Photo of the day! My sister

As Ive promised that ill be posting my daily post that i titled” photo of the day” that  will really related with me or any photo(s) or somewhere that caught my attentions,  and for this day i want to share with you this photo of my older sister because i just want to include her outta her and pay her back in what she always did with me ,and praising  her a bit of course here at my humble and quiet world on the

so who’s this girl? this girls is one of those group of people who giving colors in my daily life and this girl is my best of friend who sponsored me in most of my branded clothes or in anything  i want..hahah and we really blend to each other ,though sometimes there was a thing that we wont agree with , i think that is normal with any siblings but that argue wont be last definitely because my parents raised us to be love and forgive each other because we just 2 sibling on the family, btw her name is jane so that will be for now ill be posting some info soon on my next photo of the day post..bye

9 thoughts on “Photo of the day! My sister

  1. Thak you for the visit to my blog.
    Your sister is very pretty. Congratulations for the blog.
    Happy week for you!

  2. touch..very well said batots..ur sister has a nice braces can i have her dentist name?ehehe kip up the good attitude w/ ur sister iloveit..nice batots…

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