Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed

I don’t get the point why people are getting this video a big deal? so what, if Miley Cyrus  doing some slutty video like this? who cares by the way?lol you know we have to admit the fact that this young lady is getting old now and let her be what she want to do beside a lot of her fans out there ( i know) are waiting this along time ago but please don’t get me wrong i am not a bog fun of her im just doing some review(s) about the so what do you think? this video has a quite resemblance on GaGa videos? maybe because of some custom and the way her dancers move in a way but i would say this video is freakkin hot indeed..uhh

Let us  Miley Cyrus Explain why she” CAN’T BE TAMED “