Drop on my new Blog..^_^

Yes, as ive said on my recent post that today ill be posting my new blog link to this blog, so yeah its http://agyume.info and i hope you can visit me there as often you do like you’ll be always doing here to this blog(iamronel) though this domain was intended to be our online business(me and Friends) but yet still we been all thought that this time is not a right time to pursue the business that we are trying to working out(if that is so) because due with some busyness that we’re all having our ways and maybe by next time as we got some spare time though and those things that we needed to attend with are manageable already, maybe we can talk about this by then on, but for now this domain is under my moderation, and yeah i will make it a blog and actually ive been installed the wordpress cms already so yeah sooner will see rather read some of my personal and informational posts out to there, so please do visit the blog as you had some free time though..LOL

Ok ill be waiting on your lovely comments to my new blog and no worries as i receive your comment included your link though ill definitely visit you back and leave some comment(s) as well and by the way i made the new blog a do follow blog wherein every comment are counted as your backlinks on me,so yeah i hope you can take advantage to that..thanks a lot

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