I Likey to have Co.uk domain

I had a lot of different TLD domains with me right now like .com.info.net.org and even just a .in because i am too getting crazed on what a certain domain(s) can brings to me nowadays and to the following years rather on the future, but i dont have this co.uk domain so far because as you buy the domain though , you’ll be needing to register it for 2 years then based on the uk law i believed but im not sure though about the main reason on it(LOL), anyways though we people can buy the domain it self without any restriction from your location and stuff but the quite problem though is the  expensively of the domain as you register one of it because as Ive said you’ll need to pay the 2 years activation instantly not like on the other domains that is require you only one year payment from it, ok now i am intended rather aiming to have one on the future(might  get one for me for free?) because i thought another strategy for the future domain will be, that you may know as i have the domain already soon, but for now i think i need to search such domain registrar who can give me a cheapest price to get my co.uk domain though..LOL

Ok thats it for now and by the way i bought a new domain that ill introduce to you by tomorrow though i can linked the domain already here but yet still i wanted to make another post for it, of course for my archive purposes..hahha ok thats the only i have for today, thanks a lot and ill make you updated on this soon..

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