Wow..we can even Customize gmail..:)

Google Mail

My goodness, i wasn’t know that even Google mail can be customize with..hahah how 5051 i am.. at first i just satisfied on the default theme of my Google mail account because i really dunno this stuff but when i sign up for my new blog email account Ive been saw their automated messages that we can even customize our Google mail account theme and i was amazed on just a ignorance sorry but its true..hahah so to those who doesn’t  know on how to change their Google mail theme lemme me teach you on how to..LOL first thing you will do is click the setting button that you can see on the right top on your account beside your email address and after you click , you can see some stuff there like what you’ve been seen on the photo on the top and just find the word theme and by there you can see a lot of designs themes that you can choose easy right?   and let see what themes you’ll like to those awesome list..thanks and i hope you find it informative in away..hahah

2 thoughts on “Wow..we can even Customize gmail..:)

  1. haha, woo so gmails finally jumped on with msn and yahoo? that’s cool ^_^ and sure we can exchange links 🙂

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