.

This comfortable and stylish jacket is the perfect choice for walking in the woods, running errands or just going on a casual date. These days, it is the first time you can wear a Barbour jacket in the city, so make the most of it. There are many great varieties of Barbour jackets that can be found through online stores.

If you are wondering how best to wear your men’s Barbour jacket, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Loving the Layers

Barbour jackets are meant for cold and rainy days, so you can keep yourself extra cosy and stylish underneath by adding a lot of warm layers. Start with a crisp button down shirt and layer a lightweight wool jumper over it, preferably one with an argyle pattern. You could also wear a check shirt or a cashmere cable knit. Make sure that the collar of the shirt is visible above the jumper. Then, layer your Barbour jacket on top for an extra cosy and warm autumn or winter look. You can wear dark jeans underneath and dress shoes or leather boots.

Add a Country-Style Bag

If you want to really add to the country gentleman look, you can carry with you a game hunter over the shoulder style bag – made with rugged leather or raw denim. The bag should sport dark autumn tones such as olive green or brown and should have sturdy buckles.

Create a Rocker Look

If you want to create the rock and roll look with your Barbour jacket, choose one of the Biker style jackets. This is a smaller and sleeker version of the Barbour, which has been worn by stylish actor Ewan MacGregor. It looks great with dark skinny jeans and combat boots for a tough rock and roll look – especially if you add a little texture to your hair.

The Business Look

Another way to wear your Barbour jacket is to throw it on over your suit when you are going to work in the morning. Not only will it protect your suit from getting wet in the rain, it will also make a rugged and stylish fashion statement at the same time. You can leave it open, so that your tie and shirt collar are visible – adding layers of interest to the look. If the weather is extra cold, a tartan scarf will look fantastic with this style and will keep you even warmer and more protected from the elements.

What Trousers to Wear With a Barbour Jacket?

There are many different options to choose from when pairing trousers with your Barbour Jacket. It is generally accepted that denim jeans, cords and chinos all look great with a Barbour jacket. However, avoid wearing light coloured jeans or jeans with holes in them. The Barbour jacket is rugged and casual and works well when paired with sophisticated looking clothing, so your jeans should be dark in colour and have no holes in them.

Also, a Barbour jacket will only work well when paired with cold weather trousers and not with shorts. The jacket is warm and cosy and designed for cool and rainy days, so wearing it with shorts will look slightly strange.

Of course, there are many ways to wear a Barbour jacket, so the best thing to do is to experiment and have fun with it. The rules of fashion are there for a reason, but they are also flexible – so have fun and create your own unique style with your comfortable and stylish Barbour jacket.

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Tia Jordan is a fashion blogger from the UK. Autumn is her favourite season, because she loves the style of cosy coats, jumpers and jackets – as well as chic boots and Wellingtons. 



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