How to Buy Big and Tall Men’s Clothing


Buying big and tall clothing can be a challenge, and not just because there are not always a lot of choices.  Buying extra large menswear can be difficult because it can also be hard to judge what looks good on you.  What looks good on a mannequin or in a picture may not always look good in person.  So take advantage of these tips below when shopping for your next big and tall outfit.

Take a Friend With You

When you go shopping, or when you order something and try it on, take another set of eyes with you.  This is especially true if you’re not comfortable with your own clothing decisions.  Make sure it is someone you trust, and even better if it is a woman.  Women love to shop and they usually won’t lead you astray when it comes to fashion.

Find The Best Store For You

I’m a big fan of using the Internet when it comes to finding stores.  You can find both online and brick and mortar shops that meet your needs.  Don’t be afraid of ordering clothes online and seeing if they work for you.  This can let you try things on in the privacy of your own home, and simply mail them back if they don’t work.  Order a few things at a time until you find something you like.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

If you’re a bigger gentlemen, tight clothes will not work for you.  And if you’re a taller gentlemen, make sure that you are getting clothes that are the proper length.  There is nothing worse than coming up short on your pant length or shirt length.

Once you find things that are close to fitting, consider getting alterations to make sure they really fit well.  For a small price, you can make sure that your clothes are tailored to meet your exact body type.

The bottom line is that you should be getting clothes that are comfortable to wear.  If you’re comfortable in your clothes, you will appear more confident, which is exactly what clothes are supposed to do for you.  You may even want to look in your current wardrobe and ask yourself, “which outfit do I wear the most?”  Then, try to find other items like it.  You probably wear it the most because it is what you are most comfortable wearing.

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