Something happened on my Other blog

Its been quite awhile when the last time I’d published such personal content  to this blog, that is why i think time for this blog to absorb my frustration,stress,happiness and a lot of my emotions who’d been roaming to my head and body, lol ok stop being sensual , yeah too bad for my end because something happened on my other blog that i was planning to transfer to my new server because the backup files that Ive been downloaded on my wordpress admin panel under export tab was exceeded on the files that only wordpress can accommodate as i trying to import the files again..oh lord make my whole month of December smoothly and well, so what should i do on this problem? and noted that i wasn’t know on how to backup under my cpanel its self,lol such idiot i am,sorry

Anyways i decided to point the Name server again on my old server and while im waiting to get the site live once again, i think i need to watch some awesome tutorials on youtube who can help me to do the transfer without any trouble as i try it again soon, i hope this will resolve soon and something added on my brain then by learning on how this transfer ok thats it for now and ill promise that ill be updating this blog everyday..ahah

One thought on “Something happened on my Other blog

  1. which blog yun kuya? waaaaa transfer kana pala, anw, try mo contact kuya ung host mo baka pwede nila pataasin upload limit ng file para sayo for a while 🙂

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