I felt Inspired on this song(no boundaries by season 8 american idol Kris Allen)

Admitted i am a fan of Kris Allen of American idol season 8 winner because of in what he sang that he really gives an emotion in every songs that he is singing like this song No boundaries its been quite a while when Kris Allen sings this on  his time on idol, but still i like it because of the lyrics it self  and how Kris sung it i really felt inspired to each one lyric especially the line Coz here I am Still Holding On! yeah because we have to believed that still a hope in any problem or what so ever that we want to passed through. just still holding on..lol and also the other line which the Just when You’ve almost gave up on your dream,then take it by your hand and show you that you can this line gave me encouragement to show other people out that i achieved what is my dream and shown them after what i got because in this world  a lot of people who Discourage us in what path that we want to reach, so ill keep this song as my inspirational song in everything that i want to achieve in my life..:)

12 thoughts on “I felt Inspired on this song(no boundaries by season 8 american idol Kris Allen)

  1. It has really nice message. Giving courage to those people who almost gave up their dreams. I will also remember this as a sort of encouragement.

    I made to realize that I still have time to pursue my masters. thanks for posting this.

    btw, thanks for the visit

  2. pwede ding time of my lyf by d. cook or live lyk were dying..

    gud morneng dude! salamat s pgdaan sking vahai.

  3. Ay mukhang maganda nga ang song. Hindi ko kse nasusubaybayan ang AI, pero i checheck ko sa youtube yang song na yan!

  4. ronel,

    i can relate though the song is way too good for me.

    baka u r just missing someone kaya you are holding on to this song. uyy :b

  5. You’re right, this song inspires me and helps me relax. I will play it in the background the next time I am doing my Karate Edgemead. It should help me relax and focus on my life a bit more.

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