Indeed, i killed mah Fs account..LOL

Sorry, but its true that my friendster account now was on heaven and making his way to get enjoy with his fellow another fs account who killed as well by their owners..bwahaha kidding aside..yeah i decided to closed mah fs account because with some reasons that i know most people agree with..first friendster got boring nowadays when they banned those talented account owners who are tweaking their themes using their knowledgeable about on html,css and such.. and i was belong on that because in that way we can make our new site using friendster featured that is look awesome in a way ..but suddenly friendster blocked all of our code and change their whole site then so that we cant last to get fun on our profile but that’s good  because facebook can ease the madness that we were felt on the said site..LOL but lemme me clear things out  that i am not against on friendster i just find it that i hope other people who loves the site(friendster) wasn’t get this post misunderstood..thanks

So you, do you still use friendster than facebook or reverse?

please leave your answer below so that we can find out what social networking site is the best to use and make this post as a survey to these guys so that they can even consider what their users like..:)

4 thoughts on “Indeed, i killed mah Fs account..LOL

  1. Yong friendster ko bihira ko nang madalaw, pero hindi rin naman natin maikakailang nag-enjoy din tayo ng husto dito bago pa umepal ang Facebook.
    Pana-panahon. Panahong ng FB today, bukas hindi natin alam.

  2. mine is waiting to be killed haha

    oh yeah i agree that friendster is getting boring.

    but i just can’t let go of my account..hahaha

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