Free USA and CANADA Calls From GOOGLE

Yeah you heard it right you may now call your relatives and friends over Google mail,because if i am not mistaken before, this freebies is affiliated on skype under Google but this year Google stopped the free call around the world using skype with the expand time of 5 min each call you been made because they planned to make it under your gmail or Google mail it self, sound great right? now as you have a gmail account you can call any areas around the state and even on Canada for free but in regards on international calls i think you have to pay on that but in reasonable price of course and as i checked it international calls cost you into a minimal amount of 0.10 cent but its depend also how any min , hours you been called ..

the free call for USA and Canada will last until the end of this year meaning next year 2010 all calls has a payment then so take advantage now to this awesome freebies that Google want us to experience with , no worries you don’t have to download such software all you have to do is login to your Google mail account then on the sidebar you will see a call image rather text then click on that a pad will shown up and type the number(s) you would like to call and thats it..:) by the way i tried it already and its worked..thanks to Google

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