“WIN” Who Is the Next? Final Battle Team B Last Stage Prod Act

First and Foremost, I dunno the title of the song they did sang here. I just found it interesting that’s why I decided though to include or to post it up in here. hehehe I know, most Kpop Fans out there are more in to this Battle show called “WIN” where YG trainees, separately in 2 teams – Team A and B, are have to battle till the end for them to be called as the ultimate winners and had a chance then to be debuted under the YG entertainment.

And yeah! the show is now ended and Team A wins and enjoying their gold cross. I dont know what’s gonna happen next to Team B might YG retain them as trainees then debut them months or years later as always YG did to their artists. Or might also YG changed plans for creating another set of artists and sorts for them, Team B, to be separated, I dunno! hehe but anyway let us just enjoy this last prod act of Team B where all emotions were poured in which made a lot of people moved and touched on this performance alone. Still Kudos for Team B for all the awesome performances they did for the entire competition.

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