Jonas Brother is going to disband??

A lot humor and fractured news Ive heard over last year 2009 around that the  Jonas brother is going to disband? but i don’t believe in quite a while but when Kevin Jonas got married already  I really began to believe on it  that they are breaking up, otherwise they just planning a better one or a new band? what do you think? because at this time the maker of Love bug  Nick Jonas is launching his new solo debut album which in titled ” Who I Am”  but On Joe Jonas interviewed he said that the jb are still remain and they aren’t to be breaking up, i still  dont know whats going on at these guyz but whenever its take i still a fan!

6 thoughts on “Jonas Brother is going to disband??

  1. Uy salamat sa kind words mo ronel ah… I like your blog too, andaming personal content =)

    Pero I dont think maghihiwalay ang jonas brothers… may kanya kanya lang silang career pero band pa rin pag may concert =/ but I dont really listen to them that much… iba genre ng music ko eh =)

    Uy again salamat ah… =)

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