Requirements to Get Eon card (Union Bank)

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OK,as we continue on how to avail this Eon card your self, in any nearest Union bank branch with you, all you need is two valid ID’s like the following Driver license , Student Id , postal Id and any government id’s that you have as long it is valid and not yet expired but for instance you don’t have any Id’s with you , just go to your barangay hall and get at least barangay clearance but please bear in mind that you have to indicate on your clearance that you are getting an Eon card or bank account so that the bank can credit your barangay clearance.

After you have all those requirements that needed on your Eon card ,all you have to do next is to apply on your nearest union bank  then ask the bank teller if you can extent the expiry date of the card so that you cant go on the bank annually just to renew it,but if its not possible , all you have to do is to renew it before the card get expired to avoid your account to be hold for a while, by the way the Eon Card can cost you 350 and you need to deposit at least 200 pesos, so you have to bring on your hand is 550 pesos because the 200 pesos can use to verify your paypal account but no worries your 200 pesos will be turn on your paypal account it self after your account get verify and again you can check out my other post on how to verify your paypal account over here