Staple 2012 Holiday Collection



We are now experiencing cold weather and we can still feel this for the following months. In line with this, we have to update our wardrobe and have those clothes that is best for cold weather. The brand Staple can give us help with this. Staple, the clothing company from New York that started on 1997, a known maker if mens streetwear is out with its Staple 2012 Holiday Collection. In this collection you can choose clothes that you can wear on Winter season.

Let’s have a look on these items. On the first photo, it show an outfit that is perfectly paired, a very nice layering of clothes. The model is wearing a printed inner button-down shirt and covered with a simple denim-like color shirt that has a fine dots design. The beanie that the model is wearing adds an appeal to the overall look. Plus the jeans of the model goes well with the top that he is wearing. The second photo is also a layered outfit, a vest that has a tan and navy blue color combination and an inner long-sleeved shirt. The jeans are very stylish and perfectly paired with the brown shoes. The third photo is a combination of two button-down shirts. The design of the outer shirt is the same as the jeans on the second photo. The shirt has a brown detail on the elbow part of it. And lastly is this nicely printed sweatshirt that looks really fashionable. Best to be worn on those cold weather.

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