WIN Final Battle – Just Another Boy – Team B

I am not musically incline nor often listen in any sorts of songs. However, lately in any unexplainable reason I just found myself liking some Kpop songs and Performances. I dunno, it’s like Kpop songs and musics are fun to watch and listen too more, than to the usual local songs I’d often heard. Kpop songs are catchy too, I must say.

Recently, while I’m on YouTube this performance video of Team B (Just Another Boy) of WIN had popped at the first page of the said video sharing site and yeah! I give it a try to listen and check what goes around in it why most people are fond of listening on it often. And Yeah! musics has something to it like they putted some best fusion fx bar 5 in the music itself which can make people craze with it. I dunno, I really cant explain how am hooked up with it now..hheheh

Anyway, enjoy the Just Another Boy song performed by Team B at the top and let me know if you do enjoyed it, too.

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