New theme Baby!

Now, I would say that i was indeed pickled minded by often changing my theme through this blog. I think this theme was on the 10th times already for this blog to be use, but yet still i dont find such great theme that will blend on the topics and such thing that ill be tackling here, well i think i need to hire someone layout designer to make my frustration done for all of this, what do you think about it? but for awhile, let me use this new theme that I’ve been seen on  Nadine’s blog. She’s my blogging friend by the way, and yeah i find the theme cool that is why i decided to get it so for this blog to be renewed looking.

I hope  this theme will be lasted at least 2 months then, so that i wont get this stress that ill be having off as i needed and eagerness to have a new theme for this freaking personal blog.

2 thoughts on “New theme Baby!

  1. SUPERRR CLEAN <3 I loved this theme with my other blog too, I'm going to edit it a bit and bring it back soon too, i find it really clean and elegant *w*

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