Lockerz Update: Shop Goes International

As i checked lockerz website page on facebook, this image(on the top) caught my attention that it says that shop goes International?, meaning international members can now eligible to participate on lockerz shop and buy em stuff for free using their gathered pointz or buy items for real money using paypal, but when i read the full messages who made by the Founder and CEO of lockerz (Kathy Savitt ) i found out that the there was only selected 11 countries who can now buy on shop and their are Germany,Austria,Canada, France ,Ireland,Italy,Netherlands,New Zealand ,Spain,Sweden and United Kingdom and if you are located on those countries you must jump now and quite celebrate because sooner as lockerz posted on their wall about details, we can all find out when was the shop will be open to you ( if you are included on the said 11 countries )and the good thing is lockez promise that they do lower the price on shop as those countries can buy on shop..such awesome right?

3 thoughts on “Lockerz Update: Shop Goes International

  1. Wow cool. I havent heard of the shop but when something goes international, it just means that it’s steppin up on a higher level^^ good job!

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